Poll - Which flagship Windows Phone 8 would you elect and why?

With the U.S. Presidential Elections right around the corner, we felt the need for a Windows Phone poll to get people in the mood to cast a vote.  Not wanting to get into politics too much, we're curious which Windows Phone 8 handset listed in our poll is fit for presidency? Which would you elect to be our spokesperson for the Windows Phone nation?

The feature packed Nokia Lumia 920? How about the light-as-a-feather HTC 8X? Are you a fan of the silent but deadly looking Samsung ATIV S? If you had the chance to vote for one, which would you elect? This is a lighthearted poll to run alongside the U.S. elections that are currently ongoing.

So which gets your vote? Be sure to add a comment providing your reasons, and it's worth heading over to our forums to check out the latest discussions, including threads covering the U.S. elections.


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Poll - Which flagship Windows Phone 8 would you elect and why?



Pretty sure it's the Lumia 920. They have best hardware and exclusive apps.
PureView Camera for low light shots and Optical Image Stabilization
PureMotion HD+ with ClearBlack for fluid screen and best for viewing outdoor
HAAC Rich Audio recording with 3 high amplitude microphones.
Advanced Synaptics touchscreen to use with gloves, pens, keys, etc..
Dolby Headphone Technology with state-of-the-art digital processing technology
Wireless Charging

Not only is Nokia the flagship windows phone there the flagship smartphone of all phones Nokia has the best and that's a fact and I bet no one will make a commercial against Nokia LUMIA 920 that would be stupid to cuz there's no competition for Nokia LUMIA 920

The 920 for the innovative hardware and the fact that Nokia supports its products and takes great pains to make it the best darn experience for a phone. I can honestly say that Nokia cause about its customer base. Samsung, I would say not at all. For HTC they do but not nearly as well as Nokia does. 
Conflicts of Interest: I own a Lumia 900

My thoughts exactly. Nokia does invest in customer care and you can see that reflected in a number of high quality nokia apps for instance.

They also admit when they make mistakes. For example the first wave of Lumia 900s with a messed up software bug. everyone who was an early adopter got the phone for free. no other manufacturer did that. also Nokia has gone out of their way to get developers and apps, as you said. Nokia has earned my loyalty. Granted if they screw up royally I will bounce but as of right now they are a pretty solid company on customer care and relationships.

Those are essentially my thoughts as well. I don't want to say anything negative about other OEMs, but I do have more positive view on Nokia.

Me too was sold on Nokia 920, but was being pulled towards the 8x.920 is only available on EE in UK at the moment too. Only downside to 8x is it won't have Nokia drive, I rely on that a lot for work. Guess I will wait for the 920 to be available on other networks / simfree (unlocked).

Other oem get nokia maps. Nokia drive is separate and I haven't heard any news about other oems getting it.

Bought the Titan 2, my first HTC phone. I'd love to see how far I could throw it. I have to reboot my phone to download any pics sent to me by SMS. The visual voice mail does not connect moat of the time. I reset my phone to get a pic from a message and BING I have 3 voice mails... 2 more than a day old. ATT says this has been a complaint from others as well. They "reset" the connection, but no help. I'm jumping to Nokia 920 as soon as I can!

I LOVE my HTC TITAN II. Best phone I've ever owned. Haven't had one issue with it and its as good as the day I bought it even without a screen protector or case. Super fast, no communication issues. I am looking at the 920 because the camera matters a lot to me (& my T-II has the best of the W 7.5 phones IMVHO) but I will give a look at the 8X because of my fondness of my previous HTC experiences :-)

NH3MAN, I'm a little where you are. I have had a great experience with HTC but am torn by the spec of the 920. I'll have to wait until I hold each in my hand. I expect that I won't be able to resist the Lime Yellow 8X.

My T-II stopped sending and receiving MMS - so I called and they sent me a new one.  No biggie!  It is my fourth HTC and second best (the Fuze was brilliant an unbelievably well built).

Lumia 920, because ive had 2 htcs and theyve both broken within 12 months. Cant doubt nokia for reliability

i need that OIS camera to shoot smooth videos during my ski runs, also use the screen with gloves on or cold fingers in the winter.

