ESPN Fantasy Football 2012 now live in the Nokia Collection for Windows Phone

ESPN FFL 2012 for Nokia Windows Phones

We mentioned the ESPN Fantasy Football App for Nokia Windows Phone being available shortly just the other day and today, ESPN FFL 2012 is available for download. The free app will let you manage multiple fantasy football teams, check in on player performance and view news and video highlights from ESPN.

ESPN FFL 2012 also taps into FantasyCast Live Scoring that will deliver real time player and matchup scoring to your Windows Phone.

ESPN FFL 2012 Screens

Team management controls include start/bench players, add/drop/claim players off waivers, and propose/accept/reject trades with other teams. ESPN FFL 2012 also will let you monitor tweets from ESPN Fantasy Analysts to give you a little insight on your fantasy team strategy.

ESPN FFL 2012 is nicely laid out in Modern Design format with main pages covering your team listings, ESPN headlines, ESPN videos, and NFL Scores. If you have a myESPN account you can log in from the three-dot menu, news items can be shared with friends and in pulling up a specific game you can view player stats. All in all, ESPN FFL 2012 isn't too shabby of a fantasy football app.

ESPN FFL 2012 is an exclusive Nokia app for the Lumia Windows Phone line. ESPN FFL 2012 is a free app that you can find it here in the Nokia Collection that is in the Marketplace listing on the Lumia Windows Phones.

Note: If you don't see ESPN FFL 2012 in the Nokia Collection, tap on any of the apps you do see and follow the "more from Nokia" link that is in the app description.  ESPN FFL 2012 should be the very last app in the list that is pulled up from the link.  Also, the link above will only work from  your Lumia Windows Phone.  You can get there on your Lumia through the WPCentral App or by visiting our site from your mobile browser.

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ESPN Fantasy Football 2012 now live in the Nokia Collection for Windows Phone


If you don't see ESPN FFL 2012 in the Nokia Collection, tap on any of the apps you do see and follow the "more from Nokia" link that is in the app description.  ESPN FFL 2012 should be the very last app in the list that is pulled up from the link.  

Also, the link will only work from  your Lumia Windows Phone.  It won't show up on the Marketplace from your desktop browser.  You can get there on your Lumia through the WPCentral App or by visiting our site from your mobile browser.

Ah ah, funny this one is available in Europe where most people don't care about the NFL but some other actually wanted apps come as US exclusives. There's a need for consistency in the marketplace.

I did say MOST people. Just underlying the inconsistencies, there are apps Europeans really want but get limited to the US for no reason.

I've yet to find anyone who can answer the question as to why Nokia doesn't simply raise the price of the "exclusive apps" on non-Nokia devices in order to recoup some of their investment. Outright denying these apps to the rest of WP users makes no sense to a struggling OS.

They are not outright denying these limited exclusive apps to the rest of WP users. This app will be available in 3-6 months. Why don't they offer to all at the same time? Cause they are showing a real reason to invest in Nokia products, while Samsung & HTC, just don't even attempt to get any developers on board with popular apps from other platforms. I've emailed Samsung about this, with no reply, how many times have you asked your OEM of choice, when will they do the same or why haven't they've done the same as Nokia. I've also asked Samsung will they release their exclusive apps to the rest of the platform and nothing yet.

Regardless of how long it will take these apps to be available to non-Nokia users, until they are released, these apps ARE being denied to the rest of WP users. Even raising the prices for these apps doesn't limit investment in Nokia, it reinforces it. Consumers would notice that all the apps that Nokia offers AT A PRICE to non-Nokia users are free on Nokia devices. That alone provides incentive to invest in Nokia. HTC and Samsung have dropped the ball, no argument, by neither of them also decided to champion the OS either. Nokia could provide these apps to the entire marketplace, make significant money on their investment by charging non-Nokia users for them, and help strengthen the marketplace as a whole. Three birds, one stone. Where is the downside for Nokia or WP marketplace in that concept?

All while providing additional incentive to invest in Nokia. Please, SOMEONE find a hole in this argument.

Downside, is the fact, Nokia would only make a certain amount of money on the apps, by offering a price on them. I'm sure they rather have the customer purchase a Nokia product and for a reward get a limited exclusive app before others that did not purchase their devices. It's not like the apps won't be offered to the platform, just a later time. I mean does Nokia have to do everything? They're already bringing their world class navigation and maps to take the place of Bing maps, for the entire platform. Again, why hasn't Samsung or HTC made their exclusive apps available to the rest of the platform and what have either company bought to the table, besides reworked Android handsets??

