Xbox One Kinect stand-alone to hit the market October 7 for $149.99 [Update: It's official]

Update Microsoft has issued the official announcement on the stand alone Kinect sensor for the Xbox One (opens in new tab) going on sale for $149.99, but with a slight date change to October 7. The company also says it will come with a code to download a free game, the upcoming Dance Central Spotlight from developer Harmonix.

Original story Ever since Microsoft decoupled the Kinect sensor from the Xbox One, the one lingering question was when would they sell it as a stand-alone unit? Offering an Xbox One without the Kinect sensor made financial sense in Microsoft's struggle against Sony, but it does not mean that people may never want to want to buy the Kinect at a later point. Until now though, there was no option to do so.

Windows Phone Central has now learned that Microsoft is planning to sell the stand-alone Kinect sensor for $149 beginning on or around October 6. The timing is ideal as it leads well into the holiday season in the US and other countries, making the add-on an excellent gift for those who already own an Xbox One without the next-gen accessory.

Presumably, you should be able to pick up the stand-alone version from stores like Best Buy, Target, and Microsoft, just like buying an Xbox console. Regional availability for the stand-alone Kinect is not known at this time, though the US market is definitely the first to get it.

Microsoft took a gamble with a $499 price mark for the Xbox One with Kinect sensor bundle when compared to the Sony PlayStation 4 assessed at $399. Priced equally, sans Kinect, and early numbers reflect the Xbox One recouping some lost ground, although it remains to be seen if Microsoft's console can ever catch up to – let alone surpass – Sony.

Have you bought out an Xbox One without Kinect?

Daniel Rubino

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  • Glad it's available but Microsoft better develop some killer uses for this to get those that bought just the console to pay up. They balked at $100 more than the console...
  • OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION Microsoft has killed Kinect* at this price
  • Well I guess its time to sell my Kinect
  • It goes to show you how expensive this thing is, it's an advanced piece of hardware, and people acted like it was a Logitech laptop camera.
  • +1 WPC App via Nexus 5.
  • Got a killer use Xbox. : On mute recordthat Watchhistorytelevision oneguide goto OneDrive and Most of all. Xbox volume up! Let's get the Sound a Rocken!!!!
  • Xbox go to titanfall
  • Yes!!!!! WPC App via Nexus 5.
  • The life of the consoles will far exceed this first year. The PS3 and 360 weren't that far off in sales in the end and MS got a head start. This gen of consoles will last at least 10 years so, in the grand scheme, the pricing setback is a pebble in the ocean. WPC App via Nexus 5.
  • It's cool for $50, not worth it for $150.
  • Who would buy an Xbox without Kinect, presumably for its lower price, and after buy a Kinect to pay $50 more than if it was bundled? A standalone version of Kinect 3 will make sense if it's released before the next generation of Xbox and/or if it's compatible with the Xbox One.
  • Who would finance a phone through a carrier and pay more? Also, it's an incentive to buy the Xbox One with Kinect bundled in the first place. That's not a bad idea, and it is no different than buying a car with a bundled feature vs. buying it later.
  • Americans, lol.
    I'm not saying it's a bad idea or that they won't sell any, I just don't understand why people would do this. For me, the only reason why people would buy an Xbox without Kinect is because they can't afford one.
  • What if you got a used Xbox One or got just a console as a gift? Two reasons you might get it after the fact. Also, silly Americans? Really?
  • Not to mention the fact some people are buying the madden bundle which is the same price as a one without a Kinect who are getting $60+ for buying a kinectless model.
  • Why would you bother getting an Xbox One WITH a Kinect....there are no games of note using the sensor....
  • Xbox Fitness, Fighter Within, Kinect Sports Rivals, Just Dance 2014, Just Dance 2015, Dance Central Spotlight, Fantasia, Fru, Shapeup, Fruit Ninja Kinect 2.
  • And Battlefield 4 has some very neat integration of it too.
  • Indeed. I merely listed games that fully use Kinect. There are many more that make use of it in complementary ways: Zoo Tycoon, Crimson Dragon, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Project Spark, etc. And it'll be used in many upcoming games too, such as Forza Horizon 2.
