AT&T Launches the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 today – Did you get yours?

Today is the day for many of you in the U.S. as AT&T has finally put on sale the Nokia Lumia 920 ($99 on contract) and the HTC 8X (starts at $99, up to $199). These mark the first Windows Phone 8 devices on the market and are the start of what we hope is a big wave of advertising and adoption. Look for our Lumia 920 review later on today.

The question for you is simple: Did you get one? Take the poll after the break and let us know.

Contest: Share your AT&T stories in comments, tell us what you think of your phone or share inventory status for your location and you we’ll randomly choose three of you for a $50 gift certificate to our store to stock up on accessories for your new phone! Also, head to our forums (920, 8X) for more in depth discussion!


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AT&T Launches the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 today – Did you get yours?


I ordered online Wed morning real early. Had no problems with the upgrade and was prompted for the free charging plate. Sadly, I ordered Yellow and have to wait till next week for some unholy reason. But overall the experience was great. I can't wait to get the device!


got a nokia lumia. awesome phone. low light pictures do look great.  the store were i was at today was packed.  not everyone was buying windows phones but rep told me they have been selling a very good amount of phones throughout the day. 

I went to my local store super early to be safe because I didn't know how many they would get in. All the people waiting were waiting in their cars bc It was freezing. I got out and waited by door when a couple started standing by door. Then a lot of people started to show up. Some guy decided to start standing in front of the door like he was going to go in first, I didn't think too much of it until doors opened and AT&T worker said you (me) will be after this guy bc he was first; I guess because I wasn't humping the door. But I said, Uhh no I was before him. Then the guy decided to start saying he was there first, he was just waiting in his car. I said, the hell you were, you weren't the first to pull up and you weren't the first to be by door so I don't know wtf your talking about. He kept arguing his case and I just said I'ma punch you in the throat if you keep talking bullbutter. He kept mumbling but all I know after that is I ended up walking out of the store with my 920 first  (mad max black) and apparently I'm getting my free charging plate in a few days (they didn't receive any and had to order for me or something). Wasn't trying to start an argument over a phone like it was a big deal but I can't stand people who have nothing but bullbutter coming out of their mouth; plus I wanted my phone I've been ready to get off iphone. Still exploring and learning 920 though. The vibration kind of bugged me a little so I turned it off and there still is a slight movement when I press back. home or search buttons on bottom.... Is that normal? Also other question I have is those same three buttons glow like an off white glow, eggish color, straight on but whiter at an angle... Is that normal? I took a picture of it with my iphone 4 and straight on its bright white like in pictures online but still seems off white in person. I know my eyes aren't messing  with me though. Other than making sure those things are normal, pretty sweet phone so far. Picking up iphone 4 after handling 920,  it feels like a sissy phone. Overall pretty pleased with 920, unless i find out those buttons moving when I press them and the color isn't normal; really don't want to have to go to AT&T store again for awhile. If someone could let me know. Maybe I should of tried AT&Ts model phone but I didn't want to waste time at the moment, was ready to get home and then try it out.. A few things I'm still getting used to and a few things I wish were different that people already mentioned in other articles posts but overall pretty pleased with phone so far.

I was shocked on how good my experience was with ATT and my Lumia 920. I went to my local store around 10am and picked up one. I was the first customer to purchase one from the store. I live in a smaller sized town/city so I didn't have to wait in line. I was surprised when my sales rep knew about the phone and how WP8 works. My local store didn't have the wireless charge pads but my rep ordered on for me. I was in and out of there in 10 minutes. Good customer service and glad I got my sweet Black 920. Very impressed with the build quality 

My fiance and I were the first in our state to buy them at a retail store :) red 920 for me and she's got an 820

I got a white 920, my wife ordered a yellow 920, and they had to order the wireless chargers as they don't carry them in store.  Traded in my BELOVED 1st gen Focus and got the 920 for $60!  It's a BEAST of a phone.

Went to the Microsoft Store, they had all colors except yellow and cyan. The problem was that they didn't advertise the phone, they were hiding them under the table. So only those who knew about it got their hands on them. This is pretty god damn stupid. The entire store was filled only with Surfaces. It's like Microsoft doesn't even have faith in their own platform.
Went to the AT&T store, they didn't have any in stock but then I noticed something beautiful. The manager at the store had a Lumia 920....in yellow! It is absolutely stunning in yellow.

