Is that a mouse in your laptop bag or are you just happy to get some work done?

A laptop mouse isn't necessarily a need-to-have, but it sure is a nice-to-have! Hovering over a trackpad isn't always the greatest experience, especially if you have the space to make use of a mouse.

We've rounded up a list of some of the best laptop and tablet mice out there to help you choose a good one for working on the go!

Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse

Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse

If you like the tap and gesture functions on your laptop's trackpad but also want the smooth-gliding freedom of a mouse, Logitech's Ultrathin Touch Mouse is exactly the accessory you've been looking for.

This mouse has a sleek minimalist design, but don't let that plain top fool you; this thing has secret powers! The surface of this mouse is touch sensitive so right and left clicks placed in the spots where traditional mice have buttons will yield the same results. Drag your finger up, down, left, or right to scroll through pages, just like you would on a laptop's trackpad. This mouse even features two-finger tap and swipe abilities for extra functionality.

Flip the mouse over and you'll see you can sync it to two devices over Bluetooth (which could be handy if you want to swap between a laptop and a tablet or control a laptop and desktop with the same mouse). An on/off switch allows you to save battery between charges.

This mouse has a built-in battery, which charges through the Micro-USB port on the bottom and, depending on your laptop, one minute of plug-in time can last for one hour of charge for the mouse. Depending on whether you prefer the convenience of recharges or prefer the reliability that comes with extra batteries, this could be a pro or con. All in all this is one smart mouse and a great companion for your laptop.

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Logitech M325 Wireless

Logitech M325 Wireless

If you like Logitech but want something a little more traditional, the M325 will feel familiar as soon as you start using it.

This mouse's design is based on the best-selling mouse shape in the world and most users will agree: it is comfortable. A textured rubber grip sets it apart from other mice design-wise; the mouse will not slip from your hand and will remain comfortable after long periods of use.

If you're a fan and user of other Logitech accessories (e.g. keyboard), this mouse is compatible with Logitech's Unifying dongle, meaning you need to use only one USB port on your device. The M325 is on the heavy side of portable, so keep this in mind if you plan on carrying it in your pocket.

Although the scroll wheel is a main feature of this mouse, it sometimes feels a little too smooth. People who use the scroll wheel as another button will not enjoy simultaneous accidental scrolling. If you're looking for a seamless web-scroller, though, this mouse is hard to beat.

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Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse

Microsoft Arc

If you're willing to try a non-traditional mouse design, then you may find the Microsoft Arc desirable for your portable needs.

The Arc is aptly named, as it snaps between two distinct shapes: flat, for storage and curved, for use. It takes a moment for your hand to get used to the feel of this mouse (it curves a little higher and forces your hand into a more cupped shape than a typical mouse would) but after a few moments you'll be clicking and tapping like the Arc is an old friend.

In addition to the right and left buttons, a touch-sensitive band between the buttons works like a trackwheel so you can scroll smoothly through pages on your laptop. This mouse was designed to work on any household surface (carpet, laminate, counters, and more) and connects to your computer through Bluetooth, this means you won't be using up any USB ports on your machine just to hold a dongle for your mouse to connect with.

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Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse

Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse

If you're looking for something simple and straight-forward in a smaller form, then the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse is a great option.

The right and left click buttons on this mouse blend seamlessly into the body with a physical scroll wheel between the two. This definitely feels and looks like a mouse you would use with your PC, but this model was designed to be slightly smaller to fit more easily into the palm of your hand or the pocket of your laptop bag.

This mouse connects to your computer through Bluetooth, so as long as your laptop has a Bluetooth receiver, you will be able to enjoy this accessory without taking up USB real estate by adding a receiver dongle. Two AAA batteries will keep this mouse running for up up to six months and its ambidextrous design is welcoming if you have to share this mouse with other people.

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TeckNet Mouse

For a simple, easy-to-use option that's inexpensive, TeckNet has a basic mouse, which can compete well with more-known brands. Best of all, it works on any laptop, even if you don't have built-in Bluetooth!

This small-scale mouse comes with a 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter which plugs into a USB port on your laptop. This means that as long as you have an open USB port, you can wirelessly connect this wireless dongle to your laptop. If you don't like the way the wireless receiver looks when it's plugged into a USB port, no problem! When not in use, you can store the dongle inside of the mouse, so you don't have that extra quarter inch accessory jutting out the side of your laptop.

If you love physical buttons, you'll love the design of this mouse. It features dedicated buttons for standard functions like right and left click and scrolling, plus a side button for page up and down controlled by your thumb. TeckNet's mouse automatically powers off if your laptop shuts down or is inactive and runs on just one AA battery. For an inexpensive solution that works with older laptops, TeckNet is a great option.

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Dell Travel Mouse

Dell Bluetooth Travel Mouse

Dell has a simple, small, mouse that works great as a travel or backup option for your laptop.

This mouse runs on two AA batteries which will power it for many months. The design is simple: right and left buttons, plus a scroll wheel. This mouse connects to your laptop using Bluetooth 3.0 technology which means if you have a built-in receiver, you won't need to waste a USB port by adding in a Bluetooth USB dongle to connect this mouse. This mouse is basic with a traditional design and is ergonomic to lift your hand comfortably to prevent wrist fatigue.

If you want your laptop mouse to look and feel like a traditional mouse, Dell has a great, lightweight option.

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So many mice!

The biggest thing to think about when selecting a laptop mouse is whether the device you're connecting to is already Bluetooth enabled. If it's a modern laptop or tablet, you probably have a built-in Bluetooth receiver, so you have a lot of options for which mouse you choose. After that, it's up to personal taste and whether you like buttons, gestures, or a certain size.

Do you have a mouse you love to use with your laptop? Leave a comment and let us know which one you use and why you love it!