Xbox One October update adds new family settings, wish list notifications, and more

What you need to know

  • Microsoft releases a new Xbox One update roughly every month.
  • Today, the October update rolled out to everyone.
  • It introduces a lot of new family features and more.
  • You can read the complete changes below.

Every month, Microsoft releases a new update for Xbox One and October is no different. If you aren't an Xbox Insider, you can download it right now. It's quite a small download so it should only take around 15 minutes for it to install on your system. Just go to "Settings," then hit "System," followed by "Updates & downloads."

There are a lot of behind-the-scenes improvements with this update, but the most significant changes have to be the new family settings and wish list notifications. You can read about them below.

Limits for family settings

Microsoft is giving parents more control over what their children see and interact with on the devices. Parents can now set how much time their children spend within specific apps or games in addition to the total time spent on a device.

Wish list notifications

The update now gives you notifications to alert you when an item in your wish list has a price discount.

Mixer viewing improvements

Microsoft has built a full Mixer viewing experience right into the dashboard with a focus on speed and simplicity. Viewers will no longer have to navigate to a separate app to enjoy streams.

Xbox Game Pass

This update now allows you to recommend an Xbox Game Pass title directly from your console.

Recent Players improvements

It seems like this update makes the Recent Players more reliable so it's easier to connect with your friends.

Background improvements

The team added improvements to automatic game updates, significantly reducing when you encounter the update required screen when launching a title.


An Events app is coming to Xbox One later this month which will tell you about in-game events for your favorite games.

Game capture

Have you ever wanted to stop games from recording clips without your permission? Well, you can do so now. Game captures are getting more settings with this recent update.

Capture & Share tab

As an experiment, Microsoft will introduce a "Capture & Share" Guide tab for a limited time to gauge feedback.

If you want to learn more about everything that's part of this massive up, be sure to check out the Xbox Wire post. It goes into great detail about each feature.

What do you think of the update? What would you like to see on Xbox One in the future? Let us know. It's definitely a better experience in my opinion.



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