Microsoft teams up with Bonnaroo to stream the thirteenth annual music festival live to your Xbox

If you are a fan of the annual Bonnaroo Music Festival, then you are going to be excited to hear that Microsoft and the festival people themselves have joined up to stream the event live, exclusively on Xbox. You can avoid the massive crowd of what is said to be over 80,000 people trekking to the farm in Manchester, Tennessee and instead enjoy the music right from the comfort of your own couch with either your Xbox 360 or Xbox One entertainment console.

The Bonnaroo Music Festival is a weekend long event that will begin this year on February 19 and marks the thirteenth annual occurrence since it began in 2002. In 2008, the festival was named the “Best Festival” by Rolling Stone magazine who called it “the ultimate over-the-top summer festival”. What traditionally began as an event focused on jam bands and folk rock, now highlights everything from Gospel music to Stoner Rock, and everything in-between.

Access of this type has never been granted before, and now Xbox users will be able to watch the entire event just as if they were standing in the audience (minus the sweat and screaming). According to Microsoft, you will be able to view multiple streams of various performers and artists, along with the ability to “join the conversation with fellow virtual-Bonnaroovians”.

"This is an amazing event to bring to Xbox, to showcase our unique capabilities for delivering premium music concerts and festivals,” stated Wil Mozell, General Manager at Xbox Entertainment Studios. “More fans than ever before will have access to Bonnaroo and enjoy an immersive experience only available on Xbox."

The Bonnaroo Lineup announcement megathon, also known as BLAM!, will be broadcast on February 19 starting with the pre-show event at 7 PM EST and leading onto the lineup announcement at 9 PM. You will be able to go ahead and download the Bonnaroo app from your Xbox Live Dashboard the day of the event to get ready.

Have you ever been to Bonnaroo in person? Are you excited to be able to watch it live exclusively on Xbox?

Source: Microsoft

Michael Archambault