I went to my local AT&T store in the mall today to pick up a 920 for me and my girlfriend. I called a day earlier and they told me they had black, white and red colors available but couldn't give me the number available for each. I got there around lunch time (for my girlfriends lunch break) I opted for the black 920 (gotta have a matte finish) and she desperately wanted the red glossy 920. Once I got there, only two black 920's were left, and I was told that there was only one red 920 in stock from the beginning.
The transaction was a bit messy because their system was down and I had to activate my phone through the rep's personal cell, but it's working and I couldn't be happier! Luckily for us, I got another AT&T store nearby to reserve a red 920 for my girlfriend once she's off work. They had a much larger stock than the local store.

Finally got my red 920 at the third store in New Orleans, great guys at Clearview store who knew what they were talking about. First store at Elmwood had no clue, empty displays for the HTC 8X and a Lumia 900 mislabeled where the 820 should be. I told a couple of people who said they were under a "reset". Sucked bad for first day of awesome product.

Really, really nice phone! I just switched from the iPhone 4 because I wanted to try something new and I'm totally glad I did. The entire phone experience is so fresh and exciting, like discovering your new favorite food. I can't wait to show it to my iPhone buddies. If they're not impressed its because they just signed a two year contract they can't get out of. ;)

I got mine today at Best Buy.  I had $30 in rewards points to use so it was pretty cheap.  Of course, they aren't giving away free chargers like AT&T so I'll try to get one from Nokia.

i pre-ordered mine online... cant wait and went to my local ATT (Waipahu , hawaii ) store today to have  a closer look...but none of the 920 & 820 on display....  Nokia and Microsoft pushing hard this phone but  ATT look like they dont even care...

Yep I picked up the Lumina 920. I'll admit I was ready to write off Windows Phone completly, even having been a faithful user for the past two years.
Last week I got too anxious and couldn't wait to upgrade and had upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S3. I have been using that for the last week. HOWEVER yesterday I had a co-worker who had gotten his shipped to him and it had shown up a day early so he had it at work with him since we both work nights. I compared the two and was set on coming back to Windows 8. Windows 8 paired with the great hardware from Nokia I feel bad that I strayed.
I picked up the white one. I called my local store and was told all they had left was two black ones. I was cool with the black though I was kind of wanting the white. However upon getting into the store and starting the exchange of turning my GS3 back in I found out they had 1 white one left. I picked it up and don't regret it one bit!

They ordered the charging pad for me which I should have next week. I love the heft and build quality on this phone. Samsung uses plastics too but theirs feels cheap this feels like high quality. They could learn from Nokia.

On a side note my local ATT store (At Gilbert Gateway Town Center in Mesa AZ) suprisenly had quite a few units when they opened. They told me they had around 30-40 people in line at opening. Sold out of their shipment of 8X's (though they were expecting more today or tomorrow) and only had the 3 Lumina 920's left and a few 820's.

I got lumia 920. All the stores lumia 920 has limited stock. One store in capital city mall in Harrisburg had it. I went there but I was so much disappointed the way at&t displayed nokia. Both phones were dirty. I asked the rep why there is dirt and bubbles on the phone. He said we cleaned using cleaner and it is left in that. I told I am a windows phone fan we want it shown the way it should be. He said "you are more than welcome to clean it". I felt so.sorry for nokia engineers. All other phones in the store is crystal clear. Only nokia they sprayed something and make it ugly and muddy.  I saw a person just came and looked at it and didn't buy. No wonder they had it in stock. This store is inside capital city mall, Harrisburg, PA.  I  came home and purchased online.

My store had sold out of Red, White and only Black was left by the time I got there around 4:00.  We saw 3 other people buying them while we were there and the guy said they had sold over 30 today.  The funny thing is he said he was only told about the phone this morning and they handed out Windows 8 t-shirts for them all to wear today too.   I notice 3 of the employees had them as their personal phones and they seemed to be pushing them to everyone that walked in the door.

Got a Red 920 today and love it.  They didnt have it at the first ATT I went to but they called other stores for me and found me one! so happy with this beauty 

I was out front at 8:45am, alone. AT&T opened the doors at 9:00. Everyone whearing a blue windows phone shirt but they didn't seem to know much about them. I walked out with a white 920 at 9:20.
No wireless chargers in stock but they said they would ship one to my house, (I got a shipping confirmation @ 1:00pm).
They had white, red & black, I really liked the matte finish on the black and almost got it but the white is a little more friendly looking. It goes well with the silver lettering and either light or dark theme.
I've been holding it all day and just turning it on just to look at it. I tried out several Nokia apps and the Drive+ was awesome but be warned. I had moved away from the Drive App at least over 2 hours. I was driving home listening to music from the phone in the car when, BING BING!!! What the hell was that! The Drive App was still running and told me I was speeding... (So, that's why the battery went down so quick...actually a relief). Double tapped the back button and all is well.
Charleston, SC

I ordered mine red on 7 th and it's still in processing now!!!??!?! Is there a place to file a complaint? Why on the earth they put deliver on 9th on their web. If you can't why not start preordering earlier like 2 weeks before the lanching? So sad that 920 is exclusive.

