HTC 8X and 8S available for pre-order at Expansys UK

HTC 8S and 8X at Expansys

Expansys UK is has listed the HTC 8X and 8S as available for pre-order. The HTC 8X is listed for £399.99 and the HTC 8S is listed for £239.99.  It is our understanding that shipping dates for the 8X will be November 2, 2012 and the 8S will ship shortly thereafter on November 15, 2012.

In looking at other Expansys sites, both HTC Windows Phone 8 devices appear to be available for pre-order across the board.  On Expansys U.S. the HTC 8X (unlocked) will run $629.99 and the HTC 8S (unlocked) will run $349.99. 

As far as shipping is concerned outside the U.K., while we haven't heard anything official, we can only guess dates for other countries will be similar. Here are the links for the Expansys U.S. and U.K. listings.

Expansys U.K. HTC 8X

Expansys U.K. HTC 8S

Expansys U.S. HTC 8X

Expansys U.S. HTC 8S

To check other country listings, just click on the change country link in the upper right hand corner of Expansys's website.


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HTC 8X and 8S available for pre-order at Expansys UK


Why would I get the Nokia? Why even bother comming on an article about the 8X and telling people what to spend THEIR money on? If you want Nokia then get it and let people buy what THEY want.

Whoa there. relax dakken. he was responding to the guy that said that if the 8X is $600 he'd be getting the Ativ S instead. He simple offered the 920 as another option. Independantvolume has already responded that he isn't interested in the 920. He never told YOU to get the Nokia. He never said everybody has to get the 920. You are always so quick to get rude and mean. These are not good personality qualities. just saying.

Lol I wasn't being rude,,,its just that. A LOT of people like the 920 which is understandable but they also try to push the 920 on people who might be looking to get something else,,,and believe me it gets pretty annoying seeing people telling what phone they should get just because they like it. And what's rude is commenting on peoples comments that didn't involve you,,,,and to be fair hulk didn't offer the 920 as an option,,he sad "get the nokia 920" if the 8X was to expensive why offer a phone that will likely be just as expensive if not more expensive as an option?

Ya that is a bit pricey for a 4.3 inch screen, and hardware that has been on the market for 5 months (yes I realize that it is still current hardware but thats 5 months closer to the next set of hardware). Also I could care less about beats audio so I really wont pay a premium for it.

Good point, but doesn't the Lumia 920 have the same CPU & RAM ?
What makes the Lumia up to date & the 8X outdated ?


Chad08er if you want buy unlocked with full price
You just have to go to tmo say I want buy this phone on my line with full retail price no contract

No card slot as far as I know and its also common knowledge that the beats audio is on software form and not hardware as is on the Android phones..

The 8X is the ONLY HTC phone that has the dedicated amps for lineout and the rear speaker,,,NONE of the android phone have this feature.

I think Adamhodge wants to know if the memory on the 8X is an internal MicroSD card, or an integrated chip. Some phones have the former, and it is then possible to "hack" the phone and swap in a larger MicroSD card

Well, it look like the Euro's finally get something we Americans don't. They're able to pre-order all of the new WP8 device and we can't : ]

Euros normally get a lot more than the states, especially when it comes to unlocked phones. They're ahead of the game.

on expansys.it (italy) one can pre order the 8x and the 8s already since three weeks. but there is no official shipping date. which i neither could find on the british site... why do you know they will ship from 11/02 on??

i hope the Lumia 920 is around the price of the 8X. that would be around $800NZD  which is kinda cheap for a high end phone in New Zealand

I live in the UK and I'm really tempted by the 8x.  I think I'll wait until the three network have announced a release date and pricing.