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WMExperts Podcast Episode 56

Malatesta and Dieter discuss the Samsung Jack, the latest Windows Mobile rumors, and the happenings at TechEd 2009. Listen in!


  • Yet Another Zune Phone Rumor (Updated)
  • Possible Required Specs for Windows Mobile 7?
  • Our guesses for 'Project Charlie'
  • Touching your phone is so 2008 ... Windows Mobile 7 may have 'non-touch' features

Thanks to Sunshine, Anthony, and Stephen!



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  • Great Podcast! First time I've ever listened to it here... One thing I did notice is I can tell you are using a gate, which is not a good thing. There are some adjustments you can try to kill the instant roll off of the gate, so if you're having issues give me a shout-I'll be glad to help! Keep up the good work!
  • I particularly liked the "jesus f***ing christ!" in the background at time 24:30 in this podcast. It is classic. :-)
  • Whoops! That would be Mal's reaction the first time we got a skype disconnect. Uploading "clean" version now.
  • Actually I thought it was quite funny, but if you intended it to be clean, glad I could help! :-)
  • I appreciate you removing the negative reference to Jesus. I am a Christian and Jesus Christ is the most important thing in my life, so hearing someone use the f-word with Christ's name is always jarring. Thanks.
  • I apologize --thought I'd excised all the vulgarity.
  • I appreciate it, not trying to impose my standards on everyone else, but I enjoy listening to you guys.