I agree. They are liars. I too ordered on the 7th and received a confirmation on the 7th. If you look at my order online, it says I ordered on the 8th. Balderdash! 
It has been processing since last night or sometime yesterday.
If they can't deliver on time, the darn system should at least UPDATE the delivery schedule!!!  Grrrrrrr!

I also ordered on the 7th and its still showing processing. Was going to cancel but my local store was sold out of red ones by the time I got there so I'm resigned to waiting till next week.

I am actually waiting for Amazon to stock the Nokia Lumia 920. I currently have some gift credit with them which would make the purchase pretty easy. Cant wait to get it in my hands!!
I will be purchasing it no-contract price. I am 100% happy with Nokia's decision to price it at $449 no-contract!! That is actually $50 less than I was crossing my fingers for it being! I would love to see the Cyan version in person before pulling the trigger on that color but I have a feeling that it will be beautiful. Hopefully the Microsoft Store near me will have one on display that I can play around with. I did notice something though. The Microsoft Store online has the 920 available BUT they currently have it listed for $499, strange...

Just ordered my white Lumia 920 online. I was able to take a look at the black, red and white Lumias before ordering at the ATT store in Elmhurst IL (Chicago west suburbs). They have plenty in stock if you guys are looking for phone in the Chicago west burbs

Damn! I just realized my unlimited data plan for iphone was deactivated. I chose to keep my existing plan at the time of checkout but when I activated my phone the data and text messaging were removed leaving me only with the minutes plan.

Got my cyan 920 today and have to say it exceeded my expectations right from the start.  I have enjoyed my black 900 but honestly the quality and design of the 920 is what I was expecting from the 900 which while solid didn't quite hit the mark.  The curved screen of the 920 is just damn impressive, you just want to keep touching it.  Haven't seen in-person anything like it to date though I believe the N9 had this.  Screen resolution is outstanding.  Even the death rattle haptic feedback vibration is now perfect.  Now I want to hit the back button instead of cringe.  Weight difference just a bit noticeable thought the size difference isn't.  Overall I was surprised the 920 is actually more comfortable to hold than the 900.
Nokia, great job.  Seriously, just a beautiful piece of work.

Checked out the 920 at the AT&T store in Newport Mall, Jersey City. They had a black and white 920, a black 820 and a blue HTC 8X(8gb). Told that they had stock of the 920 and 8X stock will be coming next week. About the phones, the 8X was very light and a bit narrower than I expected and the 920 felt quite large and a bit heavy. Colors looked natural on the 920 and the 8X looked a bit washed out. Refresh rate on the 920 was kind of a disappointment, scrolling was not blur as advertised. The 820 looked very nice and confortable to hold, since it is a AMOLED colors really popped, resolution is still quite bad and text was a bit blurry same as the 900. I can't make my mind on what to buy yet, I was seriously considering the 8X, but think HTC didn't price it aggressively as Nokia. Maybe I'll wait for the ATIV before taking a decision.

I am on cloud 9. The waiting sucks though. Just ordered my Cyan 920 . A cool CSR @at&t gave me an early upgrade for $99 bucks. Wanted to get a Red one but the shade of red when I saw it in store was not to my liking. White too glossy . I hope I like the Cyan. My 900 will be on Ebay pretty soon. Thank you At&t. But I have to say At&t Nokia & MS f####ed up the launch big time. MS stores font even have them on display for the launch. How dumb is that...

