Reminder: Last day to get the Windows Central Ninja Cat T-Rex t-shirt in India!

For our readers residing in India, today's the last day to get your hands on a Ninja Cat limited-edition t-shirt.

The t-shirt is available in a multitude of colors, with black, navy blue and royal blue on offer. We also retained the #UpgradeYourWorld hashtag at the back of the tee. We're going with crowdfunding site MakeMyMerch for the tee, which is an offshoot of Redwolf.

The price for the tee in India (including delivery) is ₹600, or the equivalent of $10. If you haven't already, head to the link below to get your t-shirt!

Buy the Windows Central Ninja Cat T-Rex t-shirt from MakeMyMerch{.cta .large}

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Do they delivery on Australia? The one from U.S was expensive.
  • This one is for India customers only. You still can apply for the international edition, although it will need about 40 other orders before they can issue a second run of shirts.
  • I am gonna try did they have big sizes available.
  • Yeah, I'd buy from Oz but the shipping from US was brutal (everything from WC has excessive shipping)
  • It wasn't "that" bad... I got the Hoodie and a Shirt... After shipping it came too $AUD 100 or so... Now if only it would hurry up and get here...
  • Woohoo! Finally. Quality of Red Wolf is very decent.
  • You got one?
  • Not yet. Will order in some time. It's just that, my friends and I regularly order from Red Wolf. So, the quality is pretty good.
  • Oh yeah, Red Wolf is pretty darn good.
  • True. Btw, placed an order. :D
  • Redwolf tees constitute a majority of my wardrobe. That's the reason we went with them.
  • Haha. Same is the case with me. Their tees are great. Was really waiting for Windows Central merch to come directly to India. Thank you, team WC! :D
  • Ordered :)
  • Well I guess this answers one of the more common questions in comments
  • Yeah, but wen in India? Oh wait...
  • Lame!!!!
  • Wen in uk?
  • i wish if they were available in middle east specifically lebanon :(
  • Pakistan too :/
  • I heard the lion Bashar Al-Assad sell these in Damascus.
  • Too expensive for a t-shirt .
  • Lol really, any decent branded t shirt costsmore than that in India
  • Too expensive? I'd say pretty cheap.
  • I'm not sure about regular prices in India, but if what they're selling for is equal to $10, that's damn cheap. T shirts in the US usually go for $25-40.
  • Mine was 4/70th order. Common guys!
  • Wait up there, I'm joining...
  • Wen in Lithuania?
  • I am very happy to see this and hell I could even buy 10. Except for one problem. @harish
  • What's that?
  • No monies man. Wish my parents wud gimme some. Im just 14 :(. #fml EDIT: I asked them. I got the permission to order one. That came after a slap doe :P    #HYPE
  • Yeah its true, it was a little expensive, but then mine is being delivered to the UK!!!! And it's a one Off!!! ahhh I wish these campaigns lasted longer, could have got my friend to get me some from India, but they are not there yet!!!!
  • No cash on delivery.
  • India still does C.O.D? I haven't had that term for a long time here in the U.S.
  • Almost all online portals does that in India. COD is nearly a norm for any fashion based shopping portals :-)
  • Yup, people over here usually prefer COD because:
    1. You don't run into the risk of payment failures (case in which the said amount is deducted from the merchant account but its not seen by the seller).
    2. To avoid fraud sellers
    3. Higher priority of delivery because the payment is still dependent on the said time and policies of delivery
  • Bought 2 !! Wow .. Thank You Guys
  • Bdw price for one including delivery is ₹625 /- not ₹600/- so please correct that
  • Huh. I bought two, and it came out to ₹1,200. Will check again.
  • Weird. I just placed my order for ₹600 including delivery charges: EDIT: You must've ordered XXXL size, it costs ₹25 extra.
  • @Harish Thanks for that.  Bought one.  Would be great if these T-Shirts are also available in India.
  • I know! We'll see how this one goes, and based on that we'll have a bunch of other designs coming out at a later date.
  • Thanks!  Will be waiting for other designs. :)
  • Thanks Harish, just bought this one. I'll be waiting for the others too. Perhaps a royal blue T-shirt with a big Windows 10 logo in front, nothing more, nothing less. Will but it anyday!
  • And one with Cortana logo, too. :D
  • @Harish And these please  
  • I am sure my size won't be available.
  • How come?
  • I want that back coffee/tea cup with MS logo :D which is using Daniel rubino in his Sunday videos (Ask Dan) :D :D
  • Black*
  • Europeee please.
  • Got one in Navy Blue
  • Yup. Just ordered two. A royal blue & a navy blue!
  • With 1.2 Billion population, and even if 1 in every 100 million buy the tees, WindowsCentral can sell 12,000 tees in India :D
  • Awesome. It's time for show off :P
  • I ordered one justtt noww. well it has reached 37/70... hope 70 reaches soon
  • Why not in Pakistan? :(
  • Hope this will be avl in Philippines also.
  • I'm ordering right now
  • when in India? Oh wait its in India:-).  When in the U.S. then? 
  • @Harish the sizes look off.. XXXL is 26 inches on chest.. a normal Large shud be 38-40.. M is snug for me.. n i generally buy L..what do you recommend?
  • That's 26*2. So an XXXL would be 52'' across.
  • thanks much... i'm off to get one :)
  • I think India can easily beat the number... :P just let good number of people see it
  • Yeah ordered 2.
  • Now n India? ;)
  • I wish they'd sell them in hoodies too.
    I'd order them RIGHT FRIKKIN' NOW!
  • I want Cortana t shirt is it available anyhow to order xl size?
  • I'd like one too ♡.♡
  • Please tell me this has "Wen in India?" across the back of the shirt
  • I hate to be the bearer of bad news... :)
  • #PirateDog rulez #NinjaCat droolz!
  • Sorry for being off topic but i can see surface pro 3 being sold on amazon in india with all its variants and that too on its original price, i mean no imported ones!!Whats the matter really!! #surprised
  • Do they accept cash on delivery. I don't trust myself with credit cards.
  • When in ind.....dammit!
  • I ordered one, but wish that they had polo tshirts too. Can you guys add it next time?    
  • Repeated article
  • Hopeless cause i'm in Indonesia
  • Should have added as hashtag "wen in India "
  • Cool! Bring it to China please.
  • Just ordered mine :)
  • I made the 100th order few days ago :D
  • Stillwwaiting for mine in europe nothing came after two weeks yet...
  • Got one for myself!
  • Does anyone have a link to the fan made image post from a few months ago?
  • I ordered one ;)
  • I want Cortana t shirt in India where to order from any idea?
  • And Europe? Because shipping from the us isn't that cheap huh?
  • Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..Completed purchase of 2 t shirts.
  • Would 3 colors count as a multitude of colors....Just asking!!!
  • I got mine already and its awesome !
  • Boring and shity design