Windows Store Dev Center rolls out new age rating system for app publishers

Launching a new Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile app also means setting up a age rating. Microsoft is now rolling out a new feature for its Windows Store Dev Center that will make it easier for app publishers to set up those age ratings, no matter where the app is sold in the world.

Microsoft stated the new process uses the International Age Rating Coalition's (IARC) system:

"The IARC rating system is a global rating and age classification system for digitally-delivered games and apps. With IARC, you complete a single questionnaire about the content in your app during submission and Dev Center automatically adds regional and international age rating certificates to the Store listing for you. If you change your app's content, you can update the questionnaire and receive a new rating at any time.""IARC makes it quick and simple to obtain age and content ratings across the globe, making it easier to offer your apps in more countries and markets. There is no cost to you, and the questionnaire can be competed in just a few minutes."

Age ratings for the app are then created for North America, Europe, Germany, Australia and Brazil. Based on the app's IARC rating, the Dev Center will also issue an overall Windows Store rating, along with ones for Taiwan and Russia. There's also the option to add a rating for South Korea, but it is not automatically created since that country is not part of the IARC system.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham
  • Ages 9-99 should be an option
  • And leave out those 100 year olds, I dont think so.
  • Lol
  • Nice !!
  • LOL I read that as "Windows Store Dev Center rolls out New Age rating system".  I'm thinking, wow that's kinda weird. "I got really good vibes playing that game and rate it 4 out 5 crystals"
  • Radical app, dude.
  • While they're at it they should bring back the date of the last update. It was incredibly useful being able to determine whether an app continues to be supported or has long since been abandoned by the developer.
  • Most dev do give change log
  • They should also bring back version number, last updated. And let screenshots of apps be either below reviews section or above it.
  • +1
  • Plz fix search engine ...