Xbox One April update to bring yet more user experience improvements

Microsoft is actively working hard to fire out regular updates for the Xbox One, the company's next-gen video game console. Lucky participants are engaged in the early preview program, which has revealed some features that could well be on the way to consoles in a April release. ​This is a follow-up to the rather large March update we previously covered.

So what's new in this Xbox One April update preview?

Game and app saves/updates

When saving a game, a progress bar will be displayed on-screen, showing the status of said save states. It'll also be easier to decipher which apps and games have been updated recently on the console.

Friends improvements

Notifications will be added to see when favorites and friends sign in to Xbox Live. Being a highly requested feature, friends who are also in multiplayer will be identified in the friends list. The ability to view friends’ most popular apps will be available too, just in case you feel there's a lack of ways to stalk others.


Blu-Ray 50 Hz video output support for content recorded at 50 Hz will resolve video playback issues some Xbox Live members in Europe are experiencing.


Kinect voice and motion improvements will continue to fine tune the quality and reliability of Xbox One commands. Perfect for those who have issues with the Kinect experience.


"Improved GameDVR video quality through compression algorithm improvements."


Miscellaneous updates to Xbox One device management to address issues controlling TVs, set top boxes, and receivers that users have reported. New audio settings will let you tune how sharply the volume is lowered when Kinect is used in communications.

Xbox One

Some notes for this 1404 (last month was 1403) preview:

  • The 1404 update preview will run a bit longer than the 1403 preview.
  • As a result, not all of the features listed above will be available in the first 1404 update.
  • Some features will be enabled in 1404 updates that are rolled out later in the preview.
  • Some of the features listed above will be enabled outside of a console update.

Who's looking forward to this next update for Xbox One?

