Xbox Cloud Gaming (Project xCloud) will expand to four new markets in preview on November 18

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What you need to know

  • Xbox Cloud Gaming, or Project xCloud, is Microsoft's game streaming platform, available through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
  • The service allows you to stream fully fledged console-quality games to your mobile device, and play with touch controls or a controller.
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming has limited availability right now, but the Project xCloud Preview is expanding to four new markets soon.
  • Players in Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico can sign-up to join the Project xCloud Preview in their region, which begins November 18, 2020.

Xbox Cloud Gaming, previously known as Project xCloud while it was in preview in the US, is Microsoft's answer to the game streaming market, also populated by competitors like Google Stadia. With Xbox Cloud Gaming, anyone subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can play hundreds of Xbox Game Pass titles directly on their phone, either using a controller or, with some games, even touch controls. While Xbox Cloud Gaming is publically available in several markets like the US, and many parts of Europe, it has been strangely mising from a few key markets. That's set to change soon, with the Project xCloud Preview program opening up in four new regions.

Starting November 18, 2020, players in Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico will be able to sign-in to test Project xCloud on their Android device, using a limited catalogue of free games, including some of the Best Xbox Cloud Gaming games on Android like Minecraft Dungeons, and other games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Forza Horizon 4, Black Desert, PUBG, and Yakuza 0.

Players can now register (opens in new tab) to be invited to the Project xCloud Preview (yes, it's invite-only right now) when it starts on November 18. The Preview is available on Android devices through the Google Play Store, and will be available in English, Portuguese, Japanese, and Spanish. Microsoft intends to gather feedback and improve the experience, before eventually rolling out Xbox Cloud Gaming to these markets sometime next year, as a part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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  • I'm very happy with the announcement, but a little concerned, tho. Here in Brazil, almost all ISPs offer crap internet. High latency, slow speeds and much inconsistency. I'm afraid that this can generate a lot of bad reviews for the service and affect it's success in the country. I hope that this doesn't happen, tho.
  • I have similar concerns for Australia given our shoddy internet infrastructure.
  • CRIKEY! Wallabies ah munchin on the intanets again! !
  • Are you serious? Australia has one of the fastest mobile broadband infrastructures in the world. Our NBN sucks, but this is for out and about, not at home.
  • I've had a quick play around with it, so far the latency seems fine (running on Telstra mobile broadband (145Mb down speed), i only played a bit of Minecraft dungeons though as I didn't have a controller with me. My first impression, the way they have implemented touch controls in that game is absolutely fantastic, it isn't just buttons on the screen that correspond to the controller you actually press the icons you want to select, it is incredible the effort they put into touch. My only issue is it doesn't have the full roster, I really wanted to test out Slay the Spire and Dead Cells but unfortunately they aren't available in the previous yet. Once I am home and have a controller I'll test some more games and try some multiplayer stuff.