Xbox Black Friday 2012

Celebrate Black Friday with a massive Xbox Windows Phone and Xbox 360 sale

Last year’s Windows Phone Xbox Live Black Friday Week Sale wasn’t terribly exciting, but it did put three games on sale at once, a quantity only equaled in the Countdown to 2012 Sale a month later. A lot has happened between then and now, and today Microsoft has really upped the ante. The 2012 Black Friday Week Sale is live and includes a whopping six discounted Xbox Windows Phone games!

Head past the break for sale details, game impressions, and Xbox 360 Black Friday news too.

Xbox Windows Phone Sale

Xbox Windows Phone Banner

The following Xbox Windows Phone games are on sale from November 20-26. Note that the Windows Phone Store updates at different times for different people, so you may not see the discounted prices until later today or tomorrow.

 Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles - $1.99, down from $4.99 – ReviewStore Link

Yes, Assassin’s Creed was part of last year’s Black Friday sale, but it cost $2.99 back then, so we get a better deal this time. Assassin’s Creed is a 3D platformer/action title set in the middle ages. With great graphics and full voice acting (though the acting is atrocious), it feels like a DS game squeezed into a mobile title (‘cause it is). The controls are fiddly and the platforming can be frustrating, but the story and action mostly make up for it.

Carcassonne - $1.99, down from $2.99 – ReviewStore Link

Wow, Carcassonne came out less than a month ago and it’s already on sale. Carcassonne is a board game in which players take turns placing land tiles, trying to build cities, complete roads, and score the most points. The core game itself has been translated accurately to Windows Phone and can be very fun. The only problem is Carcassonne’s online mode is just about entirely broken, nullifying what could be a great selling point. Developer Exozet promises us they’re working with Microsoft to solve the server issues; let’s hope they succeed. Also, a couple of the Achievements will take over 100 hours of grinding.

Cracking Sands - $1.99, down from $2.99 – ReviewStore Link

Cracking Sands

Cracking Sands has only been out for five weeks, making it not much older than Carcassonne. Cracking Sands (oy, that name) is a combat racer set in a vaguely apocalyptic setting. Impish little drivers ride around on 4-wheel ATVs and take part in a variety of races. The difficulty curve is a bit off, as are the default controls, but at least those can be fixed in the options menu. If you can handle a slightly tough racer, give it a crack... Just don’t let the sand get in your crevices!

Gravity Guy - $1.99, down from $2.99 – ReviewStore Link

Gravity Guy is a super tough endless runner/platformer that mixes things up with the hero’s gravity-defying powers. Instead of directly jumping, players just tap the screen to reverse the hero’s gravity, sending him flying up to the ceiling or down to the ground. The graphics are lovely and the core gameplay proves addictive, but the game is definitely designed to make you want to buy PDLC. Even with the paid time-slowing powers, it’ll kill you over and over again without mercy. The iOS version only costs a dollar, but at least this sale brings our version a little closer to parity.

Mush - $1.99, down from $4.99 – ReviewStore Link

Mush diorama

Mush is a bright and original platformer that plays a bit differently from the norm. The titular character gains unique abilities based on his emotions. Draw a smile and becomes so elated that he floats; make him frown and he sinks way down low. By switching emotions as necessary, you’ll help Mush solve puzzles and win a game of hide-and-seek with his friends. Besides the creative emotion mechanic, Mush also boasts a beautiful and appealing art style. It’s kind of short and easy, but so pretty you likely won’t mind.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I - $1.99, down from $4.99 – ReviewStore Link

Sonic CD just came out on Windows Phone, and we’re still waiting on the long-delayed Sonic 4: Episode II. Well, the first Episode isn’t as great as either of those games, but it’s still a very capable platformer. It plays much like the classic 2D Genesis games, except that this Sonic also has the modern homing attack to make killing enemies and crossing gaps easier. The touch screen controls work very well since the game only uses a single action button.