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  • Where is the USB Mass Storage/Access to a SMB share?  I just want the same(or hopefully better) functionality of my Xbox 360.
  • At the rate its getting updated (every month) id say within the next 3 or 4 months I hope. I haven't ran into any storage problems my self, as of yet. I have 5 games and a few demos, and loads of recordings. Still around 250GB left (been on that for ages)
  • I just want to plug in a USB with my films/music on and enjoy them through my XB1..... So much for an all-in-one media center!!!!
  • Sounds good... They really are giving a lot of support. Glad I went with Xbox this time around.
  • Count down time :D
  • This is awesome! I hope Microsoft can start rolling out updates for Windows Phone this quickly.
  • All of this stuff should have been there from launch
  • It should have... But it wasn't. I'm just glad they actually updating it fast like they promised. Unlike the Windows Phone devision.
  • ...says the guy who has clearly never worked on a software project.
  • Maybe it should, but those who can't wait and buy day1 products know there will be issues or missing features. A lot of people are also saying Windows 8.1.1 is what Windows 8 should have been etc. etc..
  • I love getting early updates! Can't wait to try out this one!
  • looking forward to the update...but will enjoy it a bit more once they enable 3d blu-ray playback.
  • This.
    What's the hold-up for 3D, MS?
  • Hear, hear!
  • Please !
  • Yes please!
  • Xbox One will be released in September in Norway. That's late as hell! 
  • Need more storage and ability to plug in my mp3 player and listen to my own music while gaming. Also, universal controller settings, like inverted sticks for games, as the 360 had from the get-go.
  • Hey at least you won't have to wait for Destiny. Its released in September as well!
  • I hear you. You can either buy the Euro version though, or just be happy that the Xbox will be so much better by September than it was on day one :)
  • The only other things I'd like are the external storage support, which I know is coming....and DLNA support on par with the Xbox 360. After that, everything else is just icing on the cake!
  • There is DLNA support on Xbox One. I used it
  • Yes, but it isn't on par with the 360. It only supports PlayTo, which is horrible. I want to be able to browse my entire collection like I can on the 360.
  • Agree, PlayTo is poor but Nokia Device Hub Beta, myMedia Hub and Linada (all free WP8 apps) will establish a stream from a network drive to XBO via DLNA...
  • & samsung share box aswell
  • Do you know if any of those will let me browse TVersity? That's what I use on my PC, and connect to from my X360 or my Panny TV.
  • Cool!
  • The Kinect motion commands are terrible. I actually thought they had just scrapped the idea of motion controls all together they were so bad. Maybe they can improve but as it is now, motion controlling the Xbox (swiping, pinching to go home, etc) are next to useless.
  • Agreed. I thought my Kinect was broken its response was so poor.
  • Motion controls work just fine for me.. Better than I thought they would to be honest.. Though I rarely use the motion gestures to control the dashboard currently since I went ahead and bought the media remote, they were more than serviceable for those few times i didn't feel like powering up my controller to make a quick selection.. I agree though that if you're gonna be doing some lengthy navigations over a longer period of time, you'd be better served to just use a controller or remote
  • @Antwan3k: you got the media remote? Is it good? Does it have to reconnect all the time if you haven't touched it in a while or is it always connected?
  • This is somethign that just seems to be very variable for some reason. I find that the motion and voice controls are very reliable and add a nice bit of useability to the console interface, but I also have a couple friends that find they don't work very well.
  • @ Cobaltdragon: the voice controls work perfectly for me. Motion controls, not so much. The 360 Kinect worked better in my experience.
  • Bravo. Yay. Maybe I'll go buy one now. Ha!
  • I want them to improve the whole systems graphical problems and release a new SDK for developers to allow games to be developed in the way developers have intended. I'm tired of reading stories about how Xbox One can output 1080p at 60 fps. And PS4 can, which is BS because its been one or the other on PS4 or developers had to patch the game later. Sites like to nip pick stories to bring down Microsoft and the Xbox brand.
  • In fairness, so far the only PS4 game that fully runs at 1080p/60fps is Call of Duty: Ghosts.. It was believed that the multiplayer mode of Killzone: Shadow Fall was 1080p/60fps but new info shows that probably wasn't the case.. So that's ONE full game on the PS4 that has hit that holy grail of 1080p/60fps compared to ONE Xbox One game that has done the same (Forza Motosports 5).. Hardly a lopsided difference.. But of course, the media would have you believe that every PS4 title was coming out at that level of performance since everyone loves to beat up on the Xbox One right now.. For example, headlines were claiming that Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition was 1080p/60fps on the PS4 when in reality it was running an uncapped 30fps.. Which means that it averaged 50fps but dipped back down to 30fps in heavy action.. But like I said, these facts get glossed over in favor of the PS4 in order to fuel the "console wars" and get article clicks from fanboys.. I will say that Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is going to be 1080p/60fps on PS4 but 720p/60fps on the Xbox One once it is released later this month.. But that is nothing but a glorified demo and the final game has plenty of time to be optimized for the Xbox One since it probably won't release until sometime in 2015
  • Ghosts on PS4 also has frame rate drops.
  • I miss the days when we all had Snes's or Mega Drives and the only thing people cared about was if you liked Mario or Sonic. Nobody cared or even knew about frame rates really. Good times
  • FINALLY i can't mix the volume of snapped apps THANK YOU!!
  • Agreed
  • I want a fix for the weird speaker feedback type noise that happens right before a game crash. It's killing me, in Titanfall.
  • Have you updated your controller properly, it took me ages and i still haven't got my day one controller to update, but my Titanfall controller works fine now. P.s. There is another controller update needed that only shows when the adapter is plugged in. Hope this helps fella.
  • I'm assuming you have a stereo adapter, because this sounds just like the problem i was having.
  • No news of 3D yet ????
  • How do we sign up to test?
  • N y'all need tu change that how we can change our Gamer picture tu our own PICTURE
  • Not gonna happen fella, MS couldn't monitor all the user made photos for offensive content. It would just get abused im afraid.
  • Please PLEASE Microsoft, fix the recognition of the "Xbox On" command! I'm on my knees here begging.
  • Are you pausing properly? It's "Xbox, on" not "Xbox on". Works fine for me, but I noticeably pause as though I called its name and am waiting for it to turn its head toward me before continuing. Like talking to an adorable puppy.
  • Yea, works all the time for me. Love it along with Xbox turn off. No remote needed.
  • "XBOX ON" is not available for all countries. I'm in Australia and have 'limited' voice function, I can't turn mine on with voice, but I can turn it off.. ODD isn't it.. (We also don't have Cable TV integration either by the way :(, I'd like the XBOX team and the FETCH TV teams to get together please)
  • haha... it's because of our really weird language... English. Agreed StefEBear WhaaasUpWidAt? (I just wrote similar below)
  • Got it
  • If they can fix the issues I'm having with my Kinect, it occasionally simply can't recognize me and it turning on the radio on my stereo and not the tv input, then I'm all over this update.
  • Kinect, and connectivity! Huge need for this update. The 360 still works great...I guess I expected at least that level of quality for the XBO. But as long as they keep improving it, I'll remain brand loyal.
  • Lets hope we can actually use the Party Chat with people not on the beta this time. I couldn't talk to my friends for a week because of this on the last beta.
  • I'm in Australia, and after rummaging through the new stuff from the Feb and Mar updates I can finally check the Switch to 50Hz when watching TV.  That has made all the difference to watching Foxtel! No more shuddering, or jerky motion when panning or rolling of credits. Then I found I could select my TV and Audio receiver and finally command XOne to turn off and it does (turns off console, TV and Audio receiver)! Hoping this April release will fix the Xbox On command - that still doesn't work. I'm enjoying Xbox One very much - does anyone have any scoop as to when Australia will get the Electronic Guide and Foxtel channels available? 
  • i updated my console (xb_rel_1404.140313-2200) and i'm having some problems with the sound: first, the sound mixer where i can ajust the volume sound of the snapped apps it's not working, no matter how i leave it it doesn't change anything and if i set the console in doubly digital i hear sometine a little noice watching tv or playing a game, like a buzz i don't know