Boost your Xbox One audio!

Microsoft brought voice communication to the mainstream on home gaming consoles. The Xbox 360 headset almost became part of the console's image, and partying up with your friends to communicate over voice chat is now a standard console feature.

As such, there's a flood of Xbox One headsets on the market — and since the latest versions of the Xbox One controller support 3.5 mm jacks you can use practically any headset with an in-line mic to communicate over Xbox Live.

While the basic $10 single-piece headset might suffice for many, even the most casual gamer will benefit from picking up a dedicated headset. Here are some of the best headsets designed for use with the Xbox One.

Updated March 30, 2017: We've surveyed the market and determined that these are still the best Xbox One headsets money can buy. With E3 around the corner, that could soon change, as hardware vendors gear up to show off their new products. Are there any headsets you've been using that you think we should take a look at to include in this list? Let us know in the comments.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament

Elite Pro Tournament

Turtle Beach's Elite Pro Tournament is the best headset available for Xbox One for a number of reasons. At this point, I've personally tested the vast majority of the major players in the Xbox One headset space, and I always come back to the Elite Pro Tournament.

The Elite Pro Tournament headset delivers stunning, crystalline audio combined with next-level comfort. The headset's generous cushioning across the headband and earcups allow you to forget you're even wearing a headset, reducing the physical delta between you and complete immersion.

If you throw in the Elite Pro Tournament's Tactical Audio Controller, you'll end up with unprecedented control over your game. Adjust audio levels, surround sound modes, mic feedback and more without interrupting play.

Every aspect of this experience simply screams premium. Turtle Beach have outdone themselves with the Elite Pro Tournament headset, and across months of testing, I'm unable to settle for anything less.

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Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+

Turtle Beach 420X+

Turtle Beach's Stealth 420X+ delivers the best of wireless audio at an affordable price point. The 420X+ are a zero-fuss headset for Xbox One, connecting via a simple USB dongle and charged with the same type of USB cable as your controller.

With 10-15 hours of battery life, mic-feedback monitoring, excellent audio, and a comfortable fit make the 420X+ a great set for those who are reluctant to reach up to the higher price points. The 420X+ doesn't deliver audio as rich as Turtle Beach's Elite range, but the price is right for the cable weary.

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Astro A50

Astro A50

Astro's 2016 A50 revision is a great headset to consider if you're looking to go fully wireless. This premium headset packs great sound quality with Dolby 7.1 virtual surround speakers, sturdy build quality, and exceptional comfort, but that's not all!

The A50 headset also comes with a magnetic charging dock which allows you to keep your play space tidy, while also charging the headset's generous 15+ hour battery life.

The A50 headset might not pack all the sound features of it's nearest Turtle Beach Elite 800X wireless competition, but it has it beat on voice recording quality. Either way, the A50 is a great purchase that won't disappoint.

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HyperX CloudX Pro

HyperX CloudX

Kingston is a relative newcomer to the Xbox headset market, but their early efforts have been nothing short of impressive. The company's HyperX CloudX headset might not have all of the features of the more expensive headsets on this list, but if you're looking for amazing sound without breaking the bank, you should definitely consider the HyperX CloudX for your console.

Almost addictively light and comfortable, the CloudX delivers big audio at an affordable price point. HyperX also do an awesome Gears of War-styled version of their CloudX Revolver headset, make sure to give that a look too!

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Turtle Beach Elite 800X

Turtle Beach Elite 800X

The Elite 800X is a premium headset, rocking DTS 7.1 surround, similar memory foam cushioning to it's wired cousin, and as mentioned, is completely wireless. It also has a magnetic charging dock that helps keep your gaming space neat and tidy.

The coolest thing about the Elite 800X is its versatility. The headset not only has standard 3.5mm sockets for use on your PC or mobile device, but they also come with Bluetooth support, which is a rarity in this category. The microphones on the 800X are built into the headset themselves, making them viable for use while traveling, listening to music on your phone or in bed. You can even mix phone calls into your gameplay using a standard 3.5mm cable!

The Elite 800X are the most versatile headset on this list, compatible with Windows 10 phones and PCs with Bluetooth and 3.5mm cables, and Xbox One via a wireless dock.

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Turtle Beach XO One

One for the budget conscious, the XO One is a high-grade stereo headset at an incredibly affordable price.

While the build quality, comfort, and features take a hit due to its lower price point, the XO One is still a huge upgrade from the basic Xbox One headset, and even comes with some premium features with its bundled Xbox One stereo adapter. You can hear your own voice with gentle mic-monitoring to stop you shouting, and the adapter allows you to easily adjust the mix between party chat and game audio.

The standard 3.5mm interface and removable mic also makes the XO One headset suitable for use with mobile phones on the go or even on PC, improving the overall value. If you're looking to boost your Xbox One audio experience without blowing up the bank, you should definitely consider the XO One headset.

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Important accessories

If you're like me and still rocking the Day One Edition controller, you may want to consider picking up a 3.5mm adapter for use with headsets that don't support the Xbox One's base controller port. Microsoft's official adapter gives you mute controls and allows you to tune the balance between game sound and chat audio. It snaps snugly into the bottom of your controller and can be removed easily if necessary.

It's worth noting that most Xbox One headsets designed for 3.5mm jacks come with adapters in the box, like each headset on this list.

It's also worth mentioning the official Xbox One QWERTY Chatpad as well. It includes a 3.5mm jack, all the regular audio controls, in addition to a full keyboard — handy for games with text chat like ARK: Survival Evolved and punching in those long product redemption codes. The official Xbox One Chatpad also comes with a basic single-piece headset, perfect for casual voice chat.

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Your turn!

What's your favorite gaming headset? Let us know what you're using to enhance your Xbox One audio in the comments!