Nokia updates numerous system apps for Windows Phone 8

Nokia has been pushing out a few backend updates for their Windows Phone 8 Lumias. The latest two come today with another one happening earlier in the week.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you what has changed, as the updates have no change log. Neither can we share with you the direct store links, since these are system apps. But here are the new version numbers...

  • Feedback to Nokia –
  • Network+ -
  • Extras + Info –

We imagine that Nokia is tidying up a few things here and there with these updates. For instance, the Extras + Info can deal with the Super Sensitive Touch display switch or the Dolby Headphones/Equalizer settings in addition to network configuration files.

Some have mistakenly confused this update with the ability to “keep Wi-Fi on” when the screen is locked, but we would know if that was there as it would be an option. So far, we can’t see anything new but we’re sure something got better somewhere for someone. Thanks to all who sent this tip in!



Reader comments

Nokia updates numerous system apps for Windows Phone 8


After I installed network+ my phone kept going on and off network with the letters E and G appearing next to the signal indicator. A reboot fixed the problem.

I have the extras+info update available in the Store, but every time I invoke the update, I get:
Store error
We're sorry, but we can't complete your request right now.
Try launching the Store again.  If the problem continues, check back in a little while, or try restarting your phone.
Error code: 8032001

How do I get these updates?  I don't even have Network+ yet.  It's still calls+sms.  Store shows no updates.

Daniel I have had this update stall for about two weeks now. Same error as above...I wonder what its for. I hope I'm not missing anything.

FYI.  When those showed up on my phone Feedback to Nokia – gave me the ability to actually provide feedback to Nokia when I initially looked at this section when I purchased the phone it did not have any questions or feedback to answer - it does now.  Extras + Info – this action stated it would give you the ability or fix the capability to transfer data from your previous phone via bluetooth.  And it worked partially for me.  It did not transfer my text as it stated but it got all my contacts.  I had previously tried this at the tmobile store and they only got my contact partially transferred.  This method got all of them.  Not sure what Network+ - did.  I have the Lumia 810.


The update error is a widespread issue for mant 920 users, i wonder what is wrong the previous update for it went with no problems this one however gives errors every time i try.

Got 'em this morning and they went in w/o a hitch.  I just wish TUNEIN, SatRAD and some other apps worked. 

Network + has an option for SMS character set, full or limited. I don't know what that means. I tried both options and didn't see any difference in SMS.

I got a new CALLS+SMS update last night.  Now the proximity sensor won't turn off when making a call.  There is no access to the phone until the other end hangs up the line and the call disconnects.  Cannot even power off because cannot slide the screen down.

Extras & Info update locked my phone up and I had to hard reset. When I select it in the Settings menu it just errors out and goes back to the home screen. Other updates worked fine.

Extras and info gave me an error during the update. I cancelled it, but now that section in settings seems to be the actual file location. I can no longer open that section and can't redownload the update since its not in the marketplace.

In my "Cellular" options it now allows me to enter apn and mms settings....not sure if that was already there or if it came with the network+ update...anybody know?

On the bright side it fixes the Lumia ring volume, but now o can't hear out of the ear piece when someone calls unless I put it on speaker.... Dammit Nokia

920, a great phone with a poor OS, it is a shame, I loved the phone for the 14 days I had it, but could not stand the lack of apps, support and ussability of the WP8, Android and iOS still ages ahead of WP8. I had a GS3 running JB before trying the 920, the first thing that disappointme was the camera performance during daylight conditions. Now I'm trying the iPhone 5, and honestly it is a beautifull piece of hardware too, and you can't go wrong with iOS6.

To each it's own!!!
I can't even stand iPhone. Andriod is buggy and fragmented. It slows down after the 2 weeks use.
So long!!!
You will not be missed here ;)

Absolutely no problems with my Lumia 810 got the three updates today and they all installed without a hitch! 

Anyone have an issue with their ringer and notification speaker going weird, almost electronic sounding? Reboot fixes it, but it keeps happening every few days.

I got my 920 on Nov 1 from Rogers and haven't had a single phone or app update since I got it, I've checked and I do have older versions of these apps but no updates show in the store. Is this normal?

The only problem I ever had was an Extras & Info update.  The phone actually rebooted itself halfway through the update... then when it came back, it kept saying it couldn't complete the update.   When I looked for Extras & Info in the settings, it was replaced by a path name.
I decided to bite the bullet and try a reset... not soft reset, like totally start over again.  First, the Backup works REALLY well, as soon a signed in with the reset phone, it automatically started downloading all the apps I had on the phone. (of course, personal files, like pictures, ringtones and documents were now gone... but no big deal since I back all that stuff up on the PC).  
2nd, after the reset, the Extras & Info download error went away and all was good.  I even had 2 more updates since then (Call + SMS and Feedback) with no problems.
The one and only time I've had a problem w/ the 920 so far.

Still not able to install the Extras+Info update...keep getting the error code. So far tried reboot and hard reset (holding the power and vol down key). 
Nokia please sort as the little '1' on my store tile is irritating me (not that i'm OCD or anything!) :)

Following the install, my Rogers 920 appears to stay on the network's LTE band more than before. Coincidence? I don't know. Thought I'd bring it up.

They put more out and I updated it with the PayPal app and my phone just bricked itself a few minutes later....one second I was using it and the next second it's acting dead but nothing will happen, it didn't even give a sign of a reboot, I had 46% of battery 

Yep bricked too.. Made me late for work as no alarms. Turned on again using power and volume down until Nokia appeared then volume up. Then when restting time it was wrong on automatic set up.. Sorted now but still have phantom download

I just noticed my phone makes a nice little beep when I remove it from the wireless charging plate after the update. It never did this before - so that's a nice change. However, I also get a similar beep randomly (so far only when off the plate) and I can't figure out what it is trying to alert me to.

Updated the "Extras and Info" last night. The phone rebooted half way and now instead of seeing "Extras and Info" I see: "c:\data\programs\{... followed by some GUID of unkown value. Same thing happened with numerous others in my org with the same device. I called Nokia to complain and they told me this program was created by ATT so I should speak with them. Called ATT and they said this was a Nokia issue and I should speak with them. When I have the time, I'll call both parties on a conference line and let both parties hash it out.
I could always do a hard reset but neither I nor others in my org. have the time to reconfigure the numerous email accounts and settings which may or may not get backed up onlne.

Solution for 80320011: Change regional settings as United States, then update your apps. After that you can switch back to your original country settings.