I got a Red Lumia 920 today! I preordered the Yellow one from Best Buy. I knew it would be out today and went to the store early. They didn't have any in stock yet. I was of course disappointed. I then drove around to find an AT&T store in the area (google maps only "place" was a permanently closed location.
I almost gave up searching and decided to head back to my home area to go to work when I found the new AT&T location. I don't think many people new this one was there. There was one other person in the store. They were getting a white Lumia 920 setup. It looked awesome! I asked the rep if there was a white one available. Turns out they didn't get many at that store - no more white. I asked to then see the black one realizing that I'd never even seen this phone physically before.
The black one was just black. Pretty boring. There was no yellow either. Just red. The red Lumina looked to obnoxious online so i was reluctant to take a look at it. But I did - I wanted to walk out with a Nokia Lumia 920 today before work!
I was shown the red one. Whoa! Not bad. Red but not too red. Not boring. It looked pretty hot.
It was different enough from other phones I had. I wanted it. The guy the was buying the white one wanted it too but was told there was only on in stock.
That was it.
"Give it to me!" I said the sales rep. To keep the same phone number I had had to call T-Mobile customer service. I'd been using a Samsung galaxy S for a while. I had to leave them after around 8 years of being with them.
It's too bad. I was glad to be able to tell the customer service rep why I was switching. So that maybe they might get the phones that many people want in time so that they don't lose customers. Not having the Nokia Lumia 920 on launch day was the last straw for me after many many years of putting up with not having an option of many phones I might want.
This phone is sick. I love it. It's heavier for sure and feels solid. Love the screen. I 4 other people decided they wanted to switch their phone to mine after seeing the smooth motion the camera, the beautiful screen and the gorgeous shape and color.
Now that I'm off work, I can finally be able to discover what my phone can really do.
Next up - cancel my preorder at best Buy.

I went to the Verizon store to per order a new Windows phone 8 device.  I was still unsure if I wanted the 8x or 822.  
When I got to Verizon the guy could pretty much care less to help me.  I was there to upgrade my 1 year old HTC Trophy.  He first quoted me the new contract prices and then told me I would have to pay full retail.  I asked him how much it was to break my contract and it was $240.  
I went to see how much deposit and all total cost for a 920 would be.  The AT&T guy was more than helpful.  I did like that they all had Windows 8 shirts on.  I gave them all my Verizon stuff and they quoted me $100 for the phone with the wireless charging pad.   The charging pad had to be ordered.  I did not have to pay a deposit.
The AT&T people were very enthusiastic about the Windows Phone 8 devices.  I work in a smaller town outside of a decent sized city.  That store had 20   920's this morning.  They had a couple people there when they opened.  When I got there on my lunch break I got the last black one and they had a red and white left.   
I really wanted a cyan but they were not available today.  I decided to go with the traditional black and just put a case it.   Maybe a couple different colors.

My experience was good, I went into AT&T store and WP8 posters were around, most employees wearing Windows shirts, and they had the lumia 920 and 8x on display, I was happy to see that. The one who helped me out was also trying to get others to buy wp. They helped me fast and asked what I wanted, told them the white lumia, she got it and I bought, did have to talk to her about the free wireless charger though, she had not heard about it and was happy we told her. Overall it was a good experience. 

I bought the 920.  The wanted to handle the 920 and 8X before purchasing.  The first store I went to didn't have the 8X, but called another store in town that said they did have the 8X.  When I got to the other store, the actually didn't have the 8X; so there was some confusion there.  I wanted to get a phone today, so I went ahead with the Lumia 920.  There were no accessoreis on display, although thee sales rep did find a case in the back.  My charging pad will be sent to my house.  The "launch" would have been more powerful if everything had really been ready.  My voice mail wasn't working at first, and it took a 35 minute phone call to AT&T to get that resolved, but it's all working now.  When the VM was not working, the message it would give me was "Voicemail isn't configured.  Please enter again your voicemail number and try again"  The period was missing after the word again, which made this screen even more of a letdown to look at.  The OS really is so polished that this minor mistake really stood out to me.

i pre-ordered on the 7th when the store opened and specifically asked if i would get the cyan on friday, because i knew it was online only, and the manager said yes. turns out that they just shipped it tonight. not sure if i'll get it saturday or monday.

I had a great experience picking up the Lumia 920 today, it did take 2 attempts though.
First attempt I was at the AT&T store in the Eden Prairie Mall (MN) just before open and the only person standing outside the store.  I had a return in my hand for my wife and saw that store open early.  I wandered over there it took no more than 5 minutes, when I got back to AT&T it was a 2 or 3 minutes past open and there were 5 guys in there already to the single AT&T rep.  Reinforcements were coming at 10:30, but I had to leave to pick up the Mrs.
The nice woman who checked me in asked for my name and the phone I wanted, she then set one aside for me when I made it back to the store (about an hour) later.  It turns out I was one of the easiest upgrades of the morning due to me already being on WP7.  The other customers took awhile because the reps had to transfer contacts and data from other devices.  The only device mentioned by the rep was the iPhone.
Very quick and very easy when I look back on it.  I didn't mind the original line and having to comeback, if they had run out I would have waited to order it later.  They did not have the charging plate on hand, so that is in the mail and my tracking # for that arrived tonight.