I think it's funny that none of these are American companies... So technically, they don't even get past the first requirement to be POTUS.
Since we are an international community, i would have to go with the L920

And I'm British, so I guess that makes it moot before we even take the companies into consideration in this artificial poll :-)

+1 - I won't even be a year into my Titan Gen1 contract so I'll be waiting to see what MS puts out next year (1st quarter?) in regards to the Surface phone. I'm hopeful but if they can't approach the camera in the 920 I might be able to hold off for the 920's successor

Didn't stop the current POTUS, HaHa... OK, I'm joking already. What? Too soon? PLEASE Don't get all political with the hate crap. Its just a joke :-D... even if its about "The One"

I chose Nokia, but I am still dissapointed that it isnt coming to Verizon, so I will be getting the HTC 8X

How many different ways can you guys run the same poll? The Nokia 920 always wins. Its like that Verizon commercial.

My answer is simple. Nokia Lumia 920. Because it is the best of the pack for me... I don't care about the big/bulky size of the phone, I care about great camera, great construction/design, call reliability, great screen and the support that Nokia is giving to the ecosystem.

Unfortunately +1 on this comment. I'm a current Gen1 Titan user and not a single update since the phone was released (almost a year)...and it needs at least one update to fix some issues...

Nokia 820. The 920 lacks some "subtlety", it's just too... bulky. I have this (crazy?) idea that the 920 was designed mainly for the American market. That said, I need Nokia software, and the 820 has the elegance I'm looking for.

Wrong.  The American market loves the iPhone.  If Nokia made the 920 huge and heavy thinking that is waht the American market wants, they really screwed up....

My vote goes to the Lumia 920. It's just so perfect and the total package. Great screen, great camera, lots of exclusive apps. It's also beyond gorgeous! You can't go wrong with the 920.

I wish the 920 would go to all carriers. I have an HTC phone and it's horrible. But the samsung is the worse. No effort on samsung's part. They didn't even bother seems like they are focusing all their efforts on android. 

Samsung ATIV S, because it has the best specs of all WP8 phones thus far, including the largest screen and battery capacity.

Sad story... I would love to buy a L920, but I'm in the middle of a contract with TMO.  In my mind there are three phones in the last 10 years whose industrial design are truly sexy and ground breaking.  The first Razr by Motorola (yet the flip phone), the iPhone 4 (just talking hardware industrial design here) and the NokiaN9/L800/L900/L920. 
I will never buy an Apple product, but I would love to buy a Nokia 920.  I would never have even considered the Windows Phone ecosystem before seeing the Lumia 900.  Now I am going to buy one.  Just sick of hard resets on Android and have some sort of (possibly illogical) intrinsic dislike for Apple and its fanboys.
Nokia brought me to the Windows Ecosystem, but I will be giving my money to HTC since they are supporting ALL (Sprint doesn't count since they are trapped by Apple) carriers.  It's too bad because I would love to have a L920 for the next two years.

that is indeed sad, but i thought you would have to wait anyway even you choose to stay with T-Mobile?

My wife used an upgrade a couple of months ago.  I saved mine for the WP8 launch.  I wasn't joking... Nokia made me look at Windows Phone but they won't take my money!

i c. Just to be clear though, MS helped HTC to put their phones on all carriers, because MS was trying to pull in another manufacture.  In other words, HTC did not try that hard.

I am on tmo, I would love to have the 920 but if I can't or it is tooo expensive an ulocked device, I will go for the 810.
can we have a pool just by carrier?? it makes more sense.

I'm on AT&T so 920 all the way.
Not only is it the best WP8 device, but as an added bonus (at least according to some reviews), I'll be looking like Conan just from daily use!!

I going to love getting in a few biceps curls inbetween photgraphy session.  Right before I video record a latin bull fight in Rich Dolby Digital Audio.  Life is gonna be awesome once I own this phone....

Nokie 920 of course. Which is such a shame, that its only on one carrier (here in the US anyways).

Of course the cyan Nokia lumia 920. Its not just cause the sensitive screen and the perfect camera, cause I have heard good things about Nokia, and everything I read on the web talk about more support on hardware and software.

920 for the app exclusivities, constant updates, storage, design, screen and camera. They have the most at stake when it comes to WP8 and that is what their business model is now so Nokia all the way.

