HTC Titan III mysteriously appears in this month's Xbox Live Survey (Updated)

Xbox Live Survey lists the Titan III

Update 12/4/12: Microsoft has let us know directly that this was indeed a typo and it has since been fixed on the survey. It now says Titan II.

Every month Xbox Live Rewards conducts a survey that is an easy way for Rewards participants to earn points. Well the December survey makes reference to something that is a bit of a mystery.

The survey asks if participants how excited they would be if they received the following smartphones as a gift. The survey includes the iPhone 5, Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD, Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC Titan III.

Not the Titan II but the Titan III.

The Titan III or Zenith was the third HTC Windows Phone that kept surfacing earlier this summer. The Zenith was rumored to have a 4.7" Super LCD 2 screen which would qualify it for Titan status. But as far as we know, the Zenith or Titan III never made it out of the cutting room.

We won't read too much into this with it likely being a typo by the Xbox Live Rewards staff. Then again, maybe HTC is planning for a early 2013 surprise?

Thanks, Nathan, for the tip!


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HTC Titan III mysteriously appears in this month's Xbox Live Survey (Updated)


I agree. I'm waiting for this feature to be implemented in more phones. Though I doubt it will, more and more phones are starting to be more iPhone-like in their lack of a removable battery and SD card.

I meant it could be a typo because they might have been offering the titan 2. I doubt they would offer the device when it hasn't even be announced. So don't get your hopes up.

It could be a typo, but I have been the whole time "there HAS to be more than just the 8X to HTC's lineup". Hopefully, it's lurking around out there. Wouldn't you love to see a Windows Phone version of the 5" Droid DNA??

Mmmh... If I'm right, the Zenith was rumored to have a 1280*720 screen, a quad core CPU and a lot of features.
Even if I'll stick with the 920, the more devices we have available, the more WP becomes popular :)

Yes, I remember hearing a supposed HTC leak of a quad-core 4.7" HTC flagship way back, when was it, July or August?
WP8 does not need quad-cores to run well but I still hope this monster from HTC is for real just to silence the remaining critics of WP who claim the OS is not as good as Android because it's not capable of running on quad-cores. 

You're gonna be more disappointed when you find out this isn't true but as stated above a type-o

Umm... chill and  Have many seats.
I was disappointed upon the announcement of the line up of WP8 because i felt this "stereotypical HTC device" wasn't in the line up.  The device I felt would be the most suitable was the Ativ S with that crazy screen and MicroSD slot, but Samsungs Phones arent as sturdy/concrete feeling as I'd like, AND it hasn't released in the US yet. WHOMP Thus i settled for the top device (L920).  I knew it would have been a great device but i PERSONALLY wasn't all that excited about it.  Everyone has their preference, mine happens to be a jumbo HTC device. Even if it is a typo, I'll still have my upgrade.  No loss here.  Just a phone kids.

The Titan III in the above post might be a typographical error but I'm 100% certain a WP8 quad-core flagship is coming in 2013! It possibly could come out mid-2013 when the OS gets updated to WP8.5.

Why you gonna do that even Nokia has another phone in the works quad cores will be on all them. There's also a juggernaut phone that was floating around out there, there probably even a Nokia tablet. And some galaxy note wp8 devices.

The sad truth to this is that the tech world is fast paced.   The carriers aren't going to accomodate the customers to upgrade with every new spec and remix.  Im not made of money or upgrades so im choosin to sit this one out, give back the Nokia device i don't REALLLYYY want, let it find a great home(haha), and wait for that HTC device that i was hoping was more than a myth.  The current WP8 devices just don't intrigue me, apart from the samsung Ativ S and it barely tickles my nipple. Honestly it was that easy for me to cut off my order, because i really didn't want the Nokia in the first place. I think i wanted it more for windows phone 8 to be honest.  but whateve..

No it helped me make a decision i was on the fence about.  I wasn't commited to the device(L920), therefore my money and time wont be... **shoulder shrug**
Shid happens

Might have been a typo but I'm certain that as sure as day follows night, a WP8 quad-core flagship is coming out in 2013!

This thing needs to have a 1080p screen!! 1080p is the new standard for high resolution on a smartphone.. Yes, 1080p, and quad core, then we would have a super WP device. Extremely competitive this device would be......

And for those who are to comment that WP8 doesn't support 1080p resolutions yet... Remember when 7.5 didn't support LTE, and MS/NOK made it happen with the 900??

We need to continue to push, and ask, for top notch hardware specs.. Meaning hardware specs that are unheard of, not already on 15 Android devices.

Not entirely true - the HTC Titan released in Australia (same as Titan II) came out with 4G/LTE earlier this year.

I wouldn't be surprised to see 1080p a year from now. I don't expect Microsoft to make such major SDK changes so quickly. If 1080p was coming in Q1 they would have pit it in the SDK from the getgo

I was thinking to future proof, it should have a RED 4k video capture lense and a 4k HDMI out, or heck wireless display output would be better. Then all your bases are belong to us!!!

i like all this enthusiasm but we won't be able to see the difference on sub 4.7 inch screens and barely on the ones above it (speaking phones no tablets so no 7") but i would love a push for a better gpu on these phones screw the cpu.

That may be true but I bet that 1080p screen on the Droid DNA looks awesome.. Why can't WP have this sooner than later??