After some contemplation and another hand-to hand comparison between the 920 and the 8X, I went with the black 920 and a membership to the gym.  I'm glad I had the chance to fondle both phones before deciding.

I bought a Black Nokia Lumia 920 at the Microsoft Store in Palo Alto, CA.  I did get hold of the AT&T WIreless store in Palo Alto by phone, and they had some in stock, but the guy on the phone told me there were ten people in line (that was at 5pm).
Anyway, the Microsoft Store had Black and Cyan available in store (I didn't ask about other colors).  There were none on display.  When I called today (11/9) around lunchtime the guy on the phone said they were basically receiving stock and had "limited quantities" of both the Black and Cyan I was asking about.  He recommended I call again before driving there later to make sure they hadn't sold out.  When I called back around 4pm, the woman who answered said they were expecting to receive them next week, and she didn't know they were already in the store - she did check when I told her about the morning's conversation, and she apologized.  They still had both colors available when I got there - frankly, I got the impression that I was the first person to buy one at that store.
When I walked in, no advertising of the phone, and NONE on display (they still had all the 800 colors on display, though, so I checked out the cyan that way).  The only sign they had the phone was one employeed trying out the Red Lumia 920.  There was an ATT rep in store and I think he was training her and a few other employees.  But, frankly, although that had no difficulty selling me the phone I wanted, you would have no idea that these phones were in stock somewhere in the back.
(I also asked if they had any Nokia accessories, to which they said no, but later I found the Monster Nokia Purity in-ear headphones on the shelf and bought those soon after.)
Of course, Palo Alto is as close to Apple country as a Microsoft Store can get, so I'm not surprised there was no WP8 activity in store that day.  But they certainly were doing NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH to promote WP8.  In fairness, the lame system of carriers we have in the US does not make that easy - I would guess they are waiting for a critical mass of phones before they roll out the WP8 displays.
Oh, I almost forgot.  The sales rep told me that at both 4pm and 5pm this Sunday they are doing a free "getting to know Windows Phone 8" walkthrough demo and Q&A for new owners.  Apparently they will even hook up one user's phone to the giant screen in back.  I may actually go to this just for kicks - although I'm pretty tech savy, maybe I'll learn some cool trick I hadn't figured out.
Anyway, for those who want the colors that ATT does not carry in their stores, know that Paul Thurrot reported on his last podcast taht the Microsoft stores intend to carry EVERY color of the 920, 8X, etc., in their stores.  Clearly with the 920 I found that they were carrying Cyan which ATT only sells through the mail.
One last comment: I wanted to get the 920 on 1-year Contract for $349 that AT&T sells online, as I could then upgrade in a year or switch to Verizon.  However, at the Microsoft Store they could only do No Contract or 2-year Contract.  I called the AT&T Wireless store, and they told me the same thing.  They both said that this is only a limitation in their in-store retail activation systems, and that the only way to get 1-year is from ATT directly on their website.  Anyway, after doing some math on the early termination cost if I terminated in one year, it basically works out the same due to the really low $99 cost of the 920 on 2-year contract.  So, I went with the 2-year knowing that I could cancel in a year and own a ~$200 termination fee which is basically the difference in phone price between the 1-year and 2-year contract price.
The phone does seem big at first, but I'm a big guy and it didn't worry me.  Compared to my iPhone 4, it's pretty close in weight.  Put the Apple Bumper case on the iPhone 4, and the weight is identical.  BUT, the 920 is bigger and you notice that.  But within 30 minutes it was already feeling really natural.  Honestly, I was agonizing over whether to wait for the Oddessy in the hopes it was thin and light like the ATIV S.  But this phone is NOT too thick.  The feeling of the size comes from the width and tallness of the case, not the thickness, and it does feel good in the hand.  I'm glad I bought this.
It is truly amazing how much crapware ATT puts on this device.  Thank Bill that we can remove it all.  I mean, these b@stards have the gall, on the Lumia 920 no less, to put the ATT Navigator app right next to Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive on the Start Screen.  Can you believe that?  Trying to get you to pay $10 per month to use an inferior nav app from ATT when you essentially already paid to have the Nokia versions already in the phone?  I counted no less than 6 ATT apps on the Start Screen.  Two of them in giant size.
In their favor, ATT does have free The Weather Channel on the phone, and you can also get for free a Slacker app from ATT.

went to the store in woodland hills in los angeles and they were sold out. they said they had an initial stock of 20 phones. they placed an order for me and said i should get it by middle of next week. the sign by the store display said that you get a free charger with purchase. they didn't have chargers but ordered it for the customers. i will call some pther locations tomorrow to see if i can get any sooner.

