Xbox One May 2018 update rolls out to everyone with 120Hz support and more

Xbox One X
Xbox One X (Image credit: Windows Central)

Following weeks of testing with Xbox One Preview members, Microsoft is ready to roll out its latest feature update for all Xbox One owners. And just like the April 2018 update, which brought 1440p and AMD FreeSync support, there's a lot to like in the May 2018 update.

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The premier feature of the May 2018 Xbox One update is added support for 120Hz displays. The higher refresh rate means that, if you have a display that supports it, you'll now be able to take advantage of the smoother gameplay and reduced reaction times that come along with 120Hz capabilities. This is double the 60Hz top end that the Xbox One supported previously. It's worth noting, however, that 120Hz is currently limited to 1440p and 1080p resolutions due to hardware limitations.

Xbox One 120Hz

The May 2018 update also introduces new ways to sort your games and apps. There's now a new "Groups" tab present in the "My Games & apps" section, allowing you to make custom folders for games and apps you want to group together. If you're a fan of micromanaging and organizing your gaming collection, this will come in handy.

Updated May 17, 2018: Microsoft has now officially announced (opens in new tab) the update, and it looks like the Groups feature that was in testing in the 1805 update isn't quite ready for primetime as expected.

The latest update also introduces account linking between Discord and Xbox Live profiles. This doesn't allow you to take advantage of Discord's voice and text chat services, but it does allow Discord to show your Xbox One activity to your friends.

Those are some of the biggest features coming to everyone with today's update. However, there are some other bits tagging along, including the ability to trim game clips from the Guide, revamped family settings, and changes to the Xbox Accessories app. For a full rundown, check out our full Xbox One May 2018 update changelog.

The May 2018 update is rolling out now as version 1805 for all Xbox One consoles.

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  • This update went out fast. I hope my display supports 120 Hz. I think it did when I bought it but don't remember. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
  • It would be nice to have both resolution and refresh rates for the menus at least, oh well.
  • I am so going to micromanage my game and app groupings.
  • Yay micromanagement of games and apps! That's the first Xbox One update I've cared about for a while, since I don't usually have all the higher end gaming stuff anyway. I just want to get to different media apps in easier ways.
  • Update: it says I got the update today, but there's no grouping function as far as I can tell.
  • I noticed they removed the EA access and Games With Gold sections on my games and app. Why is that? It was so good
  • I have the old version too even in preview, i have gamepass and it sucks to not have a tab to access it quickly. Everything is updated but my games and apps is not. Weird
  • The distinction should be made that 120Hz support is NOT available to the original Xbox One, regardless of your TV.
  • Yes, it's not all Xbox One users.
  • I dont believe that Groups has made it out of Beta yet. You may want to ammend the article.
  • Yes, this is the one feature I'm looking for... updated two Xbox One S because of this article and neither shows anything about groups.
  • Updated my console, and... nothing. Cool. Hopefully nothing is showing up as far as these listed features because MS is too busy overhauling their first and second party games lineup for E3 and beyond.
  • More like trying to fix all the issues the April 2018 update caused on PCs!!!!
  • So i updated the console to this. I dont see the option. Does that mean my tv does not support it? Do i have to have a tv that supports 120Hz for the option to be available.. I thought the option was going to be available. With or without the 120Hz. Someone help. Lol im confused :-)
  • I was puzzled too, but found a solution. You need to force HDMI connection (instead of default "Auto"), and the Refresh rate dropdown will appear. You might want to set up Video modes back as they seem to get disabled after connection switch.
  • This is very helpful. I will look into it in a few mins. When i get back home. Lol
  • So i got home and switched it to, "HDMI" then to 1080p still no, "60hz" or "120hz".. I know my TV supports 60hz refresh rate and true motion 120 refresh rate. Its a LG 43UJ62. Maybe i need a better tv.. :-( ((Update)) i now have 1440p having done what you said. :-)
  • Do you va a Xbox one original or the S?
  • I have the 1X
  • Hello there I did the update yesterday on xbox one and for some reason its not showing any off the new features really need help with it the update updated fine but nothing new showing up
  • I think this update is only for the Xbox One S being that I do have a Sony 120Hz Tv and I'm in the beta test group and don't have this options on my original Xbox One