Windows Phone 7.8 and the Nokia Lumia 510 get demonstrated in new video

Yesterday we brought you some in depth information of what will be coming in the Windows Phone 7.8 update, expected to appear in China in a few weeks (presumably with the launch of the Nokia Lumia 510).  New features such as a revamped Tile design, new Tile sizes and dynamic Lockscreen wallpaper (Bing) were revealed including the current build number.

Now a new video, presumably from Winp.cn, shows the current build of Windows Phone 7.8 (8858) in action. Actually, it’s less action and more of a nice, soothing stroll on some of the more superficial changes coming in the OS update. The new tiles are shown off and we even see the Bing lockscreen wallpaper working (we’re hoping that third-party apps can take advantage of it too like in Windows Phone 8).

Overall, it’s nothing groundbreaking but it does backup what we revealed yesterday. Here the OS is in Chinese, so it may be hard to discern some of the items in Settings but the features should be obvious. Speaking of, we’re guessing that the CPU on board is only a 1GHz or so judging by the OS performance, though some of the exact and final specifications need to be confirmed yet for this device.

The Nokia Lumia 510 is expected to be for Asian markets, specifically China. It’s a low-cost handset with a 480x800 4” LCD display, 5MP camera (no front facing) and just 256MB of RAM with a 1300mAh battery. Release date is expected before the end of the year.

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Windows Phone 7.8 and the Nokia Lumia 510 get demonstrated in new video


This is good to see as I am still using titan 2. I will not hold my breath seeing how I'm on at&t and still don't have the tango update they promised a while back but still good to see.

Updates were dependent on Microsoft, the manufacturer, AND the carrier. WP8 updates might not be dependent on carriers though (right?).

They have to test, and I guess incorporate any OEM firmware, then push it out.  My Titan is still on Mango...runs good but damn, AT&T.  It's been a year.  Not a single update.

Lumia 900 here, gotten TONs of updates... I'm on build 7.10.8779.8, I've had lots of updates. Besides I thought tango was mango with language support, but no extra features, so what's the big deal?

Pretty much the same user interface as WP8. I do speak Chinese and the settings look no different from my Lumia 920 :)

Though pressing the startscreen has different animation (right side doesn't show where all the apps are)

Cant see quick status apps :(
Could if there if only he'd scroll down a bit.... can see font sizes either.

It would be interesting to see how my 900 looks without the gutter on the right side.  I wonder though how these tile changes will do to existing live tiles.  If you shrink them OR increase its size, will that blow out the live tile functionality?

Ok so Ben the PC Guy showed us an early demo running on the Lumia 900. This one is running on the Lumia 510. I'll really get excited when I see 7.8 on a non-Nokia device.

I have the final build on my Titan right now.  It's pretty cool...better than the 8835 build I was using.

Anywho, for all you Titan / and Mozart users who have your phones unlocked...go and install Ultrashot's Dynamics rom over on XDA.

Cheers :)

BTW, I didn't see a Rooms function ... It is possible that this will come later?  I dunno whatever.

Nice! Also, any Lumia 800/710 user with unlocked bootloader can install Rainbowmod 2.0 rom, which is in the final build as well.

The Office icon is updated like the WP8 phones. Is it supposed to be refreshed too, or is it a consistency thing, I wonder.


Just like how the new bootscreen was updated to match MS's current logo.

Honestly the only thing I see mostly different in 7.8 is the UI.  ...of course with the added Bing wallpaper function.

Does anybody need me as a Good Guy Greg? I can read Chinese, though not very well, but still manageable.
Going out now, will do it later if someone hasn't done it yet :)

translation: (according to the texts at the bottom of the screen)
Splash screen: WP7.8 OS Demo
WP 7.8,..
has a new start screen
Uses live tiles of 3 different sizes
By changing the size of the tiles, you can get more information displayed.
Uses a new XBOX, Office & Marketplace icon.
Has the App Menu Arrow moved to the bottom right corner of the Start Screen.
Has many themes to choose from, up to 21 colours.
(nothing new in the Settings Menu, as far as I can see)
Has added Bing's Image to be useable as Lockscreen Wallpaper
Has increased settings for Internet Usage (?)
Users can enable call waiting and call forwarding.
Users can change the coding for text messages to enable longer text messages to be sent (?)
Thanks for watching :)

Sorry for bad translation, and for the question mark, I'm unsure about it.

Wait a minute...I don't see the GREY tiles colour in the settings...now...did they removed it? Or do I have it on my Lumia800 courtesy of T-Mobile Deutschland ?

'cause I'll be really pissed if they take it off...it's the one I use (in the absence of Black tiles)

There's no gray in WP7.5. Yours must be the OEM color, and you won't loose it with the upgrade. Also, there is "steel" in WP8 which is gray and WP 7.8 should have it too.

did anybody else notice at 0:40 the marketplace app is the WP8 market place logo and when it is resized to a medium tile it changes to the Nokia Store Logo.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to wonder what the name if the song is playing in the background... Lol. It would make a filthy DubStep...

Good news...!!!
i have a nokia lumia 510, and i have updated my phone to windows 7.8.
just go to a nearby nokia care centre and they will update your nokia lumia 510 or any other nokia lumia phone.