Xbox Series X, Series S Seagate Storage Expansion Card availability starting to slide

Xbox Series X Storage Expansion
Xbox Series X Storage Expansion (Image credit: Microsoft)

One of the exciting things about the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is the added wow to not only new games, but some of your existing favorites. Titles like Borderlands 3, Forza Horizon 4 and DiRT 5 are Xbox Series X|S enhanced on day one, but those upgrades come at a price.


Modern games are large and they're going getting larger, and with only 1TB inside the Xbox Series X and even less in the Series S, the solution for the newly enhanced games is the pricey Seagate Storage Expansion Card to add another 1TB of super-fast capacity to your console.

Chances are you'll want one of these and it might be worth acting quickly.

In the U.S., Amazon has already pushed its availability back to "usually ships in 8 days" at the time of writing, with the quickest arrival date currently showing to us as November 21. Microsoft is a little better, still promising free 2-3 day shipping, but as people get their consoles and very quickly fill them up, who knows how long that will last.

For a little context, we managed to fill an Xbox Series S with just five games. So even though it's pricey, if you're planning to play a lot of upgraded games — and why wouldn't you — it's probably worth getting one while you can.

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