Xbox One 1440p support coming 'very soon' to Xbox One X and Xbox One S

Xbox One X
Xbox One X (Image credit: Windows Central)

When Microsoft launched the Xbox One X last fall, marketing around the flagship console drove its support for 4K resolutions. While the benefits of 4K are mostly limited to those with compatible displays, the use of supersampling technology also provided benefits for those at 1080p. Although far from the ideal way of experiencing the console's horsepower, this essentially makes for a clearer image, with frequently smoother edges and shadows.

Supersampling might deliver some impressive visual upgrades on 1080p displays, yet the benefits for those on 1440p monitors are limited. Currently, the Xbox One X downsamples exclusively to 1080p, resulting in a lower than native resolution on 1440p displays. Microsoft promised support for 1440p would be coming "soon" after launch, though failed to provide a set time frame.

Kevin Gammill, program manager for Microsoft's Xbox Platform Partner Group has now taken to Twitter, indicating 1440p support will soon make its debut. Teasing that those in the Xbox Insider Program will be "pleasantly surprised," it's fair to assume the feature will be arriving in an imminent update.

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This also confirms 1440p support is on its way not only to Xbox One X but Xbox One S too. However, with 4K gaming currently limited to its flagship, Xbox One S 1440p capabilities will likely be confined to video playback.

Today's news follows a recent tweet from Xbox Insider Program head, Brad Rossetti, teasing that new pre-release builds could be as soon as this week. For now, we'll have to wait for an official announcement, likely with an upcoming build for Xbox Insiders in the Alpha preview ring.

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