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What you need to know

  • A Windows 7 bug currently stops people from shutting down or restarting their PC.
  • Windows 7 is officially out of support, so Microsoft might have to decide to make an exception and issue an update.
  • Microsoft recently made an exception for a wallpaper bug that is now fixed.

Yet another Windows 7 bug is in the headlines. This time it's a bug that prevents people from shutting down their computers. Several Windows 7 users reported that an error message pops up stating, "You don't have permission to shut down this computer" every time they try to shut down their PC. Several reports of the issue emerged online over the weekend, including a Reddit thread with a solution to the issue (via ZDNet).

This new issue seems more significant than the recent wallpaper bug that Microsoft fixed. Since Windows 7 is out of support, Microsoft decided to make an exception and ship an update for that issue. If this shutdown bug is widespread enough, Microsoft might have to make another exception.

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A few users on Reddit found a workaround and an unofficial fix, though we haven't tested these solutions ourselves yet. One solution involved creating an additional admin account, logging into that account, logging back into a default admin account, and shutting down the system.

One Reddit post lists what appears to be a more permanent solution, but it requires using gpedit. As with any solution involving more complex steps, you should understand what you're doing before jumping in and making changes.

Being able to shut down and reboot your computer is an essential function, so Microsoft will probably have to find a fix and issue another update.