I went to the store right after school and they were sold out in the color i wanted (white)! The guy told me they only got 4 white ones and there were only black and red left. The store didnt even have the HTC's. I'm going back tomorrow to see if they get any more in stock.
Sidenote: i think its kinda bad how Microsoft/Att can't get their act together...it's the release date and they got 4 phones [in one color]?! For how much they've been hyping all this up they really didn't have it together. Granted, many people don't get WPs but if they need to be competeing with Apple they need to get people lining up at 6AM for these phones....understocking on the release day is definately not the way to go. 

Got my new cyan color. Had an issue getting the device to activate but now it is set up with all my apps downloaded. Saw Sid Meyers Pirates and Shuffle Party were not in the marketplace, and I am disappointed by that (online it says the Lumia 920 can't support it with the hardware, but somehow my LG Quantum could). As others said, best low light camera, but daytime pics were fair to mediocre (but a patch has been mentioned by Nokia execs).
The phone is a little large, but fine, and I mean my hand is a little too small to use the phone with one hand (but most people use both anyways). For the extra 10g or so from switching a LG Quantum to a Nokia Lumia 920, the Lumia feels lighter. That is not a typo, the Lumia does feel lighter.
OS is the best in my opinion, but I still miss some games that are on iOS. And because I thought I wouldn't have LTE coverage, I am excited to report I am covered quite well with it and it is fast (a few months ago, LTE phones at the store were on HSPA+, and my town was never announced by ATT).
Price is a steal, especially with the free wireless charger (only wish they color matched instead of the generic black for everyone. Apps are quicker to load than WP7 and my iPod Touch 4th Gen and little zippier than the iPhone 4S. As I just got the phone, I can't tell you battery life. What I can say is when I downloaded over 30 apps at the same time, the top of the phone went from hand temp to a slight warmth (not as bad as most WP7 devices got, my LG Quantum got really hot (any hotter and it may have left a burn mark)). I hope that this helps anyone thinking about the device, my advice: buy it now before it goes up in price (ATT listed it as $199 on the website with an instant $100 discount, so it may go to $199 soon) and make sure to buy it while it comes with a free wireless charger.

My store had a good amount of devices on hand, bith the 920 and the 8X. Black and white only for the 920, but I didn't even inquire about the 8X.
The same lady who took care of me on the 900 launch day was there again, and gladly helped me out. Saying she wasn't surprised to see me there again! My girlfriend let me use her upgrade to get the 920, and she gladly inherrited the Lumia 900 from me.
There were a few others in the store, checking out the new line of Windows Phones. I don't know if any were stepping up, but those who were looking at them had lots and lots of GOOD questions for the AT&T employees. And, contrary to what I have read, they did a great job answering them.
All in all, another solid effort by my local AT&T corp. store. In and out in under 10 minutes from start to finish. They make it easy to shop there.
Now, onto the 920. Great screen, the WP8 OS is insane. Lightning quick, beautiful, intuitive. The device IS NOT HEAVY. It's solid. It's sturdy, it's stout. Feels great in the hand. Anyone who thinks it's too heavy must have been using featherweight phones. It's not that much heavier than the 900 I had, and it's actually lighter than the Dell Venue Pro. Phenomenal phone all around.

Preordered a red one on the 7th but still says processing. Checked with AT&T today and response was that they don't process orders on the weekend so I should wait to check my order on a week day... Also wasn't possible to cancel an order on the weekend so I guess I'm stuck waiting. Could have gotten a black or white instead since they seem to be in stock in NYC in the big stores.

My experience has been pretty crappy so far.
I walked into my AT&T store and was able to get my hands on the glossy red (wanted Cyan, but didn't want to wait).  Used the phone for 3 hours and it froze up and died.  Was totally unresponsive, so I took it back to the store for a refund.  Ordered a Cyan phone later in the day online....who knows when that will come.
Quick review of the phone though:  Thing is amazing!  I too was a little worried about the weight after all the press it's recieved.  I honestly thought it felt GREAT in hand!  I'm coming from a Titan 2, so I'm already used to a heavier phone....but  the weight felt evenly distributed.  Unless you have your heart set on the glossy colors, I'd advise against.  As beautiful as it looks, its a fingerprint magnet!  I let a few of my friends play with the phone and once they were done, the thing looked NASTY!

