Service Alert: Windows Store crashing on Windows 10 PCs and Mobile [Update: Fixed]

If you are running Windows 10 tonight and have noticed the Store immediately closes when you try to open it, you are not alone. Through both our email tips and a quick search on Twitter reveal that this is a widespread issue.

Starting at around 10:30 pm ET our Store on numerous devices including our phone began to crash close when trying to launch it. Rebooting the PC or phone does not seem to fix the crashing, and the wsreset command trick used to reset the cache does nothing as well. We have not yet tried any other drastic actions outlined in our earlier how-to.

So far, Microsoft is quiet on the issue. We'll keep abreast of the problem and report if there are any fixes from users or Microsoft. Until then, you will be stuck with a non-functioning store.

Sound off in comments if you have found a workaround, and we'll post it here if we can verify it! You can also head into our forums where others are commiserating.

Update: Microsoft has issued a statement on Twitter that it is investigating the issue:

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Update 2: It looks like things are getting back to normal. We'll let you know once Microsoft puts out an official statement on the matter. Are you able to access the Store?

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • ah. I am not alone!
  • I was hoping it was a run up to a new build. I also can not connect to OneDrive from W10M.
  • OneDrive is working fine on my W10M
    Store is also working on W10M
  • Everything working fine for me... Wonder if its a regional thing. I'm in the northwest...
  • I'm also in the northwest and the win 10 store doesn't work on my tablet or phone
  • I did notice my games on mobile was SUPER slow so I quit playing... But that's the only thing in noticing.
  • No only my games but ALL the phone, with sometimes needing to restart it..
  • My thoughts too...
  • I was going nuts trying different things and was about to search online when I saw this article. So irritating. I also thought it might be prep for the next mobile build.
  • I'm glad it's not on my end, experiencing crashes since ten o'clock as well.
  • I thought the same.
  • It's back.
  • haven't been able to reinstall mytube! on my wp8.1.1 handset since I downloaded it on my wm10 test device guessing he still hasnt fixed the permissions problems since the change from 8.0 to 8.1 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on WM10
  • Mine works fine on my SP3 W10 PC. Just downloaded an app and everything.
  • Yeah, it was working in my PC, but not my HP tablet (7") or phone.
  • Good (in a relative sense)...thought I was the only one!
  • The most common assumption!
  • I just installed Windows 10 on my old Dell Dimension desktop with NVIDIA Geforce 7900 GTX last night, which doesn't have official drivers. So when all was done last night and I tried to open the Store it would crash. I started thinking if the screen resolution is below minimum requirement for Store or something. So I started looking for some unofficial drivers. Eventually once I got the drivers installed (used Windows 7/8 drivers). I went back to test it.... Fail. So I left the computer running over night and started downloading updates in hopes of it get fixed by morning. Now is morning, and I saw this article. LOL, I'm not alone, as well.
  • It's the same bug said to be on the imminent build.Luckily I'm still at 8.1.
  • No. The bug for the next build it's a web view problem affecting the Store purchasing, not the Store itself.
  • I was thinking it was something with my 1520 as I haven't used it in months and just formatted and re setup today.... Glad I'm not alone haha
  • Probably Gabe trying to patch the faulty mobile build on the double haha
  • Like the first comment said, at least now I know that I am not alone in this. I wonder what the bug is.. So far, I have found no workaround.
  • Thought it was just me, not to say I'm glad it's happening to other people, but I am. I'll stop rebooting my phone now.
  • My thoughts exactly :P
  • Yup.... sp3.. windows store crashing.. wtf... all us faithful and Microsoft keeps dropping the ball?
  • It's not exclusive to MS. Everyone wants rapid changes. It's called the agile development model. Apple and Google have been using it for a while and this is a side effect. Rapid fire changes with a sacrifice of small glitches here and there. 
  • Uh! The agile methology!
    Make a list of all bad practices devs would do anyways when left on their own and call it a methology. Everybody is happy!
  • Clearly you have never done agile development.
  • Store won't open on my L930 running W10M bld 10512, OneDrive ok.
  • Everything is broken on my 1020. Store won't start, the numerous updates to mail haven't fixed it, I have done a soft reset yet again and now cannot play any Xbox games, this is the first time in ages I have been able to reply on the ultra slow windows central app, all my games lag like crazy, lock screen always leads to my start screen showing the loading screen. Luckily my start screen work around is still good. Waiting in anticipation for an update
