WP7 Sliding Keyboard heading to Marketplace

While we previously wrote about how Swype could look to move onto the Windows Phone platrform (opens in new tab) with Nokia heading up the show, this is some pretty interesting development by Invoke IT. The above demo of the app Sliding Keyboard is performed by YouTube user hermitd31.

This app is standalone and allows the user to swipe instead of type. The keyboard is a slight shade of blue to differentiate between the stock keyboard and should the user tap in the text area while Sliding Keyboard is active WP7 will take over with the default popping up. One is able to swipe and save to the clipboard for import in other apps.

You can download Sliding Keyboard (opens in new tab) from the Marketplace for a mere 79p and while the majority of reviews are somewhat negative, it's good to see a Swype alternative that's readily available.

Via: WPSauce

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Ya, I don't see what people like about this type of swipe kb. The current and updated native WP KB with added word guessing or w/e that mango has will let you type way faster than this does.
  • yeah their is NO WAY you can type faster on a reg KB then on SWIPE . look up youtube vids of people using it properly.
  • I love swype and I can't wait to get a real version of it on WP7 but this one looks ridiculously inaccurate especially for how slow he is going. It probably guessed the wrong word over 75% of the time. People that have been using swype and have gotten fast with it will probably just be frustrated with this unless it gets better word prediction by the time it's released.
  • yeah this NON official SWIPE apps is HORIBLE and does not do the real one justice. specially that its a 3rd app that u need to copy paste
  • Words can't describe how inappropriate Evanescence is as this video's soundtrack.
  • Downloaded the free trial and I can tell you all that it does in fact stink on ice. Horrible word prediction and it can only be used in this single app. I CAN NOT WAIT for Swype to get off it's #ss and get us an official build.