Owners of Sonic 4: Episode I will unlock four extra levels in the awesome Episode II (whenever it finally comes out), so don’t miss this one. Plus two bucks is the cheapest it’s ever been!

Xbox 360 Sale

XBLA Banner

Microsoft’s best-selling console gets a ton of discounted digital games this week, most of which are must-buys.

Daytona USA – 400 MS Points – Link

The first arcade-perfect port of SEGA’s classic racer features lots of great enhancements like online multiplayer, challenges, and even a karaoke mode. Everyone should hear (and maybe sing along to) the famous “Dayyyyyytooooonnnnna!!!!!” theme once in a while. Best of all, the Achievements are dirt easy.

Magic the Gathering 2013 – 400 MS Points – Link

The latest adaptation of Wizards of the Coast’s phenomenal trading card game may not be too different from previous years, but Stainless Games always throws in a new mode or two to justify the cost. These games are endlessly replayable for card fans, including yours truly. The first DLC expansion is also on sale for half off.

Rock Band Blitz – 600 MS Points – Link

Harmonix’s first XBLA game combines the popular music Rock Band is known for with a fast-moving rhythm game. No, it doesn’t play anything like the main Rock Band games and doesn’t require or even support plastic instruments. But if you like music and want a fresh and challenging experience, it’s very much worth a look. Rock Band fans in particular shouldn’t miss this deal because all 25 Blitz songs export to Rock Band 3 for free! Plus most Rock Band DLC songs work in Blitz, giving this game endless potential.

SEGA Vintage Collection: Alex Kidd & Co.  – 400 MS Points – Link

Contains three classic SEGA games: Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Super Hang On, and Revenge of Shinobi, one of the era’s finest games.

SEGA Vintage Collection: Golden Axe – 400 MS Points – Link

SVC: Golden Axe

Contains the arcade version of Golden Axe, plus the Genesis sequels Golden Axe 2 and III. Check out my Co-Optimus review for more details.

SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World – 400 MS Points – Link

Contains Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Wonder Boy in Monster World, and Wonder Boy IV.

SEGA Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage – 400 MS Points – Link

Contains all three Genesis Streets of Rage games. Co-Optimus review

South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge – 400 MS Points – Link

South park: Tenorman's Revenge

As opposed to the awesome looking South Park: The Stick of Truth RPG we saw at E3, Tenorman’s Revenge is a 4-player platformer. The initial release was criticized for some balance issues, but the developers actually rectified those with a patch shortly thereafter. South Park fans should give it a shot.

Space Channel 5 Part 2 – 400 MS Points – Link

A unique rhythm game from the Sega Dreamcast, this one features peppy tunes, bizarre visuals, and even an appearance by Michael Jackson.

Spelunky – 600 MS Points – Link

An ultrahard platformer that took hardcore gamers by storm earlier this year. How far down the cavern can you make it? Co-Optimus review

Warp – 400 MS Points – Link

A puzzle game with stealth elements in which players must help an alien escape from his cruel human captors.


Reader comments

Celebrate Black Friday with a massive Xbox Windows Phone and Xbox 360 sale


I can't figure out how the store actually updates. I don't see these games at reduced prices yet. Same goes whenever something like this is announced. I always find out about deal on wpcentral only to have to wait half a day or more for the deal to actually be live for me.

In my Nokia Collection, Mirror's Edge still shows up as $4.99 but when I select "try", only then it shows up as Free. I wouldn't have known if not for you guys! Thanks I'm really enjoying the game! :-)

Isn't that like half price? Meaning, I'm pretty sure 4500 points is worth about $49.99 last I looked, if I'm not mistaken.

That is basically half price. The conversion rate to Windows phone store credit is the worst of any Bing reward. With those 4500 Bing points you could gave gotten 3800 Microsoft points or $40 of amazon credit...shame on your Microsoft.

Has anyone noticed that Crimson Dragon: Side Story has vanished from the market place? I got it a couple months ago on my Trophy, went to install it on my Lumia 822 and its gone. Checked the Market on my Trophy and the web version of the Market, just vanished. How do I install the game I paid for ane enjoy playing?
Also seems like an OK sale. Really waiting for the WP8 games to come out that take advantage of the native hardware.

