You can now upgrade to the Windows 10 Creators Update early

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Microsoft has today opened the floodgates to anyone who's interested in updating to the Windows 10 Creators Update early by releasing an updated Media Creation Tool that does exactly that, update you to the Creators Update. The Media Creation Tool actually has two functions, upgrade a current installation or create new install media for clean installing on another PC.

The upgrade now option will now take you to the Creators Update, so those on the Anniversary Update or lower can now jump to the Creators Update before its April 11th rollout. Microsoft announced last week that it would allow users to start upgrading early on April 5th via the upgrade tool, which is exactly what this is.

What's more, it appears the Creators Update is slowly becoming available to anyone who has the Windows 10 Update Assistant installed, a separate app that does the same thing, although with a much more simple user-interface.

Regardless, the Creators Update is now officially available and will begin its actual rollout on April 11 to a selection of 1st party and 3rd party devices in waves before rolling out to the masses over the next few weeks and months. Let us know if you'll be updating to the Creators Update today!

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  • Doesn't work for me; says I'm on the latest version (14393). But I'm on Enterprise, so maybe that's why...?
  • Yes, this is only for Home and Pro AFAIK. It's also slowly rolling out, so it may not have hit everyone just yet.
  • I'm on Home and I ran the media creation tool last night and it just reinstalled the Anniversary Update
  • Use this link:
  • Interesting, but what is that download? Where did you get that link? Are you sure it's not an insider build or something?
  • The real thing, don't worry! Signed: ‎Tuesday ‎4 ‎april ‎2017 23:53:49  
  • I think the link was only updated with the latest Update Assistant tool within the past hour. Last week, Windows Central put out this story stating that we could start updating as of today. In that story, they linked to this blog post from Microsoft, which contains the link that witterholt posted. Before I went to lunch today, the link was only going to a page that said the Creators Update is coming soon. When I returned from lunch, shortly after this story was posted to Windows Central, the link's target was modified to the current version of the Update Assistant that allows for the Creators Update to be downloaded.
  • I've just checked both the US and UK download pages and the old link remains. What country are you in?
  • The Netherlands.
  • I'm in the US. The link to the Microsoft blog in my previous post doesn't seem to be working. If you follow the link in this post, scroll down until you see mention of the Update Assistant availablility on April 5. The URL itself has not been changed since March 30, but the landing page has been changed from a page stating the Creators Update is coming soon to now being a direct download of the latest version of the Update Assistant tool.
  • Enterprise has to be updated through the new iso. This is gotten through the volume licensing service center.
  • Also available on MSDN for Enterprise MAK/KMS versions.
  • try "Run as Admninistrator" When I just opened it, it showed I have latest verson but when I clicked on "Run as Admin" it found update.
  • No mention of windows mobile.
  • Either wait official rollout April 25th or switch to Insider now, Release Preview and enjoy RS2.
  • It's on RP? I didn't get it. Or see it mentioned on WC.
  • Maybe I'm mistaken and it's RP only for Desktop. Anyway, switch to either Slow/Fast. install Creators Update, get off of Insider rings. Profit.
  • Yeah, I'm on Release Preview and am eager to get on the Creators train on my L640.
  • From what I've read, the update doesn't bring anything to Windows on mobile devices except for a few behind the scenes tweaks. Nothing noticeable. So, sounds like it's not worth worrying about on my mobile until MS get round to pushing it out.
  • There's a video on Windows Central's YouTube detailing the changes on mobile, and there are a fair few and some are very nice, but nothing game-changing.
  • Some of us still need bug fixes.
  • It didn't work for me.
  • Update is still not available through W10UpdateAssistant in Europe (idk if is it in USA)
  • Yea, contrary to the article the W10 update assistant is not pushing out this update quite yet (unless, as you say, it's US only). I'm currently running the Media Creation Tool to upgrade this PC and that seems to be downloading an update so all looks good.
