Microsoft kicks off Windows 11 launch with 'it all starts now' ad campaign

Windows 11
Windows 11 (Image credit: Zac Bowden | Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has begun its big advertising campaign for Windows 11.
  • The adverts highlight the new Microsoft Store and Teams integration.
  • Featuring the track "All Starts Now" by Odessa.

Microsoft has begun its big Windows 11 advertising campaign to coincide with the launch of the OS next month, highlighting several key features and changes such as Microsoft Teams chat, the new Microsoft Store, and even the Master Chief from Halo.

The company is using the track "All Starts Now" by Odessa in its marketing material for Windows 11, a fitting tagline for what Microsoft is positioning Windows 11 to be. Microsoft wants Windows 11 to be a fresh start for Windows, featuring a new UI, sounds, animations, in-box apps, and a renewed focus on making Windows the best desktop OS on the market.

Microsoft's hardware partners are also lining up to begin shipping new PCs with Windows 11 pre-installed, and this marketing campaign will help spread the message that there's a new Windows OS on the block, so now might be the time to invest in a new PC. At least, that's what hardware makers are hoping people will think.

The new Windows 11 ads are catchy and visually stunning, and will likely be shown in TV spots and internet ads all over the place. Microsoft is pushing this release of Windows 11 hard, as it's not often that the company gets to release an entirely new version of the OS these days.

Windows 11 officially launches next month, on October 5th on new and existing Windows PCs. Only PCs that are eligible will be offered the Windows 11 upgrade automatically, and that process will happen over the next several months into mid-2022. You'll also be able to buy new PCs with Windows 11 pre-installed starting October 5.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • I just that 3 videos
  • I'll be upgrading either way, but why do so many Microsoft commercials lack that shabang that makes non-loyal users stop and pay attention. This commercial does nothing to highlight what's new, different, or appealing.
  • Yeah, it's a nice trailer, but it dosen't have the joy, bright, wow as Vista or XP commercials, not saying the OS was good but those trailers of the past really showed the full potential :) Even the lumia line commercials were amazing!!
  • Agreed! They SHOWED you things you'd like or that makes the device better than it's competition. And it ends with a whimper! It does nothing to leave you wanting to know more. Somewhere some ad agency got paid, likely, millions for this. SMH
  • The original Surface ads were also catchy even if some found them annoying. They were energetic!
  • Surface ads tends to be really good ones and Xbox. But yeah this one, though very good production, doesn't tell the story of the features and what they can do to the user to make it hype up. Well for this ad, the purpose is just to let people know Windows 11 is coming with nice music and good production. Only showing practically a photo of few new stuff without telling what they are really.
  • People stuck on windows 10: 😭
  • A bit generic looking, with a disproportionate emphasis on gaming it seems. And very little display of the new Start menu. Somewhat uninspired by it all sadly.
  • Yeah, the gaming nod is nice but kinda overly emphasised on Xbox Game Pass which is already a thing on Windows 10. The features shown like chat is brief and doesn't seem to show what it can do go the user really. The last part of showing Windows Snap is far more useful, even though it lacks animation and there should have Snap Assist show up first before snapping 3 apps. The highlight of Windows 11 is basically the new Windows Snap features, Virtual Desktop added features (still unpolished though), new Store should be showing some new apps like Adobe Reader and etc, Widgets, new multi monitor improvement restoring apps when docked, new Settings, new apps, and um that's pretty much it I guess. Nothing too many features really (with many feature regression) and new UI is the major one.
  • The new ads are "catchy"? Lol, please someone tell me what's catchy about those videos. Cause it's certainly not the music...
  • Someone really needs to revamp Microsoft's marketing. If I was just a regular consumer and saw this I'd have no idea what this was advertising until the Windows 11 banner at the end. Even the Surface commercials are better than this and those are pretty bad. I know Microsoft can make good ads because we've seen them for Xbox, older versions of Windows, and the Surface announcement videos. Heck, even the 1 billion users video for Windows 10 did a better job of advertising Windows, and that was celebrating more than advertising!
  • I really need my Tpm chip and latest processor to run all my rounded corners apps.
    How about some useful like improvements to dark mode such as scheduling. Notifications improvements on their new start menu.
  • That...was terrible. Why is Microsoft so bad at marketing?
  • Only if they could make the actual UI half as good as their marketing promo UIs....
  • Way too artistic and conceptual to be effective...
  • Wait, so shooting a spaceship with the Halo guy makes ... a menu appear? Coolest thing about these commercials is the real-life Halo jeep. I want one.
  • I thought it was good, it did its job of stopping you from fast forwarding your DVR to see what it was. I'm personally not to excited about Win11 because they made some of the productivity features of Win10 worse, but maybe I'll get surprised when it's released and they will fix those things.