Xbox Game Pass Alpha Preview to end on April 7

Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass

If you're in the Xbox Insider Alpha ring and you're enjoying the current Game Pass preview, there's a certain stop date now in place.

Insiders currently taking part are met with the following message in the Insider Hub app:

Thank you for participating in the Xbox Game Pass Alpha Preview. Your feedback has been invaluable and will make the service better for all gamers. We will be closing Preview on April 7 in order to make our final tweaks and updates. But don't worry, we're getting close to launch and Xbox Game Pass will be available for all gamers later this Spring.

That's still about three more weeks to enjoy the service right now, for free, ahead of launch. Microsoft has already said that Gold subscribers will get a chance to try it out first, but as yet we're still missing a firm launch date for the subscription service.

In any case, that hasn't stopped more games being added in recent days, and we've still got plenty of time to enjoy some new games on the house before Microsoft closes the doors.

Richard Devine
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  • They removed the new ones added. Bioshock et al have gone. I like the idea of this service. Can we have a definitive word on what Spring means to MS? I assume sometime between now and E3. I have already stopped my EA Access auto-renewal. Willing to give MS Game Pass a shot.
  • For those who doesn''t live in US 'Spring' means nothing. Im as lost as you are....
  • I downloaded them man waste of bandwith
  • I like the idea of game pass, but not the whole games cycling out thing or the fact that I have almost every game on the service
  • You're aware that this is far from being the final list right?
  • For whatever reason, people seem to be having an extremely difficult time figuring that out.
  • You don't want games to cycle, but you want games that aren't on this list. Maybe MS should call you and ask you what games need to be on there.
  • cool again most games i have at the moment so not sure how to test it to much. looking forward to when i can buy it.