  • me too :-) (SurfacePro3)
  • just done that and it isn't the creators update its 1607! o after the "update" I was just on the same version !
  • Oh, how disappointing. I've just cancelled the process due to your advice. Oi, WC, could you check your info before putting it out? It would save everyone a lot of fannying about.
  • Wise words! It was annoying as when you run the tool it doesn't actually say what version is being installed! Grrrrrr
  • Quite annoying.  Twice today I ran the tool (and waited over 2 hours each time) as it told me it found a new update (the creators update) and then proceeded to install the anniversary update without any of its updates on my system.
  • I got the update on my SP2 today. I'm in Australia. I clicked on the link in update (settings app).
  • What version of the assistant are you running? The Microsoft Windows 10 software download page has version 9252, which was tells me I'm up to date. Another user in the forums linked me to version 28084 this morning, but it also told me I was up to date. The Windows blog announcement from last week now links to version 28085 that gives the option to download the creators update. Link to the latest Update Advisor is
  • Yep, that one is different - it works. I get to the system test even with my Enterprise edition (then fail because I need to be system admin for Enterprise).
  • This one did it for me too. Upgrading now.
  • Already done it in March using the upgrade assistant lol.
  • Says I have the latest version.
  • Same, UK, latest public Anniversary build.
  • Not the upgrade assistant, the media creation tool.  Although the former should start to work any second now, too, I suppose.
  • There are too few new features that interest me. I am willing to wait for one more week. I will force it if I don't get it by then.
  • Indeed, the link in Windows Update (under "Good news ! The Windows 10 Creators Update is on its way. Want to be the first to get it?") now sends us to a website with the happy title "Windows 10 Creators Update is here".  However, the update assistant page it sends me to is still the same, and won't install the update just yet. I guess we need a little bit of patience, still.
  • No more patience needed : they updated the file. It now starts the update process as expected. 
  • If I want to use the MediaCreation Tool it tells me that I will keep my personal files which means it will wipe my Windows and do a clean install but nowhere it says that it's the Creators Update. On licesne agreement it says December 2016
  • That's because it isn't the creators update.
  • No need, I can wait till 11th...
  • Guys, It says to use the media creation tool. Not the Windows Update Assistant.
  • actually, the page says to hit update now  
  • Maybe I can't wait...
  • Woohoo!  Updating now.
  • Wasn't this available to everyone a week ago or so using the Upgrade Assistant?  My PC wasn't in the Insider Program, but I used that and got the update already.
  • I beleive it was leaked, worked for a relatively short period, and was then subsequently shut down by Microsoft until today.
  • There aren't any particular features I'm excited about, but I still like having the newest thing as soon as possible (not an Insider because my wife and I both rely on the computer too much to be debuggers, though). It's not in the Upgrade Assistant for me yet, but I'll probably try again tonight.
  • Can someone answer the question, what happens if for some reason the upgrade tool cannot succeed, thinking in GPU driver issues or other issues that require a rollback to Anniversary Update, is there a solid process for rolling back Creator's Update if something goes wrong? 
  • Yes, you image your boot partition using the simple, built in system image tool. Standard practice, no?
  • Why bother?  From what I saw on another WinCen posting about what was left OUT of the CU, not a real big update from my point of view.
  • It's not a big update, though some of the UI tweaks are nice to have. Plus now would have been a convenient time to update if it were live, heh.
  • Ah, well, you see some people have a different point of view due to having different PC usage patterns to yourself. In this case, the gaming mode is reason enough for many to be keen. Gaming's quite popular these days, I hear.
  • Yeah I'm feeling meh about it too. No surface dial on screen support for the surface book, groove music producer or creator gone, and seems that windows holographic or whatever it's called now isn't ready for prime time. Literally everything I was excited about at the announcement. 
  • Oh well, that did absolutely nothing..
  • On my End in DC, I don't see it. It is saying up to date. Update: it now works for me now.