The moment they announced WP8's new supported resolutions I was disappointed. I said they could have thought of at least one other, higher resolution. I hate to see WP always playing catch up.
But I think 1080p is the cut off, because above 1080p you REALLY wouldn't notice any difference on sub 5" displays no matter what the resolution.

Oh I understand. I understand that you're a grammar troll, and how glad I am that I'm not. Beyond that, a minute amount of intellectual deduction should allow you to quickly detect inferred context, despite my lack of the proper "you're". Or maybe I just don't care THAT much on an app I use to read my news and offer silly comments on from time to time.

I think HTC should take advantage of the deficit of a Samsung Note and make a 5" Titan III

O MANNN. This is my kinda posting! ^^ i didn't wanna go as far as to say the Note, but there IS a market for this type of device!

LOL! Might have been a typo but I'm sure as daylight, a WP8 quad-core flagship is coming out in mid-2013 so keep your fingers crossed.

Yeah, the same typo is not go into be made in three different questions.

Take the survey and see it for your self.

its a possibility... but the name Titan would most likely mean somethin' big or large in some way... the 8s is pretty compact and mobile, in comparison to the last 2 titans

It couldn't be a typo, as why would any one be excided for a HTC Titan II that came out last year, if they wanted to write in an old device they should have just put Nokia 3310 =P

This is most likely true, as HTC is definately taking a page out of samsungs book and launching one device at a time, with the 8s' release postponed as proof. And just like Samsung, the titan III will be the Note's windows equivalent, which is why its being re-engineered as we speak. It won't be the One X rebadged as previously rumored, it will be a super high end model with game changing specs and a stylus and it won't compete with the 8x...it will be a niche device.

The 8S is not postponed, it's still coming out in other markets but not in the U.S.
But I'm also 100% certain a WP8 quad-core flagship will make an appearance probably mid-2013. It will probably come from HTC as their WP8 flagship but it very well might also come from Nokia as next step to the 920.

If it comes with a stylus and dual-digitizer... I may very well get it! Please give it 64 cores though, clocked at 10GHz/core! I want to shut those Android fans up by showing a super-game-changer like that. Also, 1TB RAM. I kid, I kid, but the stylus would be a HUGE bonus for me. Then I'll probably use my HTC Flyer for development purposes (maybe hack JB onto it)

My guess is the Titan III will be the Windows Phone equivalent of the Note II (because there are apparently people out there who want a device that big).

Yes I fall into that lot with the large screen. It's much easier for me to have that bigger scree  when I'm doing business than not to have it.

No, the HD2 and HD7 both had 4.3" screens, while the Titan & Titan II had a massive 4.7" screen. The 8x is on par with a "HD8" but I'm still hoping they release a 4.3" HD8 with 32 GB plus microSD.

I believe a Titan III might be in the works. For one, they wouldn't add a WP 7.5 phone. They might as well had said ATIV S or HTC 8X.

yeah im thinking/hoping this is HTC's Answer to the ATIV S which seems to me to be the more Corporate-esque version of Windows Phone. Like its classy ant metallic and silvery and shtuff.  I wants me some ATIV S

I took the Survey last night. If it is a typo, then answer me this: why did they mention the Titan III in 3 different questions?

I hate huge phones. But the more we steal from ugly android and iOS devices the better for WP8 In general

Great point.

It seems weird to me that so many WP users are whining about having another phone available like its a bad thing.

First world problems, eh?

Was it July or August that a leak, supposedly from HTC, came out of a plan the company has to put out a 4.7" quad-core WP8 flagship? I believe 100% that this leak from HTC is accurate, at least the quad-core part of it. It will probably come mid-2013. But it could also come from Nokia, as a step-up to the 920 flagship.
2013 will be pretty exciting for WP8 as more flagships come out and the platform continues to grow and gain market share!

Think I may have decided to wait as well as some of the other posts on here. I am betting the first half of 2013 will be the BOMB for WP8. I am more excited for Nokia's next generation, but this would be an amazing device if rumors are true. If not, then the 920 will still be waiting.

is this really a surprise. there were hints even from the htc ceo that htye have a second wave of attack and a larger screen device in the owrks. of course they have a titan 3 with the 16 mp sensor, but they waited to release it to give the titan 2 a year long cycle, especially since the titan 2 came so shortly after the original.
so at mwc or ces we will have a titan 3, but i wouldn't hold my breath on a 5 inch screen with full hd resolution
also nokia will have at the same time the 808 pureview with windows phone, plus all their mid-range devies and low end ones that are waiting to be launched for the second wave.
it will be a happy time next year

what is it about oem's? what's so hard to figure out why the galaxy s iii type devices are so desirable?  why in the hell is there no wp8 that has high res screen, 4.5-5" display, micro sd hd and xc support, 32-64gb internal capacity, highest quality camera, 3200 mAh battery, quadcore processor.  

How could you think that the Lumia 920 is a budget phone? Trolling much?!
The price is in Germany arround 600€ for the Lumia and  430€ for the Galaxy SIII (without contract of course)
Than again i can get each of them for 1 € depending on the contract 

by budget phone i mean $99 ($49 on black friday in america) with a charging plate and a pair of headphones.  samsung and apple don't need to do this with their high end phones.  the phones are powerful and sell by themselves for $199-$299 without any accessories.  that's my point.  windows phone operating system is a better experience than either apple or android but the flagship phones leave much to be desired in versatility.  the lumia is a gorgeous phone but