New WPCentral Mobile Site

New mobile version of WPCentral website now available

We've been busy bees at Windows Phone Central HQ getting everything set up with the new website design, along with literally hundreds of backend tweaks and improvements being made to make the browsing experience that much more awesome.

While the main website and forums need to be updated to a more modern look, our mobile version of Windows Phone Central ( also requires a lot of work to bring it up to the same standards. We're pleased to announce that the new version of the mobile site is available for you to use on Windows Phones (as well as other hardware).

WPCentral Mobile Shots

You're able to add comments, read through articles with all the images presently available. But if you'd like a more immersive experience, you should definitely check out our Windows Phone app (QR code below)!

Please note that this is an early release, so there'll be bugs as well as bits and pieces that require alterations. While we spend time improving the experience, we'd be grateful if feedback could be left either on this article or in the announcement thread over on our forum. 

We thank you for your continued support and patience in our transition. You guys rock!

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Reader comments

New mobile version of WPCentral website now available


Looks great!
One thing I noticed is that not all of the photos are inline. Sometimes a photo shifts a story to the right, making it necessary to zoom in to be able to read the text.
Also, the navigation buttons at the bottom are too cramped. Maybe have fewer options in order to make them a little larger/touch friendly?

Thats sweet, but when will we be able to download version 3.0 of the app? I'm really looking forward to it.

Like snow here said, it looks great... There's just no getting past the fact that I am more excited about WPC3.0 than I am about the new Facebook. And I mean that as a compliment, greedy and ungrateful though it may seem =D

Perhaps you might want to work out the connectivity (and other) problems with the pastel easter egg site before rolling out apps that you say up front are a work in progress?

This looks great. Thank you!

However there is one big problem. I never knew a mobile site existed. I follow you guys on RSS and when I follow the links to your site, I get the desktop site. Is there anyway that we can get a mobile view automatically of the site.

It looks like this is mostly fixed. I must have had some caching. Love the change!

Now what I see is every page I navigate to I need to zoom out of. This is happening in IE on my Lumia 900.

I really like the new look of the website, but the Headlines section is just a little too large at the top of the main page. It requires a bit of scrolling to get to the most recent post. Just a suggestion.

it shows the site zoomed in, a wp7 device uses (max-width:480px) but 320px in reality used in portrait mode. i would make that so to display the whole site on loading (320-310px) on a device with (max-width:480px) and portrait. 480px-480px on an max width 800px on a landscape orientation. That way would the site be full filled and not zoomed in wp7 devices.

The mobile site is excellent! Definitely a step above most mobile versions I've seen. The only thing that needs improvement, and it's minor, is to increase the size of the page numbers at the bottom. Still, very well done. Long live CSS!