Windows Phone Summary of the Week: June 07-12, 2011

Another fairly quiet week on the Windows Phone 7 front while the hype for Mango increases, but the WPCentral app is back in black with version 1.2, which is now available in the Marketplace. The Windows Mobile 6.5 web accessible Marketplace is going offline as well as the MyPhone. Fancy a WP7 device?

Microsoft has released more updates on the updates, which should have updated the devices that required updating back in the update designated month of "update February". Focus users are told to remain vigilant while Microsoft battle hard to get things sorted. Switching to future mode, Mango is to receive new features in SkyDrive and the Zune Pass along with some WP7 dedicated services are planned to be expanded beyond UK and US.

For all you trigger happy gamers, Glyder is this week's Xbox Live Deal and geoDefense is readily available on the Marketplace. Worship WP7 so much that you'd do anything to see your Xbox avatar have one as a prop? Now you can for free!

Unfortunately, something that wont be able to be exploited for free is using SkyDrive for music streaming, although the Zune service should be sufficient enough for all your music needs. Bing Audio (which will be replacing the likes of Shazam) is reported to dynamically analyse music for more responsive matching.

Microsoft has brought a new bargain to the table with selling select WP7 devices for just a penny (on contract of course) while U.S. Cellular jump onto the steam train for their HTC device roll-out later this year. The HTC HD7s on AT&T is backordered already, could this be due to low stock or the fact that the device is highly desired? Staying on the HD7s, you can pick one up for $50 at Best Buy.

With Apple in the news through copying Microsoft, Google, RIM etc. with features added into iOS5 (while they actively sue anyone for calling the round green/red shaped fruit an apple), Microsoft is flattered by their competitor implementing features already found in WP7. Matt Hasselbeck, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, has been interviewed (over Twitter, of all means of communication) about his usage of WP7, specifically the Focus and Trophy handsets.

Should you feel as though you need to do more to protect your device, why not check out some awesome homemade Windows Phone bags? To close off our "fun" highlights of this week, Xbox Live Extras for Mango accidently appeared in the Marketplace. It's all laughs and jokes, right?

Developers, or should I say Android developers? Anyway, Microsoft has released a mapping tool which is much like their iOS tool that they previously released. Fancy developing for our platform? Now it's even easier.

Allow Scotty to beam you up past the break for the highlights. 







  • Microsoft releases Android to WP7 mapping tool [Developers]
Rich Edmonds
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