Nokia Lumia 920 because of the Nokia apps and camera. If Microsoft brings a Surface phone then I might reconsider lol

8X because I like the design and the screen AND its comming to Tmobile. There's no way I'm going back to ATT. If the 920 was on Tmo I would probably go with that, but for what I need I don't feel cheated by not getting the 920

Looking forward to getting HTC Windows Phone 8X. Main reason is that it has perfect screen size, that is perfect for my work, also great front facing camera, that I use often, and of course Windows Phone 8 with full Office. It is really worth going here, knowing that you will find fresh news here, and of course forums, I have recommended this website to my friends, and they started reading it, and they're thinking of buying a new Windows Phone 8, so I guess this is good either for you and Microsoft.

Nokia Lumia 920 for me, has the biggest screen available at launch, no news on Ativ S on any US network and I dont mind a phone with some weight to it. Had a Focus and was almost too light for me. Not to mention awesome color options and a great camera with some awesome engineering behind the phone. Besides, wireless charging...no brainer.

The Nokia Lumia 920, and it isn't even a contest. Why would one choose the cheap, made in Taiwan imitation (HTC 8X) when they could have the real thing? The original (i.e. the Lumia 920) is superior in every respect, from its camera, to the display, to the quality of the build, to exclusive apps, wireless charging, super sensitive screen, etc. than the copy cat (i.e. the HTC 8X). 

I'm going for the HTC 8x myself, although I'm stuck on a budget tho.. :-( Even so, I would elect the Lumia 920 because of its features, build quality, customer support and of course it looks awesome.. :-D (not stating the HTC is bad though.. ;-)) No offense, but I wasn't planned to put the Ativ S on here because it lacks support, it has Samsungs crappy batteries and it looks like you can snap it in half with two fingers.. (in other words it looks cheap.. ^^)

Although HTC made a really good job with 8x and the s,the trophy goes to Nokia...as an owner of two lumia and the titan 1,its all about software and Nokia knows that..htc in the past didn't give a shit but we will see this time around..

Ativ S - Went from a Lumia 900 to a Focus S and I am a thin and light fan.  SD slot puts Ativ over 8x for me.  But since I'm ok with my Focus S, I'm trying to skip 1st gen wp8.

If I went windows, i'd go nokia 920. The camera is an important feature for me, and low light too, for bars and concerts and sporting events. But there are just too many concerns/unknowns about windows phone, that I don't think I can risk it. Probably getting either a One X (hopefully at&t has the plus soon) or Galaxy S III.

Can you explain what concerns/unknowns you have about the Windows Phone?
Maybe we can help answer your questions.

Considering Wp8 has little to no market share, and they have the equivalent of the village idiots overseeing the launch of their make or break phones, what serious developers are going to waste their time creating apps? Secondly, if you supposedly have a release scheduled for Friday and you haven't announced it prior to Tuesday, only a fool would bet on Wp8 or take it seriously!

@Phasar. Even though Windows Phone has less than 5% market share, 25million + phones is not a number any sensible person would throw away and the 130k apps did not come from the moon. At least they came from developers who are more sensible and can use their brains to decipher that Android and IOS didn't get their huge market share in six months. Nobody wants to here these kind nonsense on this forum, you can go to imore or android central to tell this to the old ladies.

When is this Wp8 release date on at&t again? Oh, I forgot its a top secret release! Also, if "Talking Cat" and "Talking Monkey" are considered top Wp8 apps,they might as well fold up their tent and go home. Personally, I like the Wp8 OS, but they have done a pathetic job marketing and releasing Wp8. Especially considering what's at stake for Nokia and Wp8.

I too would like to know your concerns. I suggest you play with one when they are out, go home, mull it over, read reviews here, play with it again, mull it over some more, then get choose the best OS and hardware. I doubt you would choose anything other than a WP device.