  • My Kinect gets plenty of use and has nothing to do with game. It is my media control hub. Voice control to power on/off, switch apps, pause and play video, mute tv, etc. This notion that it should only be viable as a gaming peripheral is nonsense.
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  • No I bought one without Kinect because I do not need it and I have zero interest in it. 
  • Thats to bad BigCTM, as someone who got the One last Decemeber...I would not want it if it didn't have the kinect.  My entire living room is control by voice (works 95% of the time the first time, unless your my wife:)  )  the kinect makes Xbox One ten fold better than PS4 because of its whole enterainment expereince.  I think teh problem is MS released it to soon and many functions were missing.  Once the update comes that allows for home server direct streaming, or even better we get a PLEX app who would want to use a roku or any other streaming device?  Then with kinect is is completly voice activated.  I think you may be missing out, as the kinects gaming purpose really aren't the true reason to own it to begin with.  One last thing, I am away from home a lot and Skypeing with Xbox One allows me to talk with my whole family at the same time.  It also automatically zooms onto the person talking.  It is truly a useful tool.  Hope you give it a try one day and decide to pick one up. 
  • My cat knocked my Kinect off the top of my tv and broke it. I'm glad I'll be able to buy a new one. 
  • Your buying a new cat just because he broke your Kinect? A bit harsh don't you think?
  • Lol, nice.
  • You mean the conjunction of you are, "you're". Not the display of possession "your".
  • Right??? Lol. WPC App via Nexus 5.
  • No it isn't they didn't buy it with kinect cause they don't want kinect who does want kinect it has no use really
  • BTW, there's a "to want" too much in the first paragraph.
  • Daniel, except many bundles are being sold without it. The Sunset Overdrive version, which is the only white console available, is Kinectless, and now I have to pony up another $150 (more in Australia) to have Kinect?   That's not encouraging me to pick up a Kinect OR an Xbox at all.
  • Soooo don't buy the bundle. Get the xbox with Kinect, and get Sunset Overdrive later on, or another game. That's only $10 more than a stand alone Xbox a Kinect and no games. If you don't want to buy the system, don't buy it, don't criticize one of the many options you have becuase you don't like the system.
  • Soooo use your head. You can only buy the Cirrus White version of the console with Sunset Overdrive. Is that my choice? No. I want a white Xbox, that's all I can do. Don't criticize other people's decisions until you've thought it through.  
  • You could always just buy a second hand Kinect. No idea on Autralian prices but Amazon UK has them listed at £35 - £45. Thats what I was planning to do.
  • Those that bought one based on the lower price without realizing it's benefits
  • I realize its benefits but do not need it nor do I want it.
  • You say that, but if you had it it'd change your life. Stop being a wuss and give in to the Kinect side.
  • Dumb people who cry about the Xbox one costing too much with the Kinect
  • Xbox One with without kinect wouldn't be the same, I use kinect extensively.
  • I have no need for a Kinect. Im perfectly fine with pushing a button to turn the system on and off. I also dont use Skype. However, I do like some of the MS exclusives. Why should I have to pay 100 extra dollars for something that I'll never use? I'd much rather put that money towards games that I will actually use.
  • You should use it. It is awesome. No joke.
  • It's easy to say you don't need it until you actually use it and see how useful and seamless Kinect really is. It really isn't the same experience without it. Snapping and moving from one game or app to another using your voice is intuitive and makes button pressing seem old and antiquated. Broadcasting or recording gameplay on the fly while playing is more intuitively commanded via voice rather than pausing and button pressing your way to do the same events. Kinect got a bad rap from the media and bloggers and its really unfortunate. It would be sad if future iterations of the Xbox leave these functionalities out as it is what makes the Xbox and other features as a whole unique and separates it from just being an upgraded gaming machine. The initial selling price of $499 killed it. Of course consumers looking to upgrade to nextgen would flock to the $399 ps4 instead of the xb1 in this economy. M$ should have eaten the cost up front to get people on board.