  • That only makes sense in W10M preview.
  • Yes. I just checked the title of the post and I am totally sure that the only people using the store on W10M are on the preview as W10M has not been released yet so my comment makes sense and is totally relevant!
  • Totally agree with you.
  • I am sorry. I thought you were criticising me. I am a total post Nokia and now WP ran it and just making my point. I have never played with Android and messing with the father in law's iPhone there is no way I will be getting an apple product. I am just waiting for the moment that people see the potential in the new MS. I have shown many people how to get Windows 10 on their desktops and lappys and I don't know anyone who doesn't think it is good or bad potential. I want stuff to work like it does on Android and Apple but I also wanna keep the eye candy of MS
  • Ran it? I am sure I meant fanboy!
  • Your English is... random.
  • My English is perfect considering I am English. Windows mobile spell checker is random!
  • SP3 and Lumia 640 both on W10, and both stores crashing. Thanks for the service alert! I thought it was just me!
  • Its preparation for Windows 10 Mobile new build release.. Dont worry guys :-)
  • They point to the new Windows 10 Mobile build as the fix.
  • Can it be pinned to a specific country/countries, I'm in the UK, L930/SP3 with no problems.
  • US on a Icon.. Store crashing... I'll stop soft resetting now lmao...
  • Have a Microsoft Service Tech working on mine now looking for a fix....
  • I thought it's an issue if you didn't use your phone for sometimes (2 weeks closed ) , hope there is a fix soon
  • I'm not alone :)
  • Coming soon. Store beta
  • What app is that second picture in the article? Is it one windows 10 or mobile? Looks sweet.
  • Metrotwit.. It has been discontinued though..
  • :( thanks
  • Yeah, crash. One more, i can't log in to Music Groove n Movie & TV...fix it please soon.
  • This not how you compete with iOS and Android Microsoft. You'll never amount to shit in mobile with this sad effort.
  • Down vote
  • Up vote!
  • You think iOS and Android don't suffer the same problems? You clearly haven't used them much before... This comment is troll fodder.
  • Too bad. My Windows 8.1 Store is still working great.
  • Mail and calendar apps also not working properly. Mail live tile not updating. Got a update for mail and calendar app yesterday didnt do it. Should have done it 
  • Switch to tablet/desktop mode to force live tile update.
  • I had a problem on my PC where it would crash, not immediately on launch, but when trying to view the info page for the Facebook app. Microsoft themselves suggested that I run a clean install of Windows 7 and then upgrade to Windows 10.
  • Yep. It crashing for me too, on the desktop. Too bad I didn't know and had already tried several potential fixes. Let's hope MS solves this quickly. I also hope TH2 makes Windows 10 a lot more reliable. I'm feeling like W10 was kinda rushed. 
  • Hope Gabe Aul is fixing the store bug which he listed yesterday.
  • Windows 10.....more like windows l0l
  • Hey Lumia Nation. Its my channel name in youtube
  • I was about to reset my phone right when this article popped up. Saved by a Windows Central notification!
  • I too
  • Windows Central is the first website that provided me this information! I was thinking so awkward that I even restarted the Windows, but for my surprise, problem persisted. Tried to run the WSReset but same... Now I am feeling better that is not ony with me (I was almost going to reinstall Windows). Thanks guys!
  • I haven't had the experience on either platform. But even so, occasional crashes from other bugs (I've been steadily running technical previews on both Windows Mobile and desktop) have hardly been cataclysmic, given how Windows relaunches must faster than it used to, and how well it saves and restores as I run. The W10M Store remains spotty, however. Friday's release of the latest TP will contain this problem as a known issue, but its to be expected that a temporary workaround will accompany the notice of release (we may have to get W10M apps from our desktops and send them along to our phones). More hopeful still are the numerous indications that another Mobile TP release (sounds almost like a patch) May be available as early as this coming Tuesday. Microsoft is aware of and has been working on the issue for some time now.
  • I can't install Zomato!!  :((
  • tonight??? it is 6:35 am here ... ;)
  • It is consoling to know I'm not alone! I start fretting about viruses and such ... on my desktop computer search stopped working for about 45 minutes as well. Hit windows key or button and start typing anything - no search results would pop up. Rebooted into safe mode, found nothing, rebooted normally, and search worked again as it should to fetch files and programs or internet searches. But store still crashes.
  • Mine works Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Happening to me, and this is the second time in this week. I though it was complexity due to the upgrade process first time, now I know it's not my PC.