  • EDIT: Ignore this reply and the previous version of it.
    My WC app glitched and made it look as if you had stolen my profile pic.
    Sorry mate!
  • I got the Update tool from here and it works now. The upgrade tool from here doesn't show the update
  • it's working for me from the Windows 10 update page. using the update tool: allowing me to upgrade to 15063 (i'm in the U.S.)
  • What's the build# or version# for the Creators Update so we can identify whether we have it already or not.
  • Build 15063, version 1703
  • From UK, Upgrade Assistant works on my Surface 3 but doesn't work on Lenovo. Fairly slow download. Is the upgrade assistant aware of the type of machine you are upgrading from?
  • According to the article you're supposed to use Media Creation Tool and not Update Assistant With Media Creation Tool I got ISO named "Win10_1703_English_x64.iso"
  • Worked for me now at 24% download and now installed and working fine for my main computer.
  • I already have it. I am part of the release preview insiders' group and I was able to upgrade the day after MS announced the April 11 availability. I have not seen it mentioned anywhere this was possible.
  • Almost downloaded
  • Almost downloaded
  • Upgrade assistant not showing an update for me in NZ yet
  • hey I just used my VPN and switched to a California IP and it found the update!
  • Just upgraded. It didn't work when I hit "upgrade." I had to download the "Media Creation Tool," which then downloaded the creators update and installed. 
  • Is it just me or MS Edge sucks 100%   Hmm, we can't reach this page. Try this Make sure you’ve got the right web address: Refresh the page Search for what you want
  • Thats because you are blocking it. I know uBlock blocks and other host files.
  • I'm also having issues with Edge. I can't connect to any Google websites. It even affects other Store Apps like Client for YouTube.
  • I fixed it. I disabled the TCP Fast Open flag in Edge and now all Google sites are working
  • Client for Youtube is still not working
  • I get that whenever I have a bad connection. Check your signals, it shouldn't be edge.
  • I know my comment is right at the bottom end. But, boy, are things faster and more available. This is something else!!!
  • I just updated, went just fine, trouble free - then again I'm on a brand new i5 7500 Kaby lake motherboard.  The ONE thing that's annoying me because it does not work? The HDR and advanced color tab in display settings. I click the toggle on, it "changes the signal" (aka screen goes black and comes back up), and automatically goes back to off. There's no way for me to turn it on.  And yes, I own an HDR display that works with HDR10 signal perfectly fine. I play Hitman with HDR and it's great. Hopefully this is fixed soon.
  • And I update to the latest build, and clean install, but this really is something else...
  • The only thing that doesn't work properly is Skype. And boooooooo Skype. They've had ****** ages to sort this **** out!!!
  • UK USER LENOVO G50-30 Installed Creators Update without any issues via Upgrade Assistant took 1hr 30 mins all told and pleasently surprised given that this is a low end Laptop     
  • I'm on the Fast Ring but I wanted to check anyway. I clicked the link and it said "Thank you for updating to the latest version of Windows 10". That was it. I was already on Build 15063.14
  • But the update page can't be opened in China
  • I used my Nuvision tablet as a guinea pig. Update went smooth. Only two problems im noticing. When changing orientation, sometimes my tiles are blank and the action center/other fly outs are laggy.
  • I just upgraded three devices on anniversary build in USA: Surface Pro, Asus laptop and Dell AIO 2720 desktop Surface and Asus without any hitches. Dell gives a memory error not being overwritten for the login user interface! May have to do a clean install on the Dell machine. The creator update production build is now 1703.15063.13 The fast ring insider build is now 1703.15063.14 Also the Surface Pro had a Hardware (possibly firmware) update after the upgrade...
  • Upgrade assistant working for me in Australia
  • I did this just about an hour ago and the process went rather well. I'm very happy so far, though hoping that I don't encounter any odd issues!