I definitely intent to play with both the Lumia 920 and Htc 8x when they show up in ATT stores. I'm trying to keep an open mind about my next phone, and i'm not just tossing out the word "concerns" as empty rhetoric. Choosing windows phone is a big change, and I'm not sure a 14 day return window is long enough to cement the decision. My concerns are:
No notification center
No video-out (which i do use at home, at my mom's house, and on vacation)
Apps, I've been frustrated enough by struggles getting apps on Android, WP8 seems 100 times worse.
VPN, big ommission.
Lack of google apps.
Unclear how easy it is to quickly toggle settings. One thing i prefer in android over iphone is the ability to toggle settings via widgets. I haven't seen this covered in a review.
Tethering - on iphone or android, I can at least jailbreak to tether, but if ATT is going to lock that down on WP8, i might not have any recourse, and I ran into issues this summer not being able to tether on vodafone because of ATTs lockout.
I haven't seen a picture of the dialer, which seems like a weird thing to skip over.
I also don't have a ton of facebook friends, so while I like the concept of the Me tile, I don't think I'm its target audience.
Live wallpapers seem great, but I'd like to either play with them, or see an in-depth review, particularly of the ESPN one and how it chooses what score to display for a fan who has 4 favorite teams (Flyers, Phillies, Eagles, Union), but despises ESPN's favorite sport (basketball).
Whether Spotify will put out a decent app, or if xbox music is better anyway.
Another app I use a lot is yelp, because I have more friends who check in using that than 4 square. The iphone version of the app is very full-featured, the android is missing key features, and the wp7 app is a placeholder that dresses up a basic search with the metro modern interface.

I doubt that any Windows Phone will be able to satisfy all your requirements. However, if you aren't averse to carrying something slighly larger, the Surface RT will solve all your needs.

Nokia Lumia 920.  
I must admit though, that the 8X has been tempting considering I don't like heavy phones,
Ativ looks sharp but size puts me off (I actually like the size of my Lumia 800, so even the 920 is bigger than I want) 
6 reasons that kept me with the Lumia 920 (in order of importance)
1) It's Nokia and ontop of that they have put much more effort into WP so they deserve my money
2) Nokia Drive (many seem to have forgotten this)
3) Pureview Camera
4) HD+ Screen
5) Wireless Charging (8X not confirmed for all regions)
6) Own a Lumia 800 and till this very day I love the build quality and the screen

I will go for 920 or 820 both elegant and stylish. I like custom color shells for 820 and overall look but 920 has a better specs. So red 920 is my pick

I went with the 8x.  It may not have all the bellls and whistles as the 920 but it's not elitest either, it won't cater to the upper crust on AT&T.  The 8x is the phone for the masses!  A phone of the people, by the people, and for the people on all carriers.

If you would've asked me before, I would've said 920, but due to Nokia/ATT mot even giving a release date and here it is Nov. 5, I might have to say HTC 8X cause they at least seem to have their stuff together

Initially I thought the L920 was the one. It was all about the camera. Being on tmo, there is no chance. Sure I was disappointed but got over it. The more I researched and compared, it was not all about the camera. Size, weight, and design mattered. Seeing tmo so far have only two WP options, I chose the 8x. In reality the Ativ S is for me and hope that tmo would carry it. Would I choose the L920 if it came to tmo? Before I would in a heartbeat, now just not sure.

Lumia 920:
1) PureView Camera: Just plain awesome.
2) PureView HD+ Screen: Unmatched direct sunlight readability, super sensitive touch, 60 FPS speeds.
3) Wireless Charging: Some may call it gimmicky, but I can't wait to be lazy with it.
4) Nokia Software: A host of high quality apps like Drive, City Lens, etc.
5) Exclusive Apps: Nokia is doing a tremendous job bringing apps to Windows Phone, with many of them coming to Lumia first.
6) Design: It might be a heavyweight, but it's still beautiful with its curved gorilla glass and unique unibody polycarbonate shape. The buttons and back decal are now ceramic, to prevent scratches.

I say the Lumia 920. I want that phone because it comes loaded to the brim wit tech. Wireless charging, pureview camera, super sensitive touch screen, 32 GB storage, Nokia collection of apps (which Nokia has done that are exclusive to their hardware for X amount of months) and I just love the build quality. I have held the 8X and the 920. I like heft. Some people like pickups and some people like trucks. The Nokia is deff like a truck. I bet it can take damage like one too.

I'm undecided at the moment. The Lumia 920 is full of hardware goodies and exclusive apps, but I can't help being drawn to the 8X as well. Can I spoil my ballot? I still can't get the phone I want in a 4-4.3" package.

htc 8x on verizon. would still get it even if the 920 was avaialble. like the size and looks better.

I have chosen the Nokia Lumia 920 as well. Though everyone has said my reasons, I'll state them again:

•Body design: The material for the unibody design (polycarbonate) was meant for the phone to take a serious beating. Throw in gorilla glass too!