  • I agree. Could you imagine what the press would have said and how the public would have felt if the Xbox One press release from day one said the Xbox One would debut for $400 with Kinect? It would have created a lot of positive response and been a serious selling point / advantage over Sony's PS4. Yes they would take a loss but isn't it worth it to be the most popular, most liked and most feature rich amongst the choices? I can't remember a generation where hardware wasn't sold at a loss just to get it past your front door. I thought everyone knew the real money is made in the long run, off licensing, peripherals, and software. I said from day one that a 500 gig drive was not enough for me. I also really enjoy themed consoles. So the Advanced Warfare bundle looks good, but without Kinect I just can't do it. It wouldn't be prudent. I'm not buying it separate. I just won't do it. I also don't want to support a Kinect-less sku. I guess I'll just have to continue to borrow my buddies Xbox One (with Kinect) in the mean time. I'd really like a Halo or Gears themed console more anyway. I own a Gears themed 360 by the way.
  • They should really pack in a download code for Dance Central Spotlight and/or Kinect Sports Rivals.
  • We have to wait until an official announcement, maybe they will include a game with it.
  • What they should've done is had Kinect Sports Rivals done by Day One and bundled it in. But, alas, it is far too late for that. Yes, they absolutely shoudl bundled in Kinect Sports Rivals or Dance Central Spotlight, or both--especially the latter game, which retails foro nly $9.99 would be pretty cheap for them to bundle in.
  • It is silly to speak of Sony outselling Microsoft untill later this year when Microsoft starts selling the Xbox One On at least a similar number of markets as Sony.
  • I highly disagree. Just because Microsoft doesn't sell there, doesn't mean that Sony isn't taking an easy lead in the console wars. Word of mouth is a very powerful thing. So for all the PS4's being sold due to an absence of the One, the more people you have advocating for and recommending Sony's machines. Sony is still selling devices in these markets whether Microsoft is there to answer them or not. They're still "winning" the "console wars" at this point in time. Can't win if you don't play, and n that seems to be the case for Microsoft right now.
  • Agreed. More markets and the release of games that can only be played on the Xbox One will increase sales no doubt. The problem is also that there are many 360 owners still happy with their systems and are not yet ready to upgrade or feel the need to upgrade. When development ceases for the 360 and must have games become exclusive to the xb1 and not released simultaneously on the 360 sales will catch up. It hasn't even been a year yet and bloggers and "experts" speak as if Sony has won this so called race and MS is somehow doomed at this point. COLLECTIVELY, I'm sure 360 and xb1 games played and sold through are on par with Sony's numbers. It's just everyone is focused on nextgen, as it should be, but forget that this is at the least a 5 year race. MS really needs to push the games moving forward as well. Look at Ninendo. The Wii U has been revitalized because of the release of recent games.
  • My kinectless Xbox one has had too many problems since I got it a couple weeks ago
  • I already own an Xbox One with Kinect, and have had the Kinect since it was released with the 360. I feel like an Xbox would be incomplete without a Kinect...
  • I got xbox one w/o kinect last month but felt incomplete so return it and got the one with kinect! Now i can unnecessarily yell at my xbox to follow my commands and im happy :)
  • Doesn't it feel good to yell at the tv, and thanks to Microsoft, have it actually mean something? Have it actually do something? The thought puts a smile on my face.
  • So, people that saved 100$ on the kinetic less version, they expect them to buy the peripheral which would cost 50$ more than the original bundle. Do people really throw away money like that? Make a killing this Christmas buy pricing the kinetic version equal to the PS4.
  • They could have bought the kinectless version at a really good deal somewhere; or used; or as a gift...etc.  All situations would make it normal to get the Kinect later.
  • It was the same way on the 360.... If you picked up the combo (360+Kinect) it was aboout $30-50 cheaper than buying them apart...
  • Know what would have been a better solution in the first place? Keeping the Kinect in the box and lowering the price to $399.
  • It would have been even a better deal at $299, and $199.....and $99! Kinect isn't free to make.
  • No, but Microsoft have a sh*t load more money than Sony. Short term pain for long term gain!
  • You can't lose unlimited money and hope to make it back later.  After a certain point, you are just losing money.
  • MS has the $ to burn. They throw out $ all the time. It would have been better to eat the cost up front to get people on board and to compete at that $399 price point. $499 in this economy was a ridiculous decision by MS and led to Sony outselling them at this point. This doesn't mean they can't catch up and turn it around. It's just it didn't have to get to this point if the heads made better decisions at launch.
