WWE 2K17: The complete list of your favorite wrestlers coming to Xbox One

WWE 2K17 is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This year's game features over 130 current and classic wrestlers, including the debut of AJ Styles, Becky Lynch, and others. This roster with all DLC wrestlers will help you prepare for WWE 2K17.

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WWE Superstars

WWE 2K17

  1. Aiden English
  2. AJ Styles
  3. Alberto Del Rio
  4. Baron Corbin
  5. Big Cass
  6. Big E
  7. Big Show
  8. Bo Dallas
  9. Braun Strowman
  10. Bray Wyat
  11. Brock Lesnar
  12. Bubba Ray Dudley
  13. Cesaro
  14. Chris Jericho
  15. Curtis Axel
  16. D-Von Dudley
  17. Darren Young
  18. Dean Ambrose
  19. Diego
  20. Dolph Ziggler
  21. Enzo Amore
  22. Erick Rowan
  23. Fandango
  24. Fernando
  25. Goldust
  26. Heath Slater
  27. Jack Swagger
  28. Jey Uso
  29. Jimmy Uso
  30. John Cena
  31. Kalisto
  32. Kane
  33. Kevin Owens
  34. Kofi Kingston
  35. Konnor
  36. Luke Harper
  37. Mark Henry
  38. Neville
  39. R-Truth
  40. Randy Orton
  41. Roman Reigns
  42. Rusev
  43. Sami Zayn
  44. Seth Rollins
  45. Shane McMahon
  46. Sheamus
  47. Simon Gotch
  48. Sin Cara
  49. Stardust
  50. Sting
  51. The Miz
  52. The Rock
  53. Titus O'Neil
  54. Triple H
  55. Tyler Breeze
  56. Tyson Kidd
  57. Viktor
  58. Vince McMahon
  59. Undertaker
  60. Xavier Woods
  61. Zack Ryder

WWE Female Superstars

WWE 2K17

  1. Alicia Fox
  2. Becky Lynch
  3. Brie Bella
  4. Charlotte
  5. Emma
  6. Naomi
  7. Natalya
  8. Nikki Bella
  9. Paige
  10. Sasha Banks
  11. Stephanie McMahon
  12. Summer Rae
  13. Tamina

NXT Superstars

  1. Buddy Murphy
  2. Chad Gable
  3. Dash Wilder
  4. Finn Balor
  5. Hideo Itami
  6. Jason Jordan
  7. Samoa Joe
  8. Scott Dawson
  9. Wesley Blake

NXT Female Superstars

  1. Alexa Bliss
  2. Asuka
  3. Bayley
  4. Carmella
  5. Dana Brooke
  6. Eva Marie

WWE Legends

WWE 2K17

  1. Andre the Giant
  2. Arn Anderson
  3. Bam Bam Bigelow
  4. Big Boss Man
  5. Billy Gunn
  6. Booker T
  7. Bret Hart
  8. Brian Pillman
  9. British Bulldog
  10. Butch
  11. Cactus Jack
  12. Christian
  13. Daniel Bryan
  14. Diamond Dallas Page
  15. Diesel
  16. Dude Love
  17. Dusty Rhodes
  18. Earthquake
  19. Edge
  20. Jake Roberts
  21. JBL
  22. Jim Neidhart
  23. Larry Zbyszko
  24. Lex Luger
  25. Luke
  26. Mankind
  27. Mr. Perfect
  28. Randy Savage
  29. Razor Ramon
  30. Ric Flair
  31. Rick Rude
  32. Ricky Steamboat
  33. Rikishi
  34. Road Dogg Jesse James
  35. Shawn Michaels
  36. Stone Cold Steve Austin
  37. Tatsumi Fujinami
  38. The Ultimate Warrior
  39. Typhoon
  40. Vader

WWE Legends (Female)

  1. Alundra Blayze
  2. Lita
  3. Trish Stratus

DLC WWE Superstars

  1. Karl Anderson (Included in the Future Stars Pack)
  2. Luke Gallows (Included in the Future Stars Pack)

DLC NXT Superstars

  1. Apollo Crews (Included in NXT Enhancement Pack)
  2. Austin Aries (Included in the Future Stars Pack)
  3. Mojo Rawley (Included in the Future Stars Pack)
  4. Shinsuke Nakamura (Included in NXT Enhancement Pack)
  5. Tye Dillinger (Included in the Future Stars Pack)


  1. Nia Jax (Included in NXT Enhancement Pack)

DLC Legends

WWE 2K17 DLC wrestlers

  1. Albert (Included in Hall of Fame Showcase)
  2. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake (Included in Legends Pack)
  3. Buddy Roberts (Included in Hall of Fame Showcase)
  4. Eddie Guerrero (Included in Legends Pack)
  5. The Godfather (Included in Hall of Fame Showcase)
  6. Goldberg (WCW) (Pre-Order Bonus)
  7. Goldberg (WWE) (Pre-Order Bonus)
  8. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine (Included in Legends Pack)
  9. Jimmy Garven (Included in Hall of Fame Showcase)
  10. Kerry Von Erich (Included in Hall of Fame Showcase)
  11. Kevin Von Erich (Included in Hall of Fame Showcase)
  12. Michael Hayes (Included in Hall of Fame Showcase)
  13. Papa Shango (Included in Hall of Fame Showcase)
  14. Sycho Sid (Included in Legends Pack)
  15. Tatanka (Included in Legends Pack)

DLC Female Legends

  1. Ivory (Included in Hall of Fame Showcase)
  2. Jacqueline (Included in Hall of Fame Showcase)

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WWE 2K17

WWE 2K17 is now available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3. The current-gen versions are available in standard and Deluxe editions. The physical and digital Deluxe Editions include the game, Season Pass, and MyPlayer Kick Start (extra unlocks for MyCareer mode, a $9.99 value) for $89.99.

