Windows Central Podcast 10: Windows of the future

This week Daniel Rubino and Zac Bowden dig into what's next for Microsoft and the ever-expanding Windows platform. From the upcoming Redstone 2 update to the Surface Phone to the Surface Book 2 and AIO line, there's a lot cooking in Redmond.

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Derek Kessler is Special Projects Manager for Mobile Nations. He's been writing about tech since 2009, has far more phones than is considered humane, still carries a torch for Palm, and got a Tesla because it was the biggest gadget he could find. You can follow him on Twitter at @derekakessler.

  • What happened to Michael Fisher?? He and Zac compliments each other.
  • Fisher is a busy guy and when it comes to straight talk on Windows 10 (software) he doesn't feel he can offer too much insight. Nonetheless, he'll be back on occasion when we talk specific hardware and new experiences with Windows 10 devices.
  • ah, I see
  • agree about edge is a mess , i had serious performance issues in my xps 15 using it
  • Ths is a "meaty" one guys, all the "biggies", can't wait to find the time to listen!
  • Microsoft has to some-crazy-how find a way to increase its Windows Mobile. Without a strong presence in mobile it will become a niche player soon. By strong I mean at least 10%.
  • If Android fushia or whatever its called is real. Windows should be worried. It seems like Android will try and try and try until they have an real desktop os Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • We know literally nothing about the Fuschia OS besides the fact that it exists. There's not indication it will one day replace angry.
  • I see the Phone is slowly being lifted up from the Surface.
  • Having a QnA of like one or two questions at the end would be great.
  • Video podcast?
  • Welcome Zac! So glad to see you and Dan hosting this. Still feels different without Michael lol.
  • Amazing podcast. Hit all the right topics. If Redstone 2 is really focused on mobile, I'd like to see a
    1) Native Cortana/Search app w/o the bing wrapper. The current one is a mess. Slow and buggy. More often than not crashes during search.
    2) Universal Oneclip
    3) Universal Download/Upload (bar) manager integration into Universal Action&Notification Center with APIs for apps to integrate into. Store, OneDrive, Edge, Groove, Movies&TV download/upload bar integration into action center out of the box would be nice.
    4) Extensions for Edge. Live tiles for Edge.
    5) Windows Inking integration natively into OS.
    6) Focus on gaming/3D performance.
    7) Focus on battery efficiency. Longer battery times for standby, web browsing, watching videos and streaming.
    8) Focus on single core processor performance.
    9) Centennial apps to run on ARM through virtualization in continuum mode.
    10) Window, side by side apps in continuum mode. Notification banners in continuum. True Multi tasking. I agree about Edge. Should be a store app to publish app specific (non platform) feature updates like dark/white themes, swipe gestures to go forwards and backwards, hiding address bars, more options in text highlight, context (long press and right click) menus, non platform specific performance improvements etc. Surface Book successor should keep that folio drop hinge design *sad face* Upgrade to AMOLED screen. And a powerful dGPU either AMD RX480 or NVIDIA GTX 1080M based.
    I agree with Zac's guess about AIO. I guess it will be a hybrid between sleek living room work station and a table top canvas for artists, creators etc to collaborate on projects through multi pen support as well as cloud support such as done through surface hub. In next phase Project Centennial should be able to run on ARM through virtualization or whatever or ARM-able as Zac coined it. Surface phone being able to run centennialized programs like Notepad, WordPad, Paint etc in continuum out of the box would be pretty great. Remember Microsoft was able to run Office suite on ARM based Surface RT and 2 so it should be doable. Minecraft in a holographic window on Hololens is one thing. But really AR is about mixing the 3D elements into reality through spatial mapping of your surroundings so I guess it will take time for True AR Minecraft to come to HoloLens. As for Surface Phone well I have three wishes (that I think Microsoft may want to overlook). 1) A superior rear and front camera with multi flash and OIS support. 2) Digital pen support. 3) HAAC mics with noise/wind cancellation for recording and calls. High quality integrated DAC for audio output.
    Rest I guess we will see. I'm not reiterating the power specs because Microsoft already does that with Surface brand so I hope Surface phone would be no exception in powerful extreme high end specs. As for Hololens there should be some synergy with other windows 10 devices like being able to use windows 10 screens (tablets and mobiles) as a controller for interacting with Holograms because I think it looks more natural than making gestures in thin air. Oh well we will see with the Hololens based conference. I hope Microsoft makes some deals with the OEMs and get it to mainstream Market as soon as they can. And while they are at it, not having Pokemon Go on a platform such as this is a blasphemy. Microsoft should do something about it. That's all I had to say. Peace!
  • 'This is the surface phone, it can do, normal things' ave you ever seen Apple advertising, the latest one here in the UK goes, iPhone, it can take video, the end.... But yes they really need to advertise big time this time around...
  • Hi, I type "Windows Central" on Ivoox and I don't get the podcast. Could you please add it? Ivoox is the most widely used podcast service in Spain, and I think they use it in other countries as well. Thanks!