SkyDrive App now available for Windows Phone 8 devices

SkyDrive App now available for Windows Phone 8 devices

Oddly missing for a while from Microsoft next generation mobile OS, Windows Phone 8, SkyDrive is now available to download on your new handset.

While it has been possible to get most of the things you might care about from the Pictures Hub or even the Office Hub the dedicated SkyDrive app allow you to view it all in one place. How it should be.

The app is now up to version 3.0 and is said to support the following new features:

New in version 3.0:

  • Search your SkyDrive files and folders
  • New settings for photo upload and download size
  • Support for Windows Phone 8
  • Updated app icons and visuals

Performance time when loading your content in SkyDrive now gets a big boost, the Windows Phone 7 app when side by side takes considerably longer in some cases to load the same content. Performance of the app is certainly a welcome addition but so is the ability to search for content in SkyDrive. As many users are now quickly filling up their cloud storage with all sorts of data being able to quickly get to it is essential. The new version of the app also allows you to select both the upload size as well as the download size in the settings.

Unless there is a delay of some sort this update does not seem to apply to Windows Phone 7 devices. When I tried it the app simply reports that its 2.2.0 and there is no option to update presented.  

We’ll keep our collective ears to the ground and let you know if the update pops up for Windows Phone 7 devices down the line.

Let us know what you think of the new features and indeed if you discover something we might have missed in the comments below.

Grab it from the Store here

Scan and download it with the QR code below

QR: Skydrive


Reader comments

SkyDrive App now available for Windows Phone 8 devices


Yay finally got that one sorted - now just need the skype app and I will be a happy camper. Got a 2.1 wide angle front facing camera on my 8X just begging to be used.

Hopefully soon. Im thinking we may see a major app release on Friday when the US start getting the WP8's Will hopefully be loads of dedicated WP8 apps

Checked the skype big blog shortly after my last post here. They say its coming soon and that was posted on the 29th Oct. Thing is, is skype's version of coming soon the same as nokia's coming soon? we could be waiting until christmas.

woah back the bus up ! are you saying that WP8 Doesnt have Skype pre-loaded? Thats what I thought based on the launch. Please dont tell me we have another Joe B shows how wonderful it will be "eventually" but makes it sound like we have it now. This would be the 3rd major launch where he has done this now. Man i get so frustrated by MS sometimes. They are like that girl that you want to dump but cant even though she drives you nuts.

Skype doesnt come preinstalled because it would mean no carrier would carry WP8 devices. But once installed it gets integrated into the OS. Carriers hope that many consumers will remain unaware of Skype that way.

OMG you're so right "coming soon for Windows Phone 8" thats me not buying a WP8 until I see it launched and reviewed. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me - Too much shame for me, I'm on my 3rd WIndows Phone and still not freaking Skype grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr