Xbox One with Kinect Bundle and stand-alone Kinect sensor unit get promo price cuts

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced that it would offer the Xbox One with Kinect bundle, with three free games, for $499 during the holiday season. Now the company has decided to cut the price of that bundle $100 to just $399 as a limited-time promotion.

The bundle still contains everything that Microsoft previously announced. It will have the 500GB version of the console, the Kinect motion sensor and codes to download three free games (Central Spotlight, Kinect Sports Rivals and Zoo Tycoon).

Order the Xbox One with Kinect bundle from the Microsoft Store for $399 (opens in new tab)

In addition, the stand-alone Kinect sensor for the Xbox One also has a temporary discount down to $99, a savings of $50 from its normal $149 price tag. Microsoft has not announced when these promotional prices will end

Order Kinect for the Xbox One at the Microsoft Store for $99 (opens in new tab)

Source: Major Nelson

John Callaham
  • While sony states that no more first parry games for PSvita. YoloSoft prepare the same for Kinect
  • Well...HD Skype Video is with the Kinect. Plus, Cortana is coming!
  • Microsoft has released more big-time PS Vita games in the past year than Sony has.
  • Huh ? Like what ?
  • Minecraft.
  • Sigh such awesome potential thrown away..
  • Allow it to run MCE extender from the 360 and I'll buy 2. Listening MS?
  • Yeah, let's sabotage Kinect sales over the entire past year by excluding them from 12 out of 14 bundles, giving huge incentives to buy the non-Kinect bundles with free games thrown in and price drops while simultaneously jacking up the price of the only two Kinect bundles available all the way back up to its launch price of two years ago, failing to keep the standalone unit in stock for several months (including right now at your own online store) and then let's not release or announce any new Kinect games at all for the past 13 months, and then lets force a new UI on everyone that removes Kinect gestures, and then we'll fire sale the Kinect and the only new Kinect bundle we've announced in a year without telling customers that we threw it under the bus a year ago. Classy, Microsoft. Good job.
  • Seems accurate
  • Agree. I love the Kinect and use it for auto-login and heavily for voice control (the mirophone sensitivity on this thing is insane); I'm really diosappointed Microsoft unbundled it because idiotic buyers compare a PSUseless' $50 lower price point against a console with Kinect. It's gimped a product with great potential, and we can say goodbye to integration in games... why bother spending time developing and implementing Kinect integration when only a small percentage of your userbase actually has the hardware? And what's with the tightass generation that demands consoles be <$500? Previous gen prices were $1000 on launch.
  • Haha, you'll always find some stupid chance to bitch, won't you? You were just at it during those console reveals that MS needs to put a discount on the Kinect. So, there's a $50 discount on the standalone at Best Buy (or, there was last week), Microsoft then announces a bundle that basically givse you  three gamess and the Kinect FOR FREE, and yet you still can't accept it. Your butt will never be un-hurt, it seems. Microsoft coudl do just about anything and you'd throw a raging fit about something before. Also, I find it funny you mention the lack of recent games when you tried to say there WERE recent games in another comments section where I said there weren't.
  • What an asininie comment. Everything I wrote was true. Putting gas in the car after the race has ended is nothing but ceremonial gestures. This is what they should've done 12 months ago, not now. Now they're just conning these potential puyers--cajoling them into buying something that, come Nov. 12, is losing features. That's dishonest, but, what do they care, everything they've promised about Kinect has a been a lie since the console reveal 2.5 years ago. You're saying you approve of the way Microsoft has handled Kinect? The 'lack of games' comment was solely about Microsoft. Microsoft has not released, or even announced, a single Kinect game since Dark Dreams Don't Die more than 13 months ago. There have been about a dozen Kinect games released in the last year by third-party studios.   The term 'butthurt' is offensive. It's either homophobic, trivializes rape, or both. You can do better.​ Perhaps if you weren't alway so eager to be contentious.  
