Surface on Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge web browser launched as part of Windows 10 a few weeks ago. Now Microsoft is allowing website developers to download Windows 10 virtual machines so they can test how their sites work on Edge.

The downloads are available on the newly updated Microsoft Edge Dev site, which has now ditched its "beta" tag:

"With this release, we have automated the process we use to create the virtual machines, so future updates will be available more quickly as the platform is updated. By popular demand, we'll also be supporting new formats for VMs, starting with Vagrant boxes (with VirtualBox) and QEMU. You can expect to see these starting in the coming weeks. We are also continuing to work on making Microsoft Edge available via Azure RemoteApp and will provide further updates as we make progress."

In addition, the Microsoft Edge Dev site has an updated FAQ page for the browser, along with "substantial improvements to accessibility, including improved markup to make the site and tools work better with assistive technologies."

Source: Microsoft