Some games aren't available for WP8 that are available for WP7. I believe it's due to them needing updates. I could be wrong, though. I've noticed Splinter Cell is still available for my 900 but I can't find it in the store for my 920.

I believe this is a known bug.  I can't re-download Ilomio and some other apps.  Daniel tweeted this yesterday.  Not sure when the fix is coming.

I can see Crimson Dragon: Side Story just fine in the Marketplace. Wonder if mine will disappear or yours come back.

What ever happened to Twin Blades. I bought that game after they got rid of the red blood. Changed from a Focus to a 900, and BAM, no longer available. 

Cracking Sands demo was competent enough, I'll definitely be getting that once it goes down in price.  I'm not a fan of Carcassone on XBLA, so I actually think I'll probably be skipping the WP version.  
Mush is a really fun relaxing game, I actually paid full price for that one and enjoyed it.  The other 3 WP sale games I already have from previous sales.  Gravity Guy is the best of that bunch in my opinion.
As for the XBLA sales, I think I'll just grab Rock Band Blitz.  Highly recommend the Monster World Collection and Warp for 400 MSP, lukewarm recommendations for Spelunky and Tenorman's Revenge.

Blitz is fun, but it gets old after awhile. I played about 100 songs, have to grind out the 300 song achievement still.

My opinion on the games as I played them all but sonic:

Ass creed: worth the price. Fun game and it is true to the franchise. Controls can be a prob on smaller devices though.

Carcassonne: great game that is even fun to play against the computer. I say that because it does have an online multiplayer which is basically broken however. So it is just like every other WP game with no multiplayer. Achievements take long long time though to complete. Great board game

Mush: I would feel better getting this game for 99 cents because it is so short and has no replay value, but the achievements are easy.

Cracking sands: actually bought this but didn't play. Fairly easy achievements I have heard.

Gravity guy: got this a while back and lets just say you will not be getting all this games impossible achievements. Personally the game is too hard to actually be enjoyable for me.

These seem like some strange choices for Black Friday.  They usually give us a more desirable selection.  Oh well, at least it means I don't have to figure out how to make more room for new games.

The sale is literally twice as good as last year's, plus 2 of the games are the same as last year's, so this one is by definition no less appealing. And if you're talking about the huge XBLA selection, that'd just be crazy talk.

now that I got mirror edge for free what I really want to see is a sale for pacman ce dx and puzzle quest, both are great games but not worth $7 :/

HIGHLY Recommend Warp for 400 pts.  I got that game a bit ago and have sunk a TON of time into it.  I like puzzle games, and this was not nearly as hard as some (Limbo / Braid at times) but it has a lot of variation and a lot of new "powers" to learn.  Plus if you are an achievement hunter, none are impossible...just take some time.

HIGHLY Recommend Warp for 400 pts.  I got that game a bit ago and have sunk a TON of time into it.  I like puzzle games, and this was not nearly as hard as some (Limbo / Braid at times) but it has a lot of variation and a lot of new "powers" to learn.  Plus if you are an achievement hunter, none are impossible...just take some time.

What I would really like to see is a way to gift Store purchases or credit to another account.

That would be wonderful... Sadly, even the Xbox 360's superior online store system doesn't let you gift except for giving points to people on a shared family account.

Even though there is now a "Super Sale" item on the phone "spotlight" tab, all the prices still appear to be the same.

I hate how slow the market updates prices and what not. Come on Microsoft, if you're going to advertise a sale make sure said sale items are ACTUALLY discounted once the notice goes live in the games tab!

Picked up sonic 4 and mush. Wish it was sonic cd but beggars can't be choosers. Had been wanting mush, buy didn't want to drop $5 on it.

Gravity Guy is awesome. But then it gets frustratringly hard, I'm afraid I'm never gonna complete "the rescue".