Latest Rumor: AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 coming Nov 9th with free charge pad

Folks on AT&T are getting a bit antsy and rightly so as the carrier has so far not been very stable with their WP8 lineup. Specifically when it comes to a release dates. So far we've heard October 21st (Best Buy pre-sale), November 2nd, November 4th, November 11th and yesterday was November 9th. Clearly AT&T is moving the date around for whatever reason but we think they're getting ready to announce things very soon, as last minute meetings are finalizing plans.

One of our AT&T insiders has confirmed the following information:

  • Friday, November 9th - Nokia Lumia 820 ($49) and Nokia Lumia 920 ($149)
  • The 920 will come with the wireless charge pad (free)

The 9th is the date that eBay/Best Buy was advertising yesterday as "expected availability" and it was there for a reason. Of course that same site evidently pulled the trigger early as within an hour of our post their site went down. When it returned, the Lumia 920 was all but scrubbed, only leaving the HTC 8X. Some of us, however, were able to get in our order with a 25% off coupon, locking in the Lumia 920 for $449 off-contract (but locked to AT&T).

The other tidbit about a free wireless charge pad is new. Up until now, the wireless charge pad (we have one too) was always advertised as an "extra" despite many people thinking it should come with every phone. Now we're hearing indeed every device will get one, which if accurate, will be a huge incentive to buy this phone over the HTC 8X (and any other phone, for that matter).

The 8X on AT&T is expected to fetch for $149 as  well, even though it has half the memory, a smaller display, no wireless charging and no Pureview. No word if the HTC 8X will be available the same day, though we're presuming that it will.

Traditionally, AT&T does not launch on Fridays but we're thinking they may be making an exception here to get the Lumia 920 on sale for the weekend.

We'll keep you posted on any more developments.


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Latest Rumor: AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 coming Nov 9th with free charge pad



Yup, only hope at this point is that it will be released later like Magenta for the 900. But no use waiting to I guess it will be black for me!

I talked to a at&t rep at the store two weeks ago and he said he was 99.9% sure 920 would be in store Nov. 9 I didn't believe him but turns out he was right . And the $150 price tag and the free charging pad was a nice surprise lets just see how long till there sold out my guess is buy the end of the first day ;-) get em while there hot boys .

I also have a titan on at&t and still have the disappearing keyboard :-( I did get one update from at&t I believe it was 7.5 I love my titan its the best phone I've ever owned . I love the l920 but im gonna miss the big screen of my titan .

This is a HUGE problem.  I would call AT&T and escalate the issue.  Contact the Better Business Bureau and whomever else you can get ahold of.  Say that this update was NOT about getting new features, but rather it fixes a critical bug in your device that makes it difficult to use the data service that AT&T requires you have.  Also remind them that Microsoft made the fix available to AT&T this past JANUARY and they STILL haven't released it.  If you send to the BBB (or write the Office of the President of AT&T) you will get a call/email from their executive response team.  From there you can negotiate a solution.  I'd ask for a discount (100%?) on a new device.

I just met a guy that works for microsoft, and he said for sure next week will be the launch of the 920. Obviously I'm not gonna say his name or where I met him, because the guy was really cool. We talked about the surface and how he had a lumia 900 and was waiting for the 920. But yeah for sure next week he said. Now that we may get a wireless charging pad, the 920 will be mine.....alll mine.

Wow I almost forgot what I was going to say after reading all the banter I just have to say this to Fuzzy next time maybe just email Daniel I think it's rude to try to call him out in comments box this isn't YouTube. Ok so I've had wireless charging before and I had to shell out money for when I got my palm pre so it being free with the 920 is a big deal and the best value aside from the free 360 speakers

Well Monday is here and still no news. Anyone hear any more 'rumors'? Hopefully we hear something mid week but I won't hold my breath. It would be nice to pick one up on Friday if the rumor mill is correct. I'm gonna put on my sad face and mope until Firday :-(
Update: Went into my local store and they did confirm availability of the Lumia but would not give a date. Guess I can always sit out front on friday and hope they have them.