Windows Central Podcast 136: Centaurus, Stadia, and Scarlett

We're back with another exciting episode of the Windows Central Podcast, and this week, Daniel Rubino and Zac Bowden have biggest news stories of the week for Windows users. Microsoft has been demoing their dual-screen Surface 'Centaurus' device for some of their employees. A group of UWP developers have banded together for an annual 'Launch' event of new apps. Daniel is especially excited about updates to the myTube app.

They also discuss Google Stadia and talk about what they look forward to from Microsoft at E3.

This episode of the Windows Central Podcast was streamed live on June 7 2019.

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Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • I don't get the logic behind Centaurus... You think Andromeda has been pushed back, so MS can gauge interest for Centaurus? But will Centaurus appeal to all that many people, and will the target audiences even be comparable?
  • I don't really think every product companies make are intended to change the world, or be the next big thing. I think Centaurus is about expanding Surfaces portfolio of distinctive options for consumers, and encouraging other OEMs to think outside the box. That is how you stumble upon the next big thing.
  • OEMs can't think outside of the box. Windows isn't flexible, it isn't touch friendly, and cannot be modified. Centarus will need to be a reference device for a new operating system. The hardware isn't the deciding factor, anyone can make a duct tape hinge and stick two iPads together. The question is, why? What can the software do now that wasn't possible before?
  • Windows 10 isn't touch friendly? I use my hand on my screen all the time. I have around the same issues with a 12-15 inch screen that I do with my 6 inch Android.
  • No, Windows 10 certainly isn't touch based or even friendly. If you don't have a mouse and keyboard it really sucks. The apps definitely aren't touch friendly.
  • It isn't an ideal experience, but it is VERY usable with no keyboard and mouse. Keyboard especially as you have a virtual keyboard that you can always use, even with a real one connected. Could it be improved? Of course, but I doubt they will waste effort on it when there is the new stuff to work on. You want something that isn't touch friendly, try Windows 7. Even to use a stylus on a tablet you needed an interface running and it was very 'off' feeling.
  • Are you sure, you don't just suck? Windows is good touch only so long as you don't go below about 9 or so inches or use antiquated legacy apps that haven't updated their UI (apps you can't use on iOS or android anyway)
  • Windows is not flexible .. on the front end. And when we look what some vendors do to (the already bad) Android, that is a good thing.
    Windows is very touch friendly when you just use it. Ok, system settings you need one time on setup are still XP-Style, but anyhting else?
  • If you plan on creating a new form factor, you really are trying to 'change the world', or at least how people do their computing...
  • I don't think so. Centaurus is just a more obvious market to start to build out windows core OS with. They gotta start somewhere, and it makes more sense to start with the easy pitches. That way, by the time they release Andromeda, there will be a better ecosystem, more momentum and acceptance. OEMs are obviously making their own variants as well.
    The point isn't so much the device, it's the UI, the cshell component, and building out that until it's a 'family' ontop of a single core. Each UI should ideally be progressively more different from what we know.
    So you'd probably start with a basic small tablet format, hub 2, hololens 2 and a basic larger dual screen tablet format. Then from there, you do desktop, gaming and get freaky.
    It's like waves.
  • It may just be me, but I see quite a market for a tablet pc, that folds to fit in your pocket, but very little market for a large tablet pc that turns into a smaller tablet pc...
  • Good luck touching the win32 programs
  • I like how WC deliberately tactically skipped talking about thew new iPadOS and its updated file manager, usb devices support, emerging mouse support, updated multitasking that literally put every single Microsoft tablet effort ever to shame. Aren't readers already sick of hearing about this bs and rumors about this vaporware WCOS/Andromeda/Centaurus/UWP bs etc.? Apple just makes devices that people can use NOW and is the richest company in the world making the biggest amount of money.
  • Yeah, MSFT is so behind with it's device and mouse support lol. That's literally all just iOS offering inferior versions of everything windows already does and has done for decades. Apple will never have the device support of windows, ever or the productivity work flow. Nor is iOS even close to a desktop OS replacement. This is apple playing 2 in 1, and their pro version doesn't sell like their normal ipad. Might as well be playing house, no one uses an ipad for creation. They should have fused mac OSX with iOS, they should have done it years ago, and they'll regret not doing it in the end. OSX is their creator platform, and they have killer software on it; users they are losing to windows. They are literally in the best position for a hybrid OS, and they are messing it up. As for richest, Apple current market cap = $886.08B, Microsoft current market cap = 1000B. Apple's slipping. They need a new trick. MSFT has games, services, azure, windows, mixed reality, a whole range of different incomes. Apple has the iphone, to much lesser degree the ipad and macbook and that's pretty much it. They better have something better planned than copying microsoft windows already existing features, and creating a software bridge that should be a full emulation layer.
  • I said the richest which means how much money does the company has on its disposal as pure cash, not the Market cap that means literally nothing and changes with the blink of an eye due to stock price flunctuations. Apple is the richest company in the World and the second one which is not even Microsoft is a distant one. You better know your facts, noob
  • This says a lot -
  • No one reads that terrible site because Surur is garbage and always will be garbage. MSPU hasn't written anything relevant beyond fanboi teeth gnashing in about 5 years.
  • About the time I stopped visiting the site, incidentally, so I agree wholeheartedly!
  • Soooo offending a competitor is your game, Rubino? Speaking of garbage content, I find much more interesting reports on MSPU than the educational courses and keyboards marketplace WC, reviewing laptops in 2019 and publishing how to change your wallpaper through registry tutorials.
  • Rubino please tell me more about the exciting new third party apps by this secret UWP dev comunity for 5 age old services like YouTube, Twitter and Spotify, Twitter and Reddit and how somebody gives a damn about developing for Microsoft's OSes (on any framework/sdk) looool.