WishAppList aims to show developers that Windows 10 users want their apps

While we wait for more apps to make their way to Windows 10, a new site has been made that allows you to go and vote for apps that you want to see arrive on the platform. That's right, if you are looking for another way to let developers know there is an interest in having their apps on Microsoft's latest operating system, you can now do so with ease. WishAppList is a new free service that allows you to cast a vote for applications that you want to arrive, as well as leave a comment.

In order to vote, you will need to create an account, which is free to do. Once your account is created, you can begin voting for apps, as well as submitting any apps that you may be interested in that don't already appear on the site. Whether or not this site will convince developers to bring their apps to the platform is unknown, but this is a great way for the overall desire for the app to be quantified for a developer to easily see. If there are apps that you want on Windows 10, be sure to head to WishAppList and cast your vote now.

Update: Perhaps this is of little surprise, but since our article went live their website has had a sudden influx of traffic. As a result, it looks to have temporarily been knocked offline. Check back later, we suppose.

Cast your vote at WishAppList

Thanks for the tip, Dilan!

Jared DiPane

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