Xbox One dashboard is getting a light theme later this year

Earlier this week, Microsoft unveiled the latest revision of the Xbox One operating system, introducing some of the biggest visual overhauls since launch. While still in progress, the first build is already on its way to Xbox Insiders, with a major revamp of the Home screen, a new Xbox Guide menu and system-wide tweaks based on the Fluent Design System.

Shortly after the update's unveiling, Xbox platform Corporate Vice President, Mike Ybarra, took to the company's Mixer live streaming service to showcase the new dashboard update running on an Xbox One X. As a part of a subsequent community Q&A, Ybarra confirmed a light theme is in the works for the Xbox One OS.

Although not available in the public build shipping today, a light variant of the dashboard is in the pipeline, complementing the existing darker color scheme currently seen by all Xbox One users. Despite not providing a precise timeframe for its arrival for Xbox Insiders, the light theme will be publicly shipping as a part of the Fall Creators Update for Xbox One, later this year. For now, Ybarra has assured gamers that it simply "looks awesome" in its current state.

The latest update to the Xbox beta app for Windows 10 introduced a new light theme.

The latest update to the Xbox beta app for Windows 10 introduced a new light theme.

Back in May, Microsoft debuted an early concept of how Fluent Design may look on Xbox One, via a reveal video for the design language. Although significant deviations from the concept can be expected with the final public release, this already provides an idea of how white UI elements may look on the Xbox One dashboard. A recent update to the Xbox app on Windows 10 also introduced similar changes, with the option for both light and dark UI themes.

For a closer look at the next Xbox One system overhaul, make sure to take a deeper look at the features introduced with the first wave of the update's rollout. Are you looking forward to a light theme on Xbox One? Or will be sticking to black? Make sure to let us know in the comments section.

Matt Brown

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  • At least its optional this time! I remember when the 360 went from customizable to burning out eyes out at 3am when checking achievements overnight! 
  • Those were definitely the days...
  • Yeah, this is never going to happen on my console, I like my retinas.
  • The key is to not make it white but more like oily water white, this is what Apple does on the AppleTV and some Kodi skins from years ago did too even before Apple. Your eyes are fine even at late night with that kind of mix.
  • exciting ill have to try it out. 
  • Who's been asking for this? C'mon, own up.
  • Will be cool to try. I like the look of it in an overlay scenario like above.