  • Microsoft as a company have a load more money than Sony. Xbox devision has nothing. At this point Xbox either has to make a profit or Microsoft has to dump it. It's lost way to much money over the years, now lost virtually all support of shareholders, this is the pay back time. Any suggestion that they need to over invest at this point is just support for shareholders saying MS needs to sell Xbox.
  • They have been running loss making ventures for years (Bing for example). However, Microsoft need something more than just operating system and office revenues. If they are willing to concede the home entertainment space, then so be it. But they certainly aren't going to succeed with their current strategy....which is to invest just enough not to make a loss in the short term - yet ultimately lose the battle with Sony in the medium to long term.
    The current strategy is just a fast track to failure.
  • The loss making ventures ultimately all have to some plan to make a profit. Bing for example is more that a search engine, it was the reasearch to build Azures data centers, it's the tech behind Cortana and will feed into big data solutions. Xbox on the other hand is now on it's 3rd iteration, and seemingly isn't feeding any other business strategies. If its not making a profit now, when will it? Plus Sony may be selling more than them, but Xbox is far from doing badly. Their still nowhere near Nintendo territory and 3rd party studios arnt likely to abaondon them, handing Sony a monopoly on their games.
  • Yup, and maybe Apple should finally drop those Macbook Airs down to $300 too, to stay competitive! While were at it, I don't think too many yachts are sold every year, maybe we should lower the price down to only a few thousand to promote sales. :P
  • Microsoft made a console where the key differentiators have been whittled away in a rather embarrassing string of u-turns.
    As it stands, there is nothing unique about the Xbox One vs the PS4. The kinect could have been that differentiator.
    Microsoft have already invested vast sums in the One - they need to decide whether they are in this console race or not. As it stands, they are getting dominated by Sony (who definitely don't have money available to burn)
  • Exactly. Microsoft had a great vision for the One, but because not everyone shared it, they quickly backed down, leaving nothing unique for the Xbox. It's a real shame, the One had the potential to be really special, but they backed down, and it's just another gaming machine. An awesome one that does a great job, sure, but it lost what made it special.
  • I agree.
  • Blame the  biased 'gaming journalists' and self-labeled 'hardcore gamers' who myopically have ridiculed Kinect to no end and for no good reason. It's been frustrating to watch them shoot the gaming industry (and a handful of other industries that have seen incredibly awesome spillover effects from Kinect) in the foot by retarding technological innovation all because they want to pretend that they only care about 'traditional, couch-and-controller games--no awesome peripherals, no awesome media features, etc". I seriously hate Luddites.
  • Amen. While I hate to support the whole, "PC Master Race" superiority complex, that is truly where any supposed "hardcore" gamers will be found. Such a shame that people have such knee-jerk reactions to even the slightest change when it's done by anyone that's not Apple or Google. :(
  • The XBOX ONE sans Kinect is a waste of money. I have one and without the Kinect, I wouldn't have one. While you don't really need it for most games, the 360 is the better deal if you are a games only person. The Kinect is what makes the ONE futuristic. It's the coolest device during gathering because of Kinects magical control everything without touching anything powers. Microsoft got hoodwinked by these so called gaming purists and bloggers backing their chatter. They abandoned the future for 2 million sales. But now that its clear that the PS4 momentum is going to roll on for a while they don't really have a selling point. They abandoned the entertainment message which sold to adults with money that have kids. They can't win the gaming message because all people hear is 1080P like all they hear is windows phone has no apps. So what are they going to do. The CEO keeps talking productivity in an entertainment run world. The real sad part is that Microsoft actually has some cool products right now. But the leadership kind of sucks. No proper theme for the company. No backbone to out market the noise like Samsung. No leadership cool enough to connect with any particular age group. Just a floating pile of money slowing becoming more irrelevant in the consumer market each day. And this is all from a guy with a 1520, 1020, Surface 2, Surface Pro 3, XBOX ONE, 360 and Windows 8.1 ultrabook. Yeah I want to believe but I'm just about done waiting for them to figure it out. It's clear they have no real plan. They're just winging it at this point.
  • You make a great point in that there's no marketable presence by MS that strengthens the brand with consumers. They have great hardware and software, but shite handling of it. I will say Xbox is doing better now with Phil Spencer pushing the more games message. And WP would benefit from being a real windows experience and being truly cross platform within the ecosystem
  • Oct. 6 to Nov. 20 2014 149.99. Nov. 21 to Dec. 31 2014, 99.99.
