YouSendIt arrives as a Nokia exclusive for Windows Phone 8

Although the majority of us are loving Microsoft’s SkyDrive for hosting and sharing files, a lot of people in enterprise are tied to other services, such as YouSendIt (www.yousendit.com). Luckily if you own a Nokia Lumia 810, 820, 822 or 920 you can now download the official YouSendIt application from the Nokia Collection. The app was announced back in September as a Nokia exclusive.

The app allows you to send, share, sync and even sign your documents all on the phone. From photos to presentations to video, YouSendIt seems to handle it all.  The service comes in three varieties including free (2GB), Pro (5GB, $9.99/mo) or Pro Plus (unlimited, $14.99/mo). The service is not as a good a deal as SkyDrive for our needs, but for a lot of people in enterprise and business, YouSendIt is the preferred service due to its emphasis on sending and sharing files, something for which SkyDrive does well but obviously YouSendIt may do a bit better on at the moment...

The app itself looks solid enough and even features a doublewide Tile for Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately, this is a strict Windows Phone 8 app as our Lumia 900 received an incompatibility error when we tried to download it.

Pick up YouSendIt here for Nokia Lumias running Windows Phone 8. Thanks, Mark T., for the link!

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Reader comments

YouSendIt arrives as a Nokia exclusive for Windows Phone 8


A guy that I hire for audio editing uses this service... I think it works fine. Especially for uploading and downloading large files, but SkyDrive can do it too I guess. It's a win win situation.

Well Nokia owned 80% of WP7.5 sales. Also after Nokia the developer interested raised over 70% in the first 6 months of the announcement. 
And it's not like this is surprise to anybody non WP8 Lumia owner.

As far as I can see, If im on my WP 8 phone in an office document there isn't any way to upload that document directly to this service. The only option i get is to save to the phone or to skydrive.. Surely they need better integration than that to make this a workable alternative to skydrive?

Addition to above. I can see within the app where you can upload but again, all i can see if i pick the upload icon are my picture albums. No docs etc. And no way to change the source where it looks.

Meh, this is one exclusive I can really live without since Skydrive has been new and improved for a while. 

It would be WORSE if these apps didn't exist in the ecosystem at all, right?  Well, that's what would happen if Nokia didn't work with these developers to bring the apps in.  If Samsung or HTC stepped up, they could attract some apps.  I don't see HTC making their hub available to all or Samsung with their ChatON which is available for ALL on Android, Blackberry and iOS but only Samsung on WP.  Go complain about their "exclusives".

so ridiculous how nokia only. Just make it compatible for wp 7.5 users. That's ok SkyDrive is better and can do the job if you want person get big file size just upload it to SkyDrive and send them a share link for them to download. No emailing needed.

I also read that former owner of yousendit went to jail for doing something corrupted. So no thanks using this company app or service.

In regards to the exclusivity. The problem is that Nokia is investing heavily, whereas HTC is on the fence and so is Samsung. From Nokia's perspective, they are improving the platform but don't want HTC and Samsung to take a free ride once Nokia does all the heavy lifting.

Honestly, I know some of you probably think that buying a Nokia device is just making it worse, but the reality is that Nokia has staked it's company on the platform, HTC is investing more heavily, but still putting their resources into Android.

People want the turn-by-turn voice on HTC devices for free too, honestly, the only person that can fix this is Microsoft. Nokia need to be paid for this stuff, or keep it as an exclusive, it's simple economics.

I understand you want the HTC device AND the Nokia apps, sorry to hear that, but the reality is that these are sponsored by Nokia and would not exist on the platform if not for Nokia.

So ... Scenario 1:

* Nokia stops sponsoring apps and they don't exist

Scenario 2:

* Nokia sponsors apps for everyone - great for those on HTC devices ... but does not incent anyone else to develop in the platform

Scenario 3:

* What we have now ... buy Lumia .... get the apps ... buy HTC ... get beats or whatever else you get there. Your choice.

Um...this app allows you to send with NFC??  I wonder if the Android version has that so I can send files to my GS3 friends.  I hope SkyDrive implements NFC sharing too!