  • Yep. Just bought a surface 3 and thought it was a defective product!
  • Same. On my 10 phone.
  • I just rolled back to WP8.1 to get home and find same issue with my SP3.
  • Works here (Italy)
  • I though there was something wrong with my computer but I guess I am not alone
  • Cant open the app also
  • I have a workaround, just smash your device on the floor. When it shutters, problem's fixed, only you won't notice. Sorry, I just had to say something. It's Friday, right?
  • Happy Friday! =D
  • Hi...i just installed w10m 10166 on slow ring and yes the Store doesn't work but the apps still downloading in background !!!
  • This is really annoying because an App I want to use keeps crashing and I can't reinstall it...
  • I'm having this problem with my 3 computers and everyone who's having this problem should use the Windows Feedback Program in Windows 10 and let them know about this issue.
  • Both the Store and OneDrive crashing on WM10.
  • This is a dismal reflection of the quality coming out of MS. Such a large scale failure simply shouldn't take place. Does that company want to fail?
  • Ohhh i think only me that face this problem... i has reset my phone twice :((... hope it fixed as soon as possible
  • Yes its not working
  • Microsoft broke Store on 100 million PCs. Now I lost all my apps, cause I reset Windows on my tablet, still doesn't help at all. "
  • You haven't lost all your apps, once its up and running the will redownload providing they haven't been pulled from the store.
  • It's been crashing since day 1. Nothing new.
  • W10 is the brand new definition of crashes, errors...
  • I was about to install Windows Central app - being grateful for this alert - when I realized that I cannot due to the crashing Store... The Store crashes on all my Win 10 devices (phone, tablet, desktop) and on my wife's laptop and tablet (a different Microsoft account).
  • What a shame... I tried to repair this for last 4 hours before I gave up and started my procrastinational reading of windowscentral news. And who would have guessed... I DIDN'T BREAK IT haha. Thats new... Just for a good meassure: I tried: 1. wsreset.exe 2. Disconnecting Microsoft account in Settings and Connecting it again 3. Trying reinstalling it via admin-powershell
    Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.Ins
     4.  Trying reinstalling it via admin-cmd
    PowerShell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Command "& {$manifest = (Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Win
    dowsStore).InstallLocation + '\AppxManifest.xml' ; Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $manifest}"
    Nothing works... Then I looked into event viewer and found that one of the modules of WinStore.Mobile.exe is faulting:
    Faulting application name: WinStore.Mobile.exe, version: 2015.8.25.1, time stamp: 0x55dcf189
    Faulting module name: twinapi.appcore.dll, version: 10.0.10240.16397, time stamp: 0x55af1390
    Exception code: 0xc000027b
    Fault offset: 0x000000000006687f
    Faulting process id: 0xf8c
    Faulting application start time: 0x01d0ec50c306d4d5
    Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.WindowsStore_2015.8.25.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\WinStore.Mobile.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\twinapi.appcore.dll
    Report Id: 6f8d3862-6d31-4132-8541-b34aea9e942d
    Faulting package full name: Microsoft.WindowsStore_2015.8.25.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe
    Faulting package-relative application ID: App
     And that is as far as I went.
  • The faulting Path is same for me.
  • I think something is wrong with the app model if a service issue prevents your built-in apps from functioning. At least give the appearance of the app/device functioning. A blank store with a message saying "Oops... the store is currently experiencing issues" is infinitely more user-friendly than simply having the app crash. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • An exception or error should never just crash an app. I'm sure MS isn't that lazy with their programming. Obviously a bug.
  • Well I certainly hope not haha. I guess it just seems odd to start crashing for everyone, on all devices (desktop/mobile) after working fine for a few days, can't remember when the last store update was. I just think the OS/app needs to be able to respond to exceptions caused by a discrepancy or issue with the service(s) it depends on in a better manner. I am glad we are seeing these issues now and (hopefully) not after public launch though! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Strange to me the store works normally I am from Chile so the store is the chilean poor store but was working in fact was downloading some trial outs before purchase an app and that was when was 1am in here 12est time, the Windows mobile store don't open
  • Makes the windows phone store issue holding up the next build seem moot.
  • I'm on the 10532 Insider Preview and it's also crashing.