•Exclusive apps: Nokia seems to be the only one to really take Windows Phone seriously. HTC is starting to show signs of doing the same, but I don't see them doing app exclusivity; same for Samsung.

•Camera: This one's a no-brainer and self-explanatory! Photographers like me (hobbyists and professionals) can't ignore the PureView. I don't see competitors doing anything with their phone cams. However, HTC beats the Lumia on the FFC hands down with it's wide aperture FFC.

•Support: No two ways - I've seen very fast, accurate, and responsive tech support from Nokia. Hard to say for HTC but almost little for Samsung Phones.

BTW, I'm using the Samsung Focus S and typing through the WPCentral app on it right now.

Nokia 920. I currently have a 1st gen Focus, and I love it. But I bought my wife a 900 and have been jealous of all the extras Nokia has from an app point of view. Updates are more timely as well. As for HTC, my old WM Star Trek was a POS. I suspect HTC is better now, and maybe it wasn't the hardware...but it turned me off.

I voted the Lumia 920. Hopefully they will say something soon about pricing and availability on AT&T.

Lumia 920.  For 1 reason only:  It has 32GB of storage.  With all the emphasis on music (Beats tech, etc) in the 8X, you would think they could pony up a little extra storage for media.
The Samsung isn't even on the table for me.  Looks too much like an Android handset.

32 GB wasn't enough for a first generation Zune, keep pretending. The Samsung is expandable to 48 GB, not perfect, but far better.

The L920 for PureView, Nokia Drive, City Lens and many more, gorgeous style and awesome build quality, commitment to WP, service and support, innovation, GLONASS, thier awesome screen and I'm sure I'm forgetting lots more. The only reason not to choose one is their poor availability.

920. despite the more than lackluster performance of ATT getting the info out. Seems like everyone knows but THEM. :P

Verizon customer. I would love the lumia 920, it is exactly what I want but if Verizon does announce they will carry it by March when I plan to upgrade... 8x it will have to be.

Nokia Lumia 920

because winter is coming and i want to be able to use my phone without removing my gloves!

8X ... wait hear me out first :
HTC introduced something new design wise , while the new 920 is an evolution of the lumia 800 awesome design ... while Samsung slapped WP8 on SGS III & tweaked it a bit & called it a day

Samsung ativ s. 64gb memory card. Enough said. I guess the ativ is Ron Paul best for the job but not popular enough to win!!

I was hoping to win the red 8x in the contest, but o well, I'll just have to buy it. I own an l900, and i really wanted the 920, but the size is a little heavy for me; maybe the next generation phones will be lighter..

It seems like a better poll would be to ask what phone besides the Nokia 920 you want and why. The 8X seems to be doing better in the poll this time, but 920 is still the landslide winner. I'd love the 920 but am on Verizon so I'm choosing between the 8X, 822, and Odyssey and between those although I'd get the 8X if it was an Android phone in a heartbeat because I love the look and feel, but I'm more likely to get the 822 because it gives me the Nokia apps that the 8X will never have. Choosing just the look and feel of the 8X would likely be a mistake for me 6 months from now when I couldn't get whatever new thing Nokia is offering. Seems like that would be a more interesting poll with more interesting comments.

I am voting for the Nokia 920 even though I am a Verizoner, I am willing to change party when my contract expire in May 2013 unless Verizon introduce the bill Nokia 922, a bill that I support to fight equal rights among having the best high end phone. Nokia 2012. 

Despite being a very satisfied Lumia 900 owner, and enjoying the great Nokia support, and the many app exclusives, I gotta go with the HTC 8x. I like its smaller form factor, nice light chassis, and its more than adequate camera, (for me), and the California Blue looks so good!

I would go with HTC because I wanted to try something different. I love my Lumia 900 and will never stop loving it, but I want to see what HTC can do.

The Lumia 920 when it comes with Verizon 4G LTE for WP8 and all its glory, but one thing separated it for me.
The Smart Shoot app on the camera that allows you to cut out people passing by.
That is something I need that I didn't know I needed and the smartest thing I've seen in a phone in years.

I want the 920 but will not pay the high costs on AT&T. That leaves me with the 8X although I would prefer the Ativ S. I really feel limited with my choices and am not happy at all with this launch. 3 great phones that offer different pluses for Windows Phone users / fans and almost absolutely no freedom of choice. Being in-between Android and Apple on the OS is fine, but not on the hardware choices.