  • $150???? Geezus, they've lost their mind at that price lol
  • Yeah, my first question was, "what did the Kinect on Xbox 360 initially launch as?" I don't know whawt it launched at, but right now it can be had for $86 brand new with a game bundled in. Honestly, $150 is technically fair for the hardware you get (the Kinect 2 is really high quality) but the public perception of that won't be the same. People will see it as overpriced, especially when people see a Kinect-less console launching at $399 and a Kinect-bundled console at $499, they will be put off by the extra $50 surcharge (nevermind that they'll be getting the $399 version with a game bundled in--people aren't really smart enough to factor all that in). If they could launch it at $99 with a game bundled in (even if the game was Dance Central Spotlight, which is only $10 so they should be able to bundle that in cheaply), I think they'd really move some units beause people could buy a $399 console with a game bundled and then get a $99 Kinect with another game bundled. It'd be a hell of a deal.
  • Not really, its on par for what the 360 version cost most of its life.
  • You are right: I just checked and see that the Kinect for 360 debuted at $149 as well, but with a game, and with a fresh image, and $500 million in marketing muscle behind it, including specials with Oprah, Jimmy Fallon, Ne-Yo in Times Square, and TV commercials everywhere. Unfortunately, Kinect's image has been tarnished by biased gaming "journalists" and self-labeled "hardcore gamers" since then. Microsoft needs to double down and begin advertising the Kinect 2 like they did the Kinect 1: to casual gamers and consumers.
  • It's just what it costs. Removing it from the bundle saved $100, you can generally assume the retailers didn't take a hit on that and they still make the same profit on selling an Xbox. So $100 Kinect senson, plus the extra packaging, shipping, retailers profit = $150. Things become more expensive when you seperate them not cheaper.
  • Lets see madden edition Xbox One $400 plus Kinect $150 minus the cost of madden $60 = cheaper then $500 Kinect Xbox one and no game! Blew your damn mind.
  • You're actually saving 10$. 400+150-60=490
  • Way too expensive!
    I am waiting for the 'Skypect', a version of Kinect with the 1080 webcam, the microphone array, but without this time of flight skeletton tracking that was so innovative that Microsoft could not find any convincing use for. This would probably sell like cakes...
  • WTH are you talking about?
  • No need for Kinect...That's why they got rid of it.
  • Xbox is a really good all around console because of the Kinect.  A lot of gamers can't afford the extra cost though.
  • I can afford the extra cost but have no need for Kinect.  To each his own...I like mine without Kinect. 
  • I wasn't saying you can't afford it, I just know a lot of people who literally have to save up for each game.  In those cases $100 makes a big difference.
  • The Kinect is amazingly convenient and feature-filled. I will never buy another console without it. You're missing out on things you don't even know you're missing out on.
  • So they made it 150 on purpose to persuade you to buy a Kinect system so it will be cheaper as a bundle.
  • Basic bundling strategy
  • I still don't think it will work to get people to buy the Kinect bundle. Personally, I have no use for Kinect since I'm completely fine with pushing a button to turn on the system and I don't use Skype. I just dont think people are seeing a value in getting it.
  • Love my, Xbox One with Kinect! But you simply cannot sell a less powerful console more than a console that's more powerful. Microsoft knows better!!!!
  • Nintendo's Wii begs to differ. Of course, it was also cheaper. And I dont get the whole argument that they were only used once and then put on the shelf. Why do they care if it was only used once? They sold their console and were making a profit pretty much from the get go so it didn't really matter if a ton of games were sold with it.
  • Forgive the ignorance... How does this differ from Kinect for Windows? (in terms of hardware)
  • Kinect 2 for Windows adds a breakout box adaptor and a usb3 cable for $50 more ($200). And a "Kinect" logo on top, as opposed to "Xbox". Other than that, I believe the hardware is the same; unlike the first Kinect for Windows, which added a zoom function.
  • Ah fair enough! I couldn't figure out why there was a price difference... Thanks for the info! :)
  • What is a breakout box adapter? And why would USB 3.0 be any more expensive than the proprietary input used by the Kinect 2 for Xbox? I say the pricing discrepancy is beause it's a different target market: developers on PC are more willing and able to pay a higher price than consumers on Xbox One.