I've already acknowledged that Samsung and HTC have dropped the ball in providing a fraction of the effort that Nokia has. Point made, no contention. I simply acknowledged a method that would allow Nokia to recoup their investment, provide incentive to invest in their products, all while strengthening the marketplace for the OS that are reliant on. Besides, making ANY money whatsoever by charging for their exclusive apps is better than getting NOTHING for them when they are released for free months later to the rest of WP users.

Users would still complain, if Nokia did that option anyway. I've heard countless times how once a wanted app finally does make it to the platform, it is priced highing than iOS and Android, and so on and so on. So, if Nokia would do that option, people would complain, "How come Nokia users don't have to pay for it and we do? This is not helping the OS platform!!" Not saying and a few others would complain, but trust me, overall there would be a lot of complaints. I have Nokia and Samsung, I wish Samsung would just put some type of effort in getting developers into bringing more apps to the platform, cause they currently are the top selling mobile device company this year, they have the power to do it. As a company, I understand what Nokia is trying to do, and that is have everyone in the world have a Nokia device in their hand, cause of they hardwork they put into all their products.

Nokia makes these apps available because they want to sell Nokia phones. It is a differentiating factor for buying their hardware since they are a hardware company. Why should Nokia bend over backwards to support hardware purchased from competitors? That doesn't seem to make any sense to me.

OEM providing free exclusive apps to non-exclusive devices at a price = 1. Promotes investment in original OEM in future purchases, 2. Allows OEM to recoup more from their investment in the interim before apps become free to all, 3. Strengthens the struggling WP marketplace as a whole. What part of that "doesn't make sense" to anyone?

You do realize it's ESPN, that actually made the app right? Nokia is just the company that pushed them to do it faster, instead of just waiting to right one on the WP8 release. Nokia will recoup their money by getting more user to question, why should I go with Samsung or HTC, when Nokia has all of this? The fact that non Nokia users have to wait a few months is not a big deal, considering most of these apps, would've been on the platform at all or coming to the platform, if not be for Nokia's drive and efforts.

That's the point I think is important.  Microsoft should have been working with ESPN to make it not Nokia.  Microsoft still has gaps in their app portfolio and they need to keep the focus and funding going to get them done.  Good for Nokia for doing this, would have been better if Microsoft was the driver though...

Apoc, I don't think you realize how much I am agreeing with you. I know Nokia pushed for the app and didn't design it themselves. I also acknowledge that allowing them to make money in the interim before their efforts become FREE TO ALL would be beneficial to them, rather can making nothing from those who can't upgrade their devices to a Nokia yet for contractual reasons.

@tkj007 - But it's Nokia's money!  Nokia paid to have the app developed, and want their users to enjoy the benefits of owning a Nokia product with Nokia services and apps.
It's not denial.  Samsung and HTC have their own apps and services as well, but in order to take advantage of them, you have to purchase a Samsung or HTC device - they are not even made available for the general WP population to use.  Nokia used their own money to get this app developed and paid for Nokia customers to have an exclusivity window.  
Nokia wants to make money, but obviously they make more money by consumers purchasing a Nokia device, than they would from a niche group of users (interested in an app like this), making an app purchase. 
Many may get their wish though - when (or if) the exclusivity period ends for this app, it just may be made available for non Nokia users to purchase. 

@ Residing. I'm fully aware that it's Nokias money, but this would provide them an ADDITIONAL income stream before all their hard work becomes available to all for FREE months later. Nokia deserves to make good on their investment, and this would allow them to do so.

How many users, have emailed ESPN, about making a fantasy football app? I know I've been bothering them since they revamped the iOS app. I'm happy, Nokia finally pushed them to do it. Maybe you guys will urge you OEM of choice to push more developers to bring your favorite apps to the platform.

thanks for the info, but when they announced EA games were coming it was as if the games were arriving sooner than 7.8.  shame....but it's not like i was going to play 'em, lol.  i just rep NOKIA but they need to not announce games that aren't going to be released within a time frame.

Its all I ever wanted. Too bad I have a focus s. If only it was worth more than $60 I could sell it and buy a real smartphone. On the bright side, I was finally able to type something in a box without the keyboard disappearing. I am so blessed.

Exclusive apps like this further fragments Windows Phone, and it's bad overall for the platform.
Bad form, Nokia, considering that this is Windows Phone's only fantasy football app.
Who cares if it's on other devices in six months?  The season will be over by then.