Lenses feature allegedly coming to Windows Phone 7.8 too

Although nothing official has been announced yet for Windows Phone 7.8, we’re certainly hearing a lot more about that pending update these days. The latest information states that current users will get the ‘Lenses’ feature of Windows Phone 8.

The information comes via a Google Hangout that was held recently with David Akinjise, Product Manager at Nokia and picked up by the site WPArea.de. There he revealed that the Lenses feature along with Cinemagraph and Smart Shoot will be coming to current Nokia Lumia phones in the near future.

Lenses are similar to mini-apps for the Camera module, where programs can be activated while readying to take a photo. Not only do they make photos more creative they give “live” views of whatever changes they are designed to do. So instead of having to find the app in your App list and then post-process the picture, you can do it all at once.

So far, there has been a limited selection of Lenses for Windows Phone 8, including CNN’s iReport and Nokia’s Cinemagraph, Smart Shoot and Panorama. A Windows Phone 8 version of PhotoSynth is around the corner (we’ve used it ourselves) and presumably other programs will be getting the treatment as well. From our experience, Lenses really are quite useful as the take some of thing thinking out of taking photos.

Cinemagraph and Smart Shoot are Nokia creations with the former creating animated GIFs from a series of rapidly shot photos and letting the user select which areas to animate. Smart Shoot works by identifying moving objects in a frame and letting the user selectively erase unwanted figures.

If Akinjise's statement turns out to be accurate, current Windows Phone users should get quite a nice update in the next few months to make parity a little more realistic between the two OSs.

Source: YouTube/Google Hangouts; via: WPArea.De


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Lenses feature allegedly coming to Windows Phone 7.8 too


Making it challenging to choose the L920 when the L900 7.8 will get, seemingly, 70-80% of what the Lumia 920 has.  Neither phone can match the photo quality of my N8, but I don't think I can go wrong with either.   Decisions...
Really good news!

My 10 years PC updated to Windows 8 seemingly has 70-80% of features that my new PC build in 2012 has but not seeing which one is the clear choice is being blind.

For my money, and given that I'd rather have a Lumia that combines Pureview 1 and 2 (which is safe to say will be released by this time next year), WP7.8 is not significantly different that WP8.  Sure, the Lumia 920 is technologically more advanced hardware wise, but for my needs, the Lumia 900 will suffice just fine.
Whichever device I choose, it will be off contract, and I will purchase a new device in 12 months :)

Thats what i say the last months. Normal consumer dont decide like geeks or tech people. 90% of the normal consumer would choose thw 900 over an 920 because of the price if it has the sam feel and look like wp8. But thats normal. Wp7 and wp8 will be together a good ecosystem

Sorry but your N8's camera can't compete with the lumia 920's. It gets owned in low light and once the firmware update for the 920's camera gets released soon, it will also rape it in good lighting conditions

Just stop, Dare2Blink.
98% of the photos I take are during the day - the Lumia 900, nor the Lumia 920, comes close to that quality (and yes, I did my own test using the Lumia 920).  The Lumia 920 outshines most cameraphones on the market in low light conditions; but I rarely, if ever, have been in a position to have to take low light photos. 
Arguably, the two top rated cameraphones currently on the market are the Nokia 808 and the N8.  The Lumia 920 is a Nokia product, and holds its own.
And rape?  Please improve your vocabulary.

Microsoft will be pushing the update to all phones.  This is not going to be an update carriers can hold up.

I'm pretty sure that 7.8 will introduce that functionality so that it will work for the updates after but not 7.8 itself.

Samsung Focus owner, here. Yeah, I doubt we'll see 7.8. I'd update my phone manually but I'm fairly close to getting a WP8 so why mess with it at this point. If 7.8 *does* come out for the Focus I'll just update it one day when I have nothing else to do.

I think this might have been misunderstood. Nokia did say they're going to bring those features over to the 7.x platform but not really in the form of lenses but more of an updated Camera Extras.

yes i want photosynth back on my 920 its the only photo app im missing to make my lumia 920 complete. also does anyone know good photo editting apps that i can have fun with on my phone? much appreaciated thanks

Why they dont give us option to turn off this wifi going in sleep mode when phone locked? my fb messages are late cant recive viber calls i dont want to custom rom my phone to get this

A fix is coming, according to a tweet by Joe Belfiore. Here's the deal. WP8 was rushed out, no question about it. That's why basic and highly requested features (custom alerts, continuous WiFi, notification area) are missing on this first WP8 version.

Makes sense that they would do this. Doesn't seem do big of a change to the OS. What kind of lenses will be available to non-Nokia phones?

I will be at peace when I get a confirmed new saying that Bluetooth File Sharing(Which is there on WP8) and Screenshots are coming to all WP 7.8 devices... and not just "LUMIA" devices!!!!
Because I am sick of being taunted the my great WP device doesn't have BT File Sharing... It's embarassing when your frinds say... hey dude send me that file... and you say "sorry dude... my phone doesn't BT transfers..." and then he laughs at you... :(

I was able to make it work with my old WinCE phone. However, getting it to work reliably was way too much of a pain to bother trying more than a couple times.

Old Nokia phones could share files over BT. Even those "classic" looking, which are not considered to be smartphones anymore.
But the problem is overrated in today's 3G/WiFi/Cloud world.


I just hope Nokia will Update The camera firmware on The Lumia 800. As it is now The camera sucks and I don't use it as much as I would like to.

+1... Camera does need a little tweaking still... What's the 'auto correct on the fly' when zooming into images all about, don't like it

I just gave up on that and got a 820. The camera hardware in the 800 is just inferior, It don't think it can be fixed by a software patch. It's been a year since the 800 was relased - if they could correct it they would have done it by now.
Oh, and that probably also applies to the 900 and its hilarious blue tint.

This is not news nor a rumour. During the presentation of the Lumia 920 and 820 in september it was announced these lenses (the Nokia ones that is)  would come to 7.x devies as apps. 

I bought my Lumia 800 for ~440 € in february. Now they're selling it for ~240 €. Release the update already! 

Instagram are some idiots not to jump on this. They can use the lenses for the photo filters then have the ability to auto upload...arguably the best instagram experience

So what is the expected date of release now.. I am fed up of reading news and articals that it will be released on days to weeks and so...