  • Has anyone experienced issued connecting to Google or YouTube on Edge after the update? I can't connect to any Google website on Edge. Chrome works fine. It even affects other Store Apps like Client for Youtube
  • I fixed it. I disabled the TCP Fast Open flag in Edge and now all Google sites are working. Client for Youtube is still not working
  • The edge, mail, calendar crash in my machine!?
  • Upgraded, what's up with processes? Earlier windows 10 had like 95 processes on my pc, now, with the same apps running 148???
  • Me only 123 processes after an update
  • Just upgraded using media creation tool. Whole thing is snappy now!
  • I will definitely try it, thanks for the info!
  • Two updated, 9 to go! :) I even woke up to an updated Xbox One!
  • I've just updated my Windows 10 to Creator Update. The only problem I'm facing is I can' t turn off my wi-fi. Even I set airplane mode, the wifi automatic turn on.   Anyone having this problem?
  • Won;t install for me...I did a clean install of 1607 2 weeks ago.
    Last week I tried to get this via the links shared and the Insider program but nothing would install. Still have the issue today using both media creation tool and upgrade assistant.
    everything runs, it goes through the whole multiple rebooting and updating process but when W10 loads it is still at 14393 - no error messages occur during updates, it gets to 100% and reboots but seems to be stuck on past build. Tried the diagnostic tools and every other fix I can find online but none work. Not sure if anything will change once released to the masses or if I need to do another wipe/clean install :(
  • Can anyone tell the actual size of the update??
  • I think its not too takes me more than an hour to download an update in a slow internet connection....
  • Hey guys if i use media creation tool for a clean install it will download the cu??? Does anybody knows?????
  • I've tried it. and Yes it will download the creator update.    
  • Media creation tool, people. Pay attn. Use this to "upgrade" if you want it so bad
  • I updated it, I knew there wouldn't be many new features for me but I was still a little disappointed to see barely any big changes after an hour long download/installation process. Night light seems useful, the few extra toggles for things like the Start menu etc are good, and performance seems pretty good too, too early to say if things are snappier but they may be. Still, as a big milestone update, can't say it's done massive amounts to my device.
  • "Let us know if you'll be updating to the Creators Update today!" No, I won't be.  I will wait a few months.  Microsoft "updates" to Win 10 are rarely fully baked on day 1.  I'm tired of beta testing this turkey. 
  • Please Note: Control Panel is no longer in the menu when you right click on the windows logo. Have to use Cortana to find it.
  • Update was fine on my SP4, but it feels slower than before, opening windows etc. 
  • Install went w/out any problems. I put it on an old Dell 630 Laptop 1st. it took 11/2 hrs., now it's installing on an old desktop, they will be my trial runs to see how well it's working. So far everything seems fine. I keep very clean and updated machines hence I never have problems w/updates. Windows 10 Pro., Ver.1703, OS Build 15063.13
  • Update was fairly quick on my SP4 and it's running very smoothly thus far. I'm impressed with the updates made to Edge's inspector.
  • Hey all, I updated to the Creators Update last night and my Windows C: has sprouted an extra folder that's taking up an extra 15GB of space on my drive -- it's labeled Windows.old. This didn't happen with the Anniversary Update, so was wondering if this would be safe to remove/delete? Thanks!
  • Do not delete the folder. Use disk cleanup. The link to the video above explains how. You should be doing this on a regular basis. Go to Windows Administrative Tools and pin it to your taskbar
  • I installed it yesterday and then after contacting Microsoft Promptly rolled it back, I went from 81 processes to 141 Processes With the update. It also increase memory usage By about 500 MB At idle, As a gamer I was very unhappy, And to top it all off The game mode only supported 1 game in my entire library
  • "Let us know if you'll be updating to the Creators Update today!" Pass.  I will wait a few months.  Microsoft's "updates" to Win 10 are rarely fully baked on day 1.  I have more important things to do than constantly beta testing this turkey.