WMExperts Podcast Episode 69

Malatesta, Phil, and Dieter talk Palm's abandonment of Windows Mobile, the Zune HD and the future of the OS, the HTC Leo, get a couple of good rants on and answer a few of your questions.

Top o' the news

Hardware news

Zune HD news

Software news

Microsoft news

  • More Microsoft 'Pink' phone rumors surface ... On a Mac site?
  • Microsoft can remotely kill Marketplace apps
  • Windows Mobile 7 to be on the 'social' bandwagon, deep integration with OS

Other news

  • AT&T Microcell rumored to appear next week


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  • windows mobile does not have any more native support for resistive screens than it does for capascitive screens. Like I said before, it is up to the hardware manufacturer to create a human interface driver for ther input device. it is not up to microsoft to "support" capacitve screens. The blame lies on HTC, samsung, etc. for not having these screens. Its exactly like plugging in a special mouse into your computer and it not working until you install the driver. Stop spreading the huge misconception that windows mobile does not support capacitive. For that matter, windows mobile does not support resistive screens either. they work because the hardware manufacurer modified their copy of windows mobile to include the driver for their resistive screen. all typed on my zune hd if you can believe it :p
  • lol. Zune HD FTW!
  • Clarification on my part: When I speak of "support from Microsoft" and capacitive, what I really mean (and should have stated) was multi-touch support *in* the OS. Back to my original point in the podcast, the HTC Leo evidently *does* support multi-touch (which is why people suspect capacitive)--and this, this begs the question about *who* is providing the multi-touch support: HTC or Microsoft (or both working together)? Officially, WM6.5 does not support multi-touch, but Microsoft will build it into the OS for WM7--that is from their mouth directly, which is why the Leo is quite odd. So while technically HTC and other hardware manufactures could make WM capacitive devices, arguably one of the best features of the technology (multi-touch) could not be exploited by the OS, which is why we don't see them. OTOH, multi-touch has been ported (to some extent) to resistive screens--so in fact, we just don't really know what the Leo is rocking at all.