  • What makes it all worse, is that Microsoft is keeping everybody in the dark... Imagine how many people have hard reset their phones and/or PC thinking they were having a problem with their device... Like I did... In my opinion this is a very serious thing that should never happen. Since the preview version or Windows 8, this never happened on 8 or 8.1...    
  • Idk...maybe its regional? Mine is working alright, New York, Surface Pro 3, Build 10532, Store version 2015.8.25.1 I even dl a game and updated 3 apps... =[
    Oh, yeah... Good Morning Dan! ;)
  • Oops... actually my Surface is still on 10240 =[
  • Yeah, in my case the computer Windows store for Chile don't have that incident and were downloading stuffs just one thing that been noticing is that had to one app push twice in install to get it downloaded the rest of the downloads were fine, must be a regional issue with the store in PC, on the to for mobile there is the problem now
  • Brilliant MS! Go back to what you do best lately. Making services for boreOS and adroid!
  • It's too full.
  • Just Microsoft things 
  • I actually rushed to see if my phone had updated while I wasn't watching, as this sort of bug is in the next build!
  • Working fine here on my Pro 3 and temp Lumia 830 - in Australia but both are set to the US region atm for Cortana
  • Feeling so peaceful with WP8.1 ;)
  • Rumours said, win 10 mobile is on the way of its stable release till Sept or mid of Oct..
  • Are joking? Already lacks lot to be an descent os
  • The week of 5-9 October is the expected RTM timeframe, I was told.
  • Enrolled to fast ring ! Lol
  • Crash on both devices of mine. L520 on build 10512 and dell laptop on build 10532. Haven't tried any workaround but it's seem to be pointless to do so. Hope this won't last past 1 day.
    NOOOOO!!! It's 9/11, must be the terrorists!!!
  • Things Fall Apart by C A.
  • I have that morning I installed TWINS MINIGAME....everything going fine......and next couple of hours ago I go to store it's crashing.......
  • Maybe they are retreating the store from the store mwhahahaha
  • Store crashes
  • Works fine for me..
  • I was one of the everyone with the tips! I sent them the issue an hour ago.
  • You are such a great guy. Post your xbox tag and maybe we can be friends forever
  • I SHOULD HAVE READ THIS EARLIER!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, what I did I tried the troubleshooter and it didn't work, and then I went to AppData packages and deleted ALMOST EVERYTHING IN THE WINDOWS STORE PACKAGE and then I totally broke my Windows Store!!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily I found a powershell command to fix it and now it's back to this problem. So now I'll not touch anything anymore and wait. Thank you Windows Central!!!!!!
  • Yup notice it
  • .
  • UPDATE: It's working now
  • Here in Austria still not working - neither on Mobile nor on PC
  • Store is working fine for me. WM10TP running on Lumia 920
  • its work again now :D  
  • Working fine!
  • Not working on my Lenovo tonight. Haven't tried my Surface. #SoutheastUS
  • Just started working for me a few minutes ago.
  • Store is now working on PC & Mobile
  • its working for me
  • Back to normal
  • I think its working now
  • Not working for me yet.  I'm on a Windows 10 Enterprise PC and still having the same issue.  Below is a copy of the error event being generated each time the Windows Store is launched and automatically crashes. Faulting application name: WinStore.Mobile.exe, version: 2015.8.25.1, time stamp: 0x55dcf189
    Faulting module name: twinapi.appcore.dll, version: 10.0.10240.16397, time stamp: 0x55af1390
    Exception code: 0xc000027b
    Fault offset: 0x000000000006687f
    Faulting process id: 0xd3c
    Faulting application start time: 0x01d0ec6553c8affe
    Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.WindowsStore_2015.8.25.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\WinStore.Mobile.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\twinapi.appcore.dll
    Report Id: d147eb2b-eabe-4f44-8fa4-a5596e2fc148
    Faulting package full name: Microsoft.WindowsStore_2015.8.25.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe
    Faulting package-relative application ID: App  
  • Store was crashing following an update. Checked settings, there was another one. Installed that, tablet restarted, still no joy. Then I shut down tablet and rebooted. Now all working fine. Windows 10 in UK.
  • In my office, store app crashes, but surface 3 doesn't. It's weird.  
  • Working fine in my phone
  • Everything working fine for me...No issues here
  • Mine started working again.. :)
  • In my Lumia 930 running W10M 512 build experiencing the same store crashing issue whenever trying to open the store.
  • Workaround for PCs : Navigate to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.WindowsStore_8wekyb3d8bbwe\Local Cache\perUserCache and delete content. Then restart Store, should be working again.
  • Works fine in my Surface Pro 2 and Lumia 930 (UK)
  • Working fine again :-)
  • Fixed. Win 10 Store app is working again for both pc and phone.
  • its back ! store is back !