Xbox joining in the #TeamMicrosoft party with Lotus F1 in Singapore

We love a good underdog, right? The Lotus F1 Team is struggling on and off circuit of late, sadly, more so at the bank than the track. Whatever the circumstances, Lotus has gradually been transforming into #TeamMicrosoft this season, with the initial Microsoft Dynamics sponsorship deal widening to include more consumer friendly brands.

This weekend for the Singapore Grand Prix, Xbox has joined the party making it a Microsoft triple-threat: Dynamics, Lumia, Xbox.

The car looks fantastic and with the teams future uncertain, administration or a takeover by Renault looming, who knows how long there'll be so much Microsoft in the F1 paddock.

And just check out these race suits!

Good luck to them!

Picture courtesy of @Lotus_F1Team

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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