  • I guess the kinect has a proprietary connector, and therefore the box adapter converts this back to standard USB? I don't know, I'm guessing! Quite why this adapter costs $50, or more to the point, why they didn't use a standard connector in the first place is beyond me! :)
  • Dunno why they went with propriety cable. I forget, does Kinect 2 for Xbox come with power cable (I think it does)? Xbox still has usb3. Ha Kinect 2 probably doesn't support USB 3 controller in the Xbox (there's only a few that it supports, so be aware of that if you're buying Kinect 2 for win. It does support usb3 controller on my surface pro 2! :D )
  • Kinect 2 doesn't have a separate power cable. It's powered via the Xbox.
  • Okay. They also added the power adaptor for Windows. Now I'm wondering how the connectors differ between the bundled Kinect for x360 (the one without the power cord) and the Kinect 2. Btw, I got Kinect fusion working with Kinect 2. Takes a long time to export.objs, but I'm pretty damn impressed. Gonna have to do some retopologize, scan is about 2 million triangles, 6 million points! :-o
  • Probably. That and there are more uses for it with the PC (motion tracking->bvh export, point cloud/ mesh exporting)
  • Wont buy till its 100
  • It already is: got buy the Forza 5 Xbox One Kinect bundle for $499 and get the console, Kinect, and a game for less than you can get the $399 console and $150 Kinect separately.
  • Or go on ebay, they are now going for $50-75 but, once this is released for $150, i am sure they are going to go up in price, so grab one now..
  • Umm... Way to kill off the kinect entirely., $50 more is a joke, it wasn't selling consoles at 100 extra, why would they think the tacked on 50 extra will help? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Because that's how it works. Its cheaper if you buy them together. You know how like the controller with a play and charge kit is cheaper if you buy the bundle vs separately. Its called economics, you probably shouldn't have slept through it.
  • +929
  • Nah just stating no one in their right mind is going to buy it haha. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • But would the standalone come with a kinect game?
  • Yes. It says so in the first paragraph! You should try actually reading. It comes with Dance Central Spotlight from Harmonix.
  •   This makes perfect sense to me. Microsoft is letting people know that if you get the One with Kinect bundle you save $50. I like the Kinect and intend to use all the next-gen features so when I get my One, I'll be getting the bundle. Now if only they would offer a few more bundles with the extra game and Kinect like they did with Titanfall, that would be awesome.
  • The Titanfall Xbox One bundle back in March really was an amazing deal. You got the Xbox One, the Kinect, and Titanfall all for $450. I don't understand why that didn't blow the doors off of every store that sold it. There hasn't been as good a deal since then. My brother wanted to get an Xbox One a month ago and the next best deal was the Forza 5 bundle with the Xbox One, Kinect, and Forza 5 for $499, which is still a good deal but really reaffirmed how crazy good of a deal that Titanfall bundle was back in March.
  • Kinect needs a killer app, one that utilizes MOTION tracking combined with controller gameplay for a core game. Xbox fitness is great, but doesn't get any where near the exposure it deserves. The best way is to create a game that appeals to the course in the same way a game like Fallout or Assassins Creed have done. Kinect (for me) is fantastic four UI navigation but its a peripheral feature for most people. It needs games and apps that scream to both the core and casual markets, must have features.
  • The use of games for Kinect could be better (and I own a few of those titles like Kinect Sports and fitness ones), but for me Kinect is more than a way to control/interact with a videogame. The voice controls alone are enough of a selling point. Having my Xbox record game clips by simply saying, "Xbox record that" or turning on the console by saying, "Xbox On", are all the more reasons why I bought it and recommend it to people. Not that those simply commands.are.reason to drop $500, but their the intangible things. A backlit keyboard on a laptop, an automatic transmission to a manual (even though I'm strict manual transmission guy), it all builds upon the experience. I also own a PS4, so I'm not blindly placing my advocacy of the Xbox as something better, but a very nice alternative. Ultimately, all the consoles do the same thing. Buying a Xbox One to me without a Kinect is silly. Especially considering the cost it'll be to later buy it, if you were to.
  • Titanfall bundle for $449.00 was the deal that got me.
  • That was such an amazing deal. I don't understand why the Xbox One didn't sell like 3 million units of that bundle back in March when it launched. People are so dumb.