I was a Lumia 900 early adopter only to find out that the handset was going to be outdated later in the year and no upgrade option.  So yesterday (Friday) afternoon around 5 PM I chatted with an AT&T rep online and talked about that very thing, the inability of the phone to upgrade to the new OS, etc.  They made some notes on my file and told me to call the Customer Service phone number. I did that and no kidding within 30 minutes had the Lumia 920 at the in store $99 upgrade price ordered plus they waived the upgrade fee and the shipping cost. The phone left Memphis this morning at 5AM and is now on the FEDEX truck for delivery by 1:30 PM. I was in shock at how straight forward the process was and how helpful the CSR was. All I did was talk the truth about how the 900 had been left behind. It also appears they are not making me renew my two year contract, which I was more than willing to do, to get the new handset.When I call to activate it I will ask about the free charging pad or just go into my local store to get it ordered.After having read all the comments on this story the variety of experiences is quite amazing and a shame at the same time.

My experience was the same yesterday. Have been using 900 since day one. I called asking for an early upgrade & voila & after 1minute on hold, it was approved including free wireless charger & waived shipping. She made a note on my account to waive activation fee once I call into activate. Very happy customer here. Got confirmation this morning, it's being processed & should get an email once shipped. Can't wait:-)

I got my White Nokia Lumia 920 yesterday and first in line!  I love it much more than my iphone and I can't wait to play around with the camera.  I love the customizable live tiles.  There is a face book page where you can upload screenshots of your unique live tiles and post the pictures and cinemagraph videos from your Lumia 920!
I can't wait to start taking great pics and posting them for iphone lovers to see.

So I went to my local AT&T store and all of the reps were wearing Windows 8 T-shirts and in went in for was the first Win 8 phone purchase for there store and they gave me a shirt and a $50 card to use for in store purchases. It was awesome I would be interested if that enthusiasm kept up all day? Anyway loved my Samsung Focus and I love my 920 (so far) Can't wait for Skype's app to go live so I can use the video messaging capabilities with my wife who is still deciding which Win Phone to get.

I ended up cancelling my bestbuy preorder, went to ATT yesterday and bought one in store. The preorder seems useless :\ Plus, at ATT you get a free wireless charger :)

Got mine yesterday after work in Seattle (no, I'm not an MS employee). Black 920. So nice. Lots of people at the store buying Lumias. Took about 2 hours before I got my phone and could finally take it for a spin. Store rep said they sold out of their first batch in a couple hours that morning. Only thing left was black when I got there, but they had red, yellow, and white earlier in the day. Another store rep told me they had 3 batches shipped in overall.  Talked to some people that said the other downtown stores were all sold out.
p.s. - The camera is awesome in low-light. My main camera is a Nikon D700 and the Lumia 920 is defintely in the same neighborhood for low-light performance. Impressive.

The phone I ordered on the 7th is still processing.    Oddly, the replacement micro sim for Apple iPad has.  Thing is, I don't have an iPad. 

I canceled my order I made on 10/21 at best buy and just went to the store to pick up. I couldn't wait and Best Buy had no idea when it would ship. I orginally ordered the yellow. But I will get a case so I just got the black I didn't want to wait weeks more.

I got the 920 yesterday but went to return it today and switch it our for the 8X, I just cant comfortably use the 920 with one hand and after using the 920 for a day will regretfully fork over another 100 for the 16gb HTC 8X. They were out of HTC 8X's though but said I could do it monday. So I'll be a Nokia user for a few more days.

AT&T still couldn't give me any estimation of when my phone would arrive. I ordered on Wednesday. I also noticed that even though I was buying the phone the plan cost was the same as getting the phone on contract plus on contract you get the charging pad. So I cancelled the order.

Only slept 3 hours, battling anxiety over my much anticipated year long obsession with the 920. Free charging pad (yinz got me scared about that) 99 bucks, 32 gb, awesome camera, Nokia support and apps, sweet color choices.....NO BRAINER! ATT online showed me what stores in my area carried what colors...thank goodness for that, only black and red with red in only 2 stores with limited stock. I decided on red and planned my times and speech for when they say no charging pads! Got there way too early, lol stood in line by myself (don't think too many people care about windows phone as much as I do in Pittsburgh). Anxiety for nothing, I had the nicest customer service lady, who new more than anyone I have spoke to before at ATT about windows phones. Right to the point asked her about the free charging pad, online and press release, went and got the phone spoke with manager cause neither of em knew about the deal. Hooked up the sweetest phone I ever had, actually offered to sync my music, pictures, and contacts! Never ever got that before, she was actually helpful and wasn't pissed at me for buying a phone! Said they didn't have any charging pads but having one sent directly to me or to the store than overnight it to me! Again never had that much help before I thought maybe it was my exhaustion and I was expecting Freddy Kruger to pop out at any moment! Great experience, although no phones were out but they were working on that and I must say it was a bummer that at a launch they didn't have all the choices to handle in store. But here is the real kicker...she only charged me $54!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do think I might go back and address that cause it was such a pleasant experience. Also love the phone! Not really heavy at all...drama queen reviewers! Better camera than my titan and low light punches me in the face everytime! GEEKED!