Is so funny how people are so sensitive about 50 g of difference....i mean, 50 g, something sound like the difference is 50kg....please, lumia 920 is the best phone and the worst thing can happen to you is getting your biceps bigger. Lol:-)

The Lumia 920 for so many reason's. It has the most advanced screen -- no review has had any complaint on it, so at this point it is pretty much proven that the senstive screen does indeed work as advertised. It has HD+ -- with a PPI better then even that new Google Nexus device. Who care' about it's name (lol). The design is made to last -- sure, it is big and heavy, but the device is made to take a fall or two. Which, again compared to that Google device, where one fall might crack the beautiful glass cover. Or the iPhone 5 that will scratch because you accedentially put your phone with your keys.
And I haven't mentioned the built in wireless, the Nokia Collection of apps that really take what people complain about -- no turn by turn navigation -- and not only add it, but the app is one of the best around. Nokia has done so much, and they deserve the praise they get -- and hopefully many people buy the phone. MS needs it to succeed. Nokia needs it to do well. I want it to do well !! lol

Why does everyone keep talking about "no turn-by-turn without Nokia Maps"?
I just picked up an old Samsung Focus with WP7.5, and I used the built-in Bing maps (i.e the stock Maps app built-in by Microsoft) to navigate me, and it had live, turn-by-turn directions with voice.
Which is more than my iPhone 4 ever had (either before or after Apple nuked Google maps on it and put their own crippled maps on it).

Bing turn by turn is cool, but its nothing comapared to Nokia Drive.  Sorry.  The UI on Nokia Drive is amazing.  Hell its is FAR better than many standalone GPS units!

I want to choose the 920, but the 8X is on more carriers. I have to go with the 8X for that reason alone.

Nokia lumia 920. Because Nokia are devoted to windows phone, they not only (in my opinion) offer the best hardware but also the best software. Nokia are resting so much on windows phone and you can tell just by looking at the phones. Also you cannot deny that HTC copied Nokia with the 8X. if you watch the design video for the 800 and for the 8X they say the same thing about building a phone that fits in the hand, is inspired by the UI and is colourful and stands out.

If felt like Microsoft had betrayed Nokia when they let HTC call thier phones the windows phone 8X and windows phone 8S.

Lumia 920 it has high sensitive touch screen,nfc,wireless charging,pure view camera,
Above all the design of 800 is carried on that's what I'm really care of the awesome camera

Nokia Lumia 920.
-My experience with the 900, combined with the apathetic platform support from the other manufacturers.
-Nokia's swift response to correct my data connection issues with my preorder
-Nokia's response customer support
-Nokia's in-house apps AND procurement of exclusive app deals
...seriously, do I need to go on???
I've nothing against the other manufactures (I loved my Nexus One) but given the track records of the big 3, Nokia's is most compelling.

For shits and giggles, can we have a presidential election poll? I'd be curious to see which party is more WP platform centric. I mean, of 7/11 can do it with soft drinks, why not us, right? Maybe turn comments off so everyone's feelings are spared and no one looks like an asshole.

I agree.  And I'm also anticipating Verizon "customizing" this phone into the Odyssey, ruining it with a "Verizon" button replacing the Windows button (as they did with their version of the Galaxy Note 2), replacing the nice outer case with a worse custom one for no reason than to be different (like they did to ruin the 820 and make it the uglier 822), and possibly remove the SDcard support (so they don't have to support it).

Nokia's exclusive apps made the difference. I love the 8X (weight, size, feel), but the lack of apps like Drive, City Lens, Maps breaks the deal. I'll live with a slightly thicker and heavier phone.

Lumia 920 definitely. The weight of the device has been playing on my mind lately but I think it is not a big enough con that offsets all the pros with the phone.
The biggest problem for me is that at the moment, my phone takes crap photos in low light. This is my biggest problem with smartphone cameras at the moment and the 920 seems to be hero in this regard. The camera is by far the most compelling reason to pick the Lumia.
Another pro which I just found out about the Lumia is it's audio features. The HAAC microphones and the Dolby sound don't seem to be touted as much as the other features like the display and OIS but its these little details that really makes me think that Nokia has put a lot of thought into this phone.
This phone is so feature packed, I don't care that this is the heaviest of the flagship phones. What's 185g when you can take stable video, awesome low light photos, record rock concerts with superb quality and have one of the best displays on the market?
I am absolutely sold on a red Lumia.

this is starting to feel like the boys over at crackberry waiting till next year for BB10 lmao lumia 920 for me thanks! no spec talk needed.