  • Oh, I don't care about being offensive. Screw political correctness. You're also the one drawing unfounded claims about its meaning to the forefront, as if those two acts can cause one's posteriot to be sore. Your comments are the moronic ones, given Microsoft just did what you asked for a few weeks ago, and you're railing on them anyway. The insufferable complaining from you makes so many of these articles a nightmare to go into.
  • That's because you're a sociopath.If you want to remain nescient of the etymology of that word, so be it. You're the one who looks like the ignorant buffoon when you use it. No, I asked Microsoft to do this a year ago, not now. Furthermore, a few weeks ago was before Microsoft officially announced they're screwing over Kinect fans by removing Kinect features from the new UI. Things have changed now. They were already failing in promoting Kinect, but now they've screwed over people who bought a Kinect for those features, and now, with these promotions, they're misleading future consumers too. Shameful stuff that only those blinded by the false consciousness would condone.
  • I'm excited for it and also scared. It seems the Kinect is becoming less and less relevant to Microsoft. The NXE for Xbox One seems to do away with the hand and gesture interaction. Stories have also been publicized to get Cortana to work with headsets. So what's the point of Kinect? Because they definitely aren't making games for it. Even first party additions like MCC, Forza 6, and Halo 5 don't even have miniscule amounts of Kinect interaction. I'd like to be able to tell Fireteam Osiris or Blue team what to target specifically with my voice rather than use the D pad. The possibilities were endless and then the super video game nazis cried and cried and left to PS4 anyway and left us with a $100 add-on that can only turn the console on sometimes. I'm still excited for Cortana on Xbox but it doesn't match my enthusiasm from the first days of the Xbox announcement when they said Kinect could read facial expressions and your heart rate. I'll pour one out for ya Kinect. You da real MVP
  • 100$ for Xbox Fitness... It is a shame really. What they should do is have a Black Friday deal and give one away with every Xbox bundle, and then maybe some developers will come back to it.
  • Lol that might be good(gs trade credit bonuses) for those of us who might want to give up on kinnect for xb1(the dlc card/xbl trial that came with halo 5 seems to be missing qr which is surprising)
  • This is freaking awesome! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The kinect is great, and will only get better. I could never go back to controlling my xbox with just the controller! The gestures for the interface never did work well, and hardly anyone used them. Kinect shouldn't have been included in the box, but instead sold as the cool accessory it is. Without it the xbox one would be on par with the ps4. However despite the many mistakes Microsoft made, they are learning and listening, and not just chasing sales. It has made the xbox one better than it ever was... And it's only going to get better. Being 2nd place in this race only benefits xbox owners :)
  • Kinect gestures actually worked flawlessly. I used them all the time and was extremely proficient in them. If anyone else had problems with it they either 1. weren't properly trained in how to use it, 2. had a poorly calibrated Kinect, or both.
  • I used to have no issues (except in Crimson Dragon, that game was broken as hell) but now it just doesn't register my movements even after I've calibrated the Kinect. Voice still works fine, but gestures are pretty much non existent.
  • Are you on the new UI / preview program? Because gestures have been removed. That would be why they don't work anymore. I rolled back to the original UI and they work flawlessly for me again.
  • Nah, still the old one.
  • Find a way to port DuckHunt off Nintendo and then we can talk a Kinect Bundle! (That's what I'm supposed to say right?) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • People screamed about the Kinect when it was required. But it really feels like a crippled system without it. TV control alone is worth it. Just wish MS would beef up the remote on Xbox glass to include full tv and receiver control as well as expanded devices. Kind of like a Harmony.
  • I wish there were more kinect games.
  • You know what pisses me off the most about the move away from Kinect? I no longer see QR codes on pack in DLC stuff. That was incredible and my most used Kinect feature. "Xbox, use a code" *hold up the code to the camera* DONE. Now I'm back to typing the crappy codes in like a pauper because no one is putting the QR's on any more, not even Microsoft. Oh and to add insult to injury we still don't have the chat pad either.