Ordered a cyan Nokia 920 for myself and my wife grabbed a red 920.  Our local ATT store in Austin was pretty crowded, but helpful.

I went to the AT&T store this morning and there were about 200 people in line waiting to purchase one of the Windows Phone 8's. I went later in the afternoon and there were still about 50 people in line. I know this is just one account, but I think this will be a very successful launch.

Let me put in my 2 cents. I work in downtown Chicago, and didn't get off til 3:30pm. I called every nearby store and no one had them,in stock. Some sales people from various stores told me that they didn't know when it was being released. I finally found it at a store closer to my suburban home. Upon entering, i can see sales staff wearing their blue windows t's. The Lumias had just been put on display, no HTC 8x's. A guy in front of me patiently waited for someone to ask for a 8x, and they didn't even have it in stock yet. I asked for my 920 and the only colors in stock were black and white. No cyan, no red, no yellow. I picked up a white 920, and asked for the wireless plate. I was told that the offer was online only. I ended up having to call At&t and have them send me one for free. It was really disappointing to have such a crappy launch day experience for not just me, but so many others that were excited to get their preferred color 920, or HTC's

Ditto. - I had to order my Cyan 920 over the phone and from the looks of my order confirmation I won't be getting a charging pad. #fail

I preordered my Cyan 920 online on the 8th. Thanks to the website the order was pending process 24hrs. I had the foresight to contact At&t who redid the order and added overnight shipping for free. This would mean I would receive the glorious Wp8 device on Monday the 12th, sadly that is not the case as Monday is a federal holiday and mail will not be delivered making me a very sad panda.

I just went to a local AT&T store.  From their decoration they are a lot more focused on Windws Phone now, but they don't have a single 8X for display, just a giant poster.  There are to slots next to Nokia Lumias, I assume will be filled with 8X sometime later.  No one even came to talk to me when I was there.

Got my Red Lumia 920 yesterday. Love it. New to Windows Phone still learning. Switched from Iphone 4S. Always respected Nokia and had E71 while ago. I did not buy it because for the camera, i do not take pics anyway, maybe sometimes. 
But Nokia always impressed me with the call quality, great signal reception, perfect audio (Dolby) with equilizer. Not to mention the support from Nokia. I had HTC also, the toutch screen just stoped responding, my girlfriend's HTC also. So absolutely NO to HTC.
The Nokia phones are the Mercedes of the phones. Period

I had to jump through all kinds of hoops to get the Black 920 for 450 from the Att store on main street in downtown Salt lake City. They wouldn't even sell it to me until I pulled up the article stating that they had to. Then they had the audacity to say that they could order it for me. I wouldn't budge they finally gave me one of the two remaining that they had in stock.

Black 920 for me, white 920 for the wife... While we were there, another person was purchasing a 920 as well... and the ATT rep had a 900 as her work phone.

Stock level in Midtown Manhattan were kind of low, had to go to 4 stores before I was able to get a matte black 920.  Really wanted the yellow but after seeing the Glossy White on display, I knew that the smudging would bother me.

Anyone else still waiting on their order?  Mine, ordered on the 7th and guaranteed to arrive by 1:00 on the 9th is still showing as processing.

My wife was kind enough to let me use her upgrade (she hates cell phones!).  My store only had the 920 in white and red... I want a black one so my order is in...  I might have gone w/ the 8X, but @ $199 that is too steep.  I also believe that since Nokia is "all in" w/ Windows Phone, they will work quickly to resolve any issues.
Hopefully I will pick it up on Thursday.

I preordered my 920 on the 7th and was happy to see it had shipped on the 8th.  By the 9th it was listed on the FedEx site as arrived at the local destination facility. But because AT&T doesn’t pay for weekend delivery, my 920 sat for two days waiting to be delivered until today (along with the charging pad). Over the weekend I decided to stop in to my local AT&T store to see what they had in stock – not a single 920 or 8x. All they had was a 900 with a dead battery – sad. I also called the other stores in the 19468 area and none had a single Win8 phone. So good luck buying a Win8 phone in this part of East Bumble Frack PA!