WPCentral App V3

Official Windows Phone Central app v3.0 is now available!

You may have noticed a lot of changes around here lately, whether it be our desktop and mobile websites, or on our forums, we’ve been rather busy. Of course, not to be outdone by all this change, it’s time for our app to see an update, and it’s a fairly major one at that.

So I present to you, the official Windows Phone Central app version 3.0, and the product of months and months of hard work, testing, private betas, and then lots more hard work!

The update is available to download right now from the Windows Phone Store here, but if you want to find out what’s new, read on for a feature list. Video walkthrough will follow in a future article, so stay tuned.

Our headline feature this time around, and one that with no doubt has been the most frequently requested, is full forum integration. Swipe over to the browse section and tap the forum tile and you’ll be welcomed to the new forum home screen (you could also tap and hold the forum tile if you want the option to pin it directly to your start screen - see above photo).

WPCentral App V3

We’ve built this forum support from the ground up, based on the Tapatalk API and you’ll find support for:

  • Posting and editing entries
  • Browsing the forums including sub forums
  • Quick jumping around the forums (just tap the header when you’re browsing)
  • Viewing photos attached to posts
  • Following links posted by other members
  • Viewing profile information about users (just tap their tile when viewing a thread)
  • Sending and receiving private messages
  • Deep linking to forum posts from articles and vice versa
  • Viewing recently participated and latest posts from the home screen
  • Searching for a post within the forums

We’ve also made a few other changes you might appreciate:

  • A new live tile to match the new site logo (rolling out soon to the website - this is a preview)
  • New wallpapers featuring our new logo (available in 20 accent colors)
  • Customisable themes for the app and live tile (try out a new Windows Phone 8 colour!)
  • Improved YouTube video support with HD streaming even on mobile connections
  • Rebranded with the new site logo
  • Adjusted margins to bring more content to the front
  • Added jump options to the comments section
  • Fixed a multitude of bugs
  • Made several optimisations to the app
  • Reduced the app’s installed footprint to less than 1MB

I’m quite sure I’ve forgotten something from that list but hopefully it’s enough of a change to make you interested! We’ve also made all forum functionality available to free users, you guys will just see the same adverts you’re used to.

Without a doubt this has been a very challenging few months for me but I hope you’ll all feel it has been worth it! Of course, we always welcome your feedback in any form, so please comment, e-mail, post on the forums and generally get in touch!


Reader comments

Official Windows Phone Central app v3.0 is now available!


If you change the apps theme color, to say cobalt, while the phone is using a different theme color, say lime, highlighted text is still lime. No big deal, just passing on the info


Like if I'm typing this message, like I am now, and highlight the text to copy it, like I am now, it is lime, even though I have the app set to cobalt. It might be a system thing you can't override, just pointing it out.

Just registered to comment the app!!
The new version is really fast! If all apps were like that.. Nice job

OMG! Why I can't download it from Indonesia?
It says "unavailable"!!! Please make it available in my country!

Loving the update, looks nice. But im not too sure if I really like the new logo much.. Who has an empty space on their tiles like that? Lol

Not sure, it may grow on me. But it just looks out of place on my screen amongst the other tiles now

The new logo is different and unique, but as Shantek pointed out it doesn't look so nice on my home screen. Is there anyway we could have the old live tile options back? That way people can decide for themselves whether which one they'd prefer yo use like they could before :) (personally I used the big circle that shifted to the right to make space for numbers).

Other than that it's looking really good!

That's the main reason im not fond of it, it stands out too much from my other tiles and doesn't really follow the standard tile look.. Just my own opinion. The app overall is a seriously solid improvement with forum support! Nice work!

There is a bug with the forum login screen when you change to horizontal layout, the password entry bar disappears, also even when logged into the forum you have to login again for blog comments and then that login page doesn't allow horizontal username and password entry.

Here's the work-around I just found. Go into the "settings" (cog icon) from the main screen, then swipe over to "Content", then choose "Delete WP Account Login Data". Exit app and restart app. This version of the app maintains TWO areas where you will need to put in your WPCentral login info.