The WWE 2K17 Season Pass costs $29.99 and contains:

  • Accelerator
  • Future Stars Pack
  • Hall of Fame Showcase
  • Legends Pack
  • New Moves Pack

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Wrestling fans, are you excited about WWE 2K17's roster? Which absent wrestlers do you wish had made the cut?

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  • I'm boycotting this because there is no custom entrance music even though XBOX supports it.
  • That is kinda lame. What entrance music would you use? :O
  • Custom entrance music for my downloaded created wrestlers, like this series had for almost a decade on Xbox 360. But I guess that's lame...
  • I meant it's lame you cant do that, I was agreeing with you.
  • I'd be interested in this if it has a story mode similar to the Austin one, that was really good. HOWEVER the game was a bit of a frustrating PITA at times and I was literally just playing to complete that mode and see all the clips and relive the matches I watched over the years. They would need to have massively overhauled the gameplay for me to be interested in paying for this (Got WWE 2K16 on GwG luckily) The number of crap mini game style things was lame IMO - The best wrestling gameplay ever is still from the N64 games. No Mercy being the swan song for decent WWE games IMO. There are still many ways they haven't been able to improve on that. Even the branching story mode was amazing considering how long ago it was made.
  • The lack of Showcase mode in 2K17 is definitely a downer. I hope they fixed some of the minigames/mechanics as well. We'll see!
  • Yeah if they removed these mini-games I'd be interested when the price comes down to £25 or less even without the Showcase mode. They could have done another infamous wrestler like HBK and included the Iron Man match from WM12! That would be epic and that mode was the only thing I enjoyed in 2K16, without it the mini games would have just made it too annoying to play. The games AI can kick out of a pin whenever it wants to based on damage, but a player could get pinned quite early on by just having bad timing, even if they haven't taken too much damage.
  • That's a lot of people to render.
  • It doesn't support it because background music is different from ripping songs to the HDD and playing it from there. Still should be a great game improving on last year
  • If it has the same mechanics as 16 I'm not touching it Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No hulk Hogan??
  • Wow I have lost touch with WWE, I have no idea who's who anymore maybe those b4 The Rock era...it's hell alot of character including dlc
  • Off topic: When will Xbox one S launch in India
  • If you know it's off-topic and preface it as such, why the hell would you post it here?  I know about it, and I am not going to tell you.
  • Prefer the game play of No Mercy on the n64, in my opinion one of the best wrestling games of all time. My cousins and I played an insanely long ladder match - the only reason we stopped playing is because the console froze from getting tooooo hot. That's how long the match went on for lol. That game play, current gen graphics and a granular create a character is the winning combo. But THQ went bust....
  • YES! Best wrestling game ever IMO. If they could take what made it great and give it some modern graphics etc. it would kill.
  • Long time WWE fan, I got WWE 2K16 a few months ago... I cannot even figure out how to control it.  I suck at WWE games I guess.  If anyone wants to try this with me over Xbox Live, send me a PM here.  Nothing more I would like to make a wrestler with a hybrid of HBK and Bray Wyatt moves and then hit someone with a table!
  • They don't introduce you to the mechanics very well. I would read up on it online, and/or start with MyCareer Mode, which does have some mild tutorial content.
  • @Sunstorming...try the my player. It's a form of tutorial that really helps getting to know the controls and layout instead of just jumping in with the wolves
  • I still play No Mercy, and it's still the best wrestling game of all time IMO. But unfortunately that style of arcade gameplay is dead. If someone would just make 1 title they would how many supporters they would have over today's gen titles. But, as it is, 2K is doing a great job
  • I really miss the wrestling games on the N64 made by the now closed THQ.  They were simple and fun.  Now the controls are just too much and complicated to learn.  It makes me want to just button mash but I don't like doing that.
  • How the hell do you have every member of the dx besides X-Pac!!!!????? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The dream is to one day get THQ / Aki Corporation - No Mercy style gameplay with modern graphics.  Another note on the current titles, I would happily trade out the 3D crowd for 2D "cardboard cutouts" if it meant that they could improve the render quality on the actual wrestlers, hair, and the squared circle.  Maybe I'm seeing things wrong, but to me, 2k15 / 2k16, and now 2k17 looks like they could be running on Xbox360.  I find the visuals underwhealming for current generation. Final note:  Thanks goodness for the Legends Roster, because that's the only way I'll play these games (I have no clue about modern wrestling).  It's always a thrill to take a step back in time with the old school WWF guys in a modern video game.
  • I think supporting the previous gen consoles can hold a game back sometimes. They don't want to create two completely separate games from the ground up after all, so I think they use exactly the same AI with a few extra graphical effects that don't really make a huge difference. Games that come out yearly in general still seem to do this, like Fifa as they know a lot of people who aren't massively into gaming just buy that 1 game every year and don't want to upgrade their console. Good to see what they did with Black Ops 3 where only the multiplayer portion of the game was on previous gen consoles. Think it gives them a clean run at embracing the current gen hardware. Weird to think we are at the point where incremential updates are coming to the current gen consoles and the previous gen still gets so many games made for it. Good for owners of those consoles of course!
  • So many wrestlers to choose from
  • Where are Rey Mysetrio and CM Punk?