Windows 8 Upgrade offer now open for registration

If you've purchased a Windows 7 PC between June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013 you are eligible for a discounted upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. When it releases you'll be able to upgrade your relatively new PC for only $14.99.

In order to take advantage of the Windows 8 upgrade offer you'll need to register online over at the Windows Upgrade Offer website. Up until today the site was simply a "Coming Soon" placard but today the site opened up to accept registration from eligible users.

The process is simple. Head over (opens in new tab) and choose your Country.  From there enter your contact information, computer information and when the upgrade is available you will receive an email with instructions on how to upgrade your Windows 7 PC to Windows 8 Pro.

Now if you're running a Windows 7 PC not purchased during the discounted period, you're not in too bad a shape. The full price to upgrade a Windows 7 computer to Windows 8 is $39.99. The Windows 8 launch date is still set for October 26th so we should start seeing more details on upgrading in the coming weeks.

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  • Slightly assumed the upgrade website stops you from going on it on a Windows Phone
  • *Amused sorry
  • Set your webpage preference in IE to desktop mode
  • Did you actually do it on your phone? Or are you just suggesting this? No joy for me.
  • Yeah, desktop mode works. In fact, I view every site in desktop mode.
  • I'm infact in desktop mode and it won't accept the special security characters. Keeps bombing out.
  • You mean the "captcha" code. Hmm. Interesting, what do you mean "won't accept" error message, wrong entry, can't actually enter anything in box? Sorry I am just curious, as I have entered several captcha codes successfully. To be honest, I didn't go through this actual process, but I stated, I have on entered several other " special code" from other sites. This shouldn't be different.
  • Yes it will not accept the "captcha" code. Just because it works on other sites, doesn't mean it works on this site. Entered the code multiple times with the same error. Not accepting the code, says wrong entry. Oh and please don't tell me I must be entering it wrong. Has it worked for anyone out there? Would just like to verify I'm not losing it. If it doesn't no biggie, I'll do it when I get home.
  • I am not going to tell you you are entering it wrong, I was only interested in it not working on this site.
  • I saw this trend in a commercial from Dell last night. They said they would refund you the cost of your upgrade if you bought the PC now.
  • Wow, how nice of them to refund you 14$.
  • Hook. Line. Sinker. The general public will be thinking it's somewhere around $100 and say to themselves, "Wow,  let me go get that awesome Beats laptop now". As we know most consumers dont know a lot about the product they're buying, just the percieved value of it  =/
  • Yep, that's exactly what I thought. :D
  • What if my Windows 7 is OEM? Can I still upgrade for $39.99?
  • Yes
  • The only benefit of buying it now is if you don't really like windows 8 you probably have a CD to reinstall windows 7.
    But if you really like windows 8 and don't see yourself going backwards you can probably just wait it out and not have to pay any extra since it will be installed on the computer already and probably have a cd come along with it.
  • ^THIS^
  • I bought my new laptop a few weeks ago because I don't like Win8
  • Wow..... So, you'd "wait it out" just to save $14?
  • The Surface will be my 1st W8 device.
  • I cannot wait for the surface!
  • Same here.
  • I can't either. I've thought many a time about getting the Surface with Win RT just because I want the device asap, but then i think about all the advantages of surface pro. Its a really hard but obvious decision
  • I was holding out for a Surface Pro; but when I really thought about it I could get a decent laptop for half the price of the Surface Pro and have the same specs..... Now I have my XPS i5 and I'll just get a Surface RT
  • I purchased my computer in May...surface for me too!
  • Have already registered
  • Surface although I will be getting the upgrade for existing devices
  • Yay!
  • Funny thing. Th page actually accepted my CD key for a windows 7 PC that I had bought an year ago :D All i had to do was just enter the date of Purchase within the specified period. Cheers!!
  • It may have accepted the Key now but most likely it would be detected... Just don't get your hopes up since you may receive an e-mail but not with the instructions...
  • No issues at all. I am anyways planning to shift to windows 8 for all my systems. :) $40 is not really that high a cost.
  • how can they see if the disk not was in storage for over a lets say a year from now
  • I'm guessing it might have to do with when the particular serial was activated.
  • Activation date?
  • I won't be taking advantage of this, because I do not like the idea of installing Upgrade versions of Windows on PCs. I am ok for now anyway as I am using the MSDN version. When it is release I will be installing it on all PC's in the house.
  • i wanted to add my 2 cents. i hope what i am about to say is accurate.
    Even though you are bying the upgrade media, you should still have the option to perform a clean install.  
    what leads me to believe this you ask.
    I have downloaded the technet version (same as msdn) and i did perfom an upgrade from win 7 ultimate to win 8 pro.  before it performed the upgrade, you were given 3 options.
    1) install win 8 an keep all personal files, apps, etc...
    2) install win 8 and keep only files
    3) install win 8 and keep nothing.
    i used option 1 which actually went super smooth, although i did spend about 2-3 hours cleaning up my laptop before the upgrade (uninstalling apps, deleteing files, disk clean up etc...)
    my guess that option 2 and most importantly option 3 just installes over what you have (i look at it as if you have a copy of windows installed, you boot  off the disk and install windows on a parttion where windows exists.  it should just put the old installation into windows.old.  if accurate, you can delete windows.old when Win 8 is up and running and all is well.)
    i do not know this for a fact, but i am downloading Win 8 Ent through my companies MS licensing portal, and will attempt option 3 for a company laptop.
    i will repost in this section again when i perform the "upgrade"
  • You can do clean install, so not just "upgrade"
  • Tried the link, even from Microsoft's website. Seems to be broken?
  • ok, so going from win 7 ent to win 8 ent, performing an "upgrade" you are presented with two options.  
    perform the upgrade with keeping settings, or perform the upgrade by installing a fresh copy.  i chose the latter of the two and it basically put the win 7 ent installation in windows.old, but there is no way to recovery back to win 7 ent this way.