Microsoft's Ben Rudolph curing "Droidrage" with 20 free Windows phones

Fed up Droid users could win a free Windows Phone

Following what looks to be a massive adware outbreak on the Android marketplace, Microsoft's Ben Rudolph is looking to ease the pain of 20 affected users by giving them free Windows phones.  Rudolph asked what may be 5 million victims to share their stories via Twitter today, in hopes that their "Droidrage" might be cured.  Those who have the best stories (or worst, depending on how you look at it), will receive one of the 20 devices.  It's not clear what kind of phone winners will receive, but hey, a free WP7 phone is a free WP7 phone!

Microsoft has been pretty keen on these light-hearted promotions, pitting Windows Phone up against other mobile operating systems.  This is the second time that Android users have received such an offer, the first being back in December, when a smaller malware outbreak occurred.  And at CES, Ben Rudolph was challenging attendees to speed tests in the "Smoked by Windows Phone," which may even become a traveling affair.

Source: Ben Rudolph (Twitter)


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Microsoft's Ben Rudolph curing "Droidrage" with 20 free Windows phones


I love these attempts at putting the windows phone out there... But we all know these phones are the best in US. In a country like Australia, they simply do not have enough local support. We still need apps like metlink, anz bank, cricinfo, Vodafone cricket app that gets advertised free during the cricket by Vodafone...etc

Hmm... I've already cured my Droidrage, but I had to pay for it! Good to see opportunities like this because it helps put MS in a fun and friendly light.

The phone works great here in Sweden, there's a lot of local Swedish apps and stuff. Like bank apps and stuff.

Actually I sent an email to Westpac and Westfield asking them about WP7 apps.
Westfield said no, too little interest.
Westpac said that it was on the agenda at some point, but they don't know when.

I'm with the Commonwealth Bank and fortunately they have an app. But their mobile website works pretty awesome in ie9 too so, win win.

You all can always visit your banks mobile website... On just saying, people are so into apps here apps there..I dont trust apps for banking.

Ben Rudolph is awesome! This guy is repping WP better than any other individual/corporate entity! Now if only he'd find a way to give ME a free 900... :P