I am a real man so weight isn't an issue :-) Nokia Lumia 920 Yellow feature packed and solid device - ordered!

Got a yellow 920 on order.  It just edged out the HTC because Nokia look after their customers like no other OEM - but it was close!

I'm not surprised at the low desirability score of the Samsung Ativ, despite its better flexibility (when compared to the other two leaders). They (Samsung) have done little to no promotion of their [Singular] handset at all!
What I am surprised at is Samsungs "fat cat" attitude?! Yes, I'm aware of their huge profits on Android, but they are being, seemingly, altogether too dismissive of their Windows 8/Phone 8 offerings. Apart from their reveal/showing at Computex, I don't believe I've seen Any other promotional effort on their part!
Well, we all know what happened to the Cat that got the Rat? I already see Asus prowling to take their PC and Tablet crown.

I'm not surprised at the low desirability score of the Samsung Ativ, despite its better flexibility (when compared to the other two leaders). They (Samsung) have done little to no promotion of their [Singular] handset at all!
What I am surprised at is Samsungs "fat cat" attitude?! Yes, I'm aware of their huge profits on Android, but they are being, seemingly, altogether too dismissive of their Windows 8/Phone 8 offerings. Apart from their reveal/showing at Computex, I don't believe I've seen Any other promotional effort on their part!
Well, we all know what happened to the Cat that got the Rat? I already see Asus prowling to take their PC and Tablet crown.

The Lumia. For Nokia Drive, Nokia Music, the styling, the bigger battery than the 8X, and that Camera.
The 8X is really very nice though (I have tried both in Phones 4 U). A little nicer to hold in the hand than the Lumia. Feels thinner, even if it is not really. Nokia should have stayed with the matt finish on all colours.
Not seen the Ativ S yet. But the Lumia is already on the limit of screen size that I can handle, I personally think it is too big to use one handed.

Simple: Both Nokia and HTC have invested heavily in design and user experience.
Samsung did not.
But only Nokia has come with regular updates and bug fixes and some serious apps like Maps, music & CO.
HTC and Samsung still have unresolved bugs with WP7.5 handsets.

Can't go with Nokia...because they are not available on all carriers. So they cannot get the "Flagship" banner.

Micro SD expansion, two spare batteries and a wall charger ($28 on eBay), and my Focus is still an awesome phone today. These features changed the way I use a phone, so why would I encourage manufacturers to be as thoughtless as Apple? My Ativ S will outlive your Nokia 920 and HTC 8x by a year or more, and will have enough memory for twice the maps, mp3s and video.

Rich, can we change the logo of WPCentral into the updated WP8 and W8 icon? Or run a contest for the best design.

...last week I got me a HTC 8X. Why? At € 9.95 I coulnd't resist. Actually the Lumia920 was my first choice but my carrier doesn't offer the Nokia yet. I am very satisfied with the quality of the body of the 8x and also it works smooth and flawless
Now I have plenty of time to see what the competition will put on the market and either keep the 8X or get me the another device of my choice...

I think the lumia is the best choice. With all choices however it remains to be seen which will last longer and thus is the ultimate value in the longterm.

Nokia 920 for the phone in general, but for the camera, Nokia programs, Nokia Drive, street scene etc., commitment to MSN, and all of the good reviews I have read.

Lumia 920 and that wasn't so hard to deside.
Nokia seems to be really serious with Windows Phone platform and their phones just seems to be great quality with great features. It really matters to me how you make phone out of plastic. i.e. Don't want flimsy cheap plastic on my phone.

Here are few reasons I am going to buy Nokia Lumia 920
- best camera phone in the world
- one of the best screen (might easily be the best, not 100% sure though)
- 32GB internal storage (iPhone charges $200 for 8GB)
- best social integration
- Microsoft office inbuilt
- pentaband
- 4G LTE in US
- Nokia apps
- kids corner
- and all these for just $100 (on a 2-year contract)

Lumia 920. I like meatier phones and will use an improved camera significantly more than I would ever use improved speakers. Also, the Nokia exclusive apps.