  • I'll gladly sell mine for $80 with a clip.
  • they sshould have done this from the start.  A bundle, a standalone xbox and a standalone kinect 2.0.  It's what catapulted kinect 1.0 and xbox 360. 
  • Good price for this nice piece of hardware. Just Stop nagging, Kinect is not a toy.
  • Done... I was planning on buying a Xbox One bundled with the Kinect and that price point certainly confirms that is wise.   Now my only question is the 1tb drive going to become standard or not? I hope to have news about a job offer Wednesday or Thursday and if so I wlll get an Xbox One with Kinect by the end of the year.   Here's to MS making the 1tb drive standard by then....
  • Never tried Kinect until I got a One. I can never go back.
  • The Kinect is awesome. Use it everyday for watching TV and Skyping.
  • If it was 399 with Kinect I would have gotten one. However, being a business, they need to make money. I think thy would have had a pretty big sales lead at this point at that price.
  • I saw this coming. Gamestop had one on sale USED for 129.99
  • Why do they come ot with this thing? Nobody knows what to do with it. Turning on your xbox, changing channels or playing one of those lame four of five kinect games is a joke. Oh yes, Skype, lol. I so much loved the kinect-concept when MS made it public. But they just did not deliver the one good reason to buy a one with kinect.
  • $149 with a free game (Dance Central Spotlight). They really need to advertise this as much as they advertised the first one. By the time November hits, Kinect will have some great games and apps for it, including Fantasia: Music Evolved and Dance Central Spotlight, both of which are likely to be really great since Harmonix is making them, and it already has Xbox Fitness, which is very good, Kinect Sports Rivals which is good (the only problem is that it's overpriced, but if they drop it down to $30 it'll be a fantastic deal at that price). Advertise this stuff, Microsoft! Don't give up on Kinect. Finally, they absolutely need to announce some new games in the works to reassure those who are thinking of buying it that will be supported in the future. They need a new Kinect Party game and a sequel to Child of Eden, for sure. I would also incentivise somehow those ID(at)Xbox developers who make full-on Kinect games, as that will be were a lot of innovation is done (e.g. see the upcoming game Fru).
  • I think I'll get one.
  • What is the point when 1/4 of the owners cant even use it ? Yea, that 9' cable is WAY too short and for Microsoft to say "rearange your room" is a joke never mind a insult to people who have a home theater setup... Maybe with this release they will start selling extention cables.... My Day One Kinect is still sitting in the box with the plastic on it because the cable is too short... And for all the morons who are going to say just use a cable from the 360, they are diffferent, They need a special cable, people who have tried to cut/extend cables have failed, even some experts...
  • Where are you getting this nummber that 1/4 of the owners can't use it? Also, just curious, but how is your home theater setup that 9' of cable isn't long enough? I would think that the grand majority of Xbox owners would have their Xbox, Kinect, and TV within 9' of each other, but is there a reason why Microsoft has not released an extension cable--such as concerns over increased lag, for instance?
  • $100 would be a much more appealing price point. I got the XBox with Kinect, so this doesnt really apply to me. But i cant imagine someone spending $150 on this thing. They will probably find 1 game they want to play, and that game will already cost $60. Do they really expect people to pay $200+ to play a game?
  • I will buy the Kinect bundle next week. If want to add me guys just let me know (active player - 20000G)
  • Wireless or extension available?? USB adapter to use it on Windows?
  • Why hasn't WP 8.1 bring an update, so that when you pause a video in explorer you can watch it from where you pause it instead of having to starting the entire video over!!!!!
  • Damn $150, getting the kinect less x1 than the kinect later is going to cost you $549. Lol the x1 @ $499 with kinect was a bargain in comparison :P. I imagine it is going to be around £120 for the UK if the rrp is $150 in the US . I just checked and amazon are selling kinectless at £349 and with Kinect at £388 - Now that is a bargain.
  • Pointless exercise, if its separate, it won't sell. Same as the original Kinect.
  • Kinect is the future, voice commands for everything. I would much rather pay more money to be lazy and not have to turn on a controller, wait 4 seconds to be able to use it and then do what I wanted to to. To be able to say xbox on, go to youtube and snap tv, quicker than it would to turn on a controller? Well worth it. Time is money, literally.