We brought you the news earlier today that Galaga Legions DX was to land on the Marketplace this week for Windows Phone and true enough to our word, it has.

The game fetches for a whopping $6.99, which should set a few of you off in comments. But the question is, Is it any good?

Galaga Legions DX

The game falls into the tradition of SHMUPs (shoot ‘em ups) but with the kick of the more neon graphics familiar with modern games.  The game controls require two thumbs (one for the ship, one of the gun) and movement is slower than other games like Dodonpachi or Shoot1UP—it’s not bad, just different. It's also not as intense as those latter games, giving you a more casual arcade experience.

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The graphics though are very stellar—bright, bold and really make the game.  While we can’t tell you if it’s worth the $7 we can say it’s not a bad game for $7 and we’re rather inclined to drop our cash on it—it reminds us very much of classic arcade games and we’re always fans of that.

You can pick up Galaga Legions DX here in the Marketplace with a free trial. Let us know in comments what you think. Thanks, Jose B, for the link

QR: Galaga