1Password on Windows Phone 8 suffers from log-in error

1Password for Windows Phone

One of those good news/bad news deal for you 1Password users on Windows Phone 8. Actually, there's a decent chance if you're on Windows Phone 8 you're not using 1Password, as the essential password-management app is suffering from a pretty nasty log-in bug that doesn't actually let you log in.

That's a problem.

In a slight ray of sunshine, however, developer AgileBits responded to my error report in about a half-hour, which is pretty awesome for just about anyone. So kudos for that, and here's to hoping a fix rolls out soonest.


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1Password on Windows Phone 8 suffers from log-in error


I just tried it with my 1password app and it apps work fine.  My 1password file sits on my dropbox account.  I have a L920 phone.  Interesting though as I live and die with this program.

I haven't tried logging into 1Password on my 8X yet, but glad to know if there's an issue it's getting taken care of.

Yeah, I can't speak for who's having problems and who's not (or why the disparity), but they definitely said it's something they've heard from people on, and they're working on it.

I switched to 1Password when I went to a Mac. Used LastPass for a long time though, and I liked it a lot, too. Dan swears by it.

I use keepass and the 7pass 99c app on my Lumia 920. Its free and works awesome. Can even use on my mac with mono installed.

To the developer: put in some error handling.  No one wants to see a stack trace.
} catch (Exception ex) {
} finally {

I don't see it in the Windows Phone 8 Store.  Am I missing it?  Is there an Windows 8 desktop version yet?