First, go to any article and then swipe over to the "Comments" tab. Then, attempt to reply to any comment. It will prompt you for login info.

Secondly, swipe over from the WP Central App home page to get the page with all of the WP Central tiles (Forums, Podcasts, etc). You should see a "Sign In" Tile with a Cog Icon. Click that and sign in again with your WP Central Login credentials. You will now see your login username at the top rather than "not signed in".

Note: you will now see under the "Content" tab on the main app settings TWO buttons allowing you to delete separately both the Main App login info AND the Forums Login info.

One thing I noticed now is that I can set colors for the app that is separate from the main theme color I set for my other tiles. So other apps will be able to let us change the accent colors separate from our main color.

Very nice update WPCentral.. :-D Although my phone crashed upon the first boot (omnia 7, soon the 8x.. :-P) its still very fast and easy to use app.. :-) The new accent colors look great aswell.. !
Also I noticed before I could post this I wasnt able to login, only got bad user autho.... Reinstalling did the trick tho and got the message to login..

Everytime I see a survey asking what's the best Windows Phone app, I always enter WPCentral. It's always at the forefront of what WinPhone apps should be like.

thanx guys
really guys you guys are really taking lot of efforts for us and really thanx for that you have reaaly amazing passion for you'r work and thats really great you'r site is amazing you'r app is amazing oss work guys
nokia lumia 920 black

Used the app for a day now and loving it. This app is still perfection, and as such, i love it. How ever, the wallpapers (beautiful) look a bit low in quality, sees pixels on my HTC Titan.

Excellent: Fast load speed. Beautiful clean and smooth metro interface. Great tile design, love the new news number. Whoever did this should be highly commended.

Weird, ever since the update, the marketplace tells me there's an update available.

But clicking makes it disappear. Happened twice so far.

In a world where people rarely take the time to speak up when something is done well vs. When they want to complain, let me say "Well done, Excellent". You guys are rapidly becoming the model for how App-Development should work; You take the initiative for provide more value when you see the opportunity to do so, rather than waiting until the criticism of the lack of wanted features becomes overwhelming and results in a half-hearted upgrade. With every upgrade, the WPCentral app has become simpler, more beautiful, more intuitive, and more powerful. Those are the hallmarks of any truly great product and you guys should be proud of taking pride in your work-- something that we see way too little of in the App-Development world.

Also, loving the ability to have a different "tile accent color" versus the "in-app accent color". This allows me to have a tile on my start screen that is a different color than my other tiles (to show off the beauty of Windows Phone to others as those colors "pop" and stop everything from blending together). Then, within the app itself, I have "XBox-Green", which is s striking contrast with white text entry boxes and black background. Not sure if this is a new feature or if it's just "New to Me", but again-- well done guys.

Another potentially "new to me" feature is that while in the comments for an article where there are many comments, pulling up the 3-dot menu gives a "Jump to First" and "Jump to Last" option. If this was there before, sorry for missing it. It's so useful though that mentioning it again here is likely still valuable as a reminder for existing users and for our "new former iPhone and Android" users that should be getting involved here soon. ;-P

Both of the features you mentioned in these few comments are brand new, and I'm glad you're enjoying them thank you for the kind words

You make it easy to thank with such a great app and for taking the extra time to address comments here over your weekend. Enjoying it as I'm sure others will once they have a chance to look at it.

I really want to try this out! My Windows Phone 7, an LG Optimus, died shortly after the 7.5, Mango, release. I have been out in the cold this whole time. Looking through the window at all the nice apps you guys have. This will be an install, day one on my WP8 handset.

Thanks for a great app!! Could you add a button to go back to the beginning of articles like the one going to last article?

On the tile, I like the way it resembles the Windows Phone Platform. I'd like it more it is represented the "colors" people will associate with Windows Phone, so each piece of the tile would be a different "Windows Phone" color. And the "black hole" might be good to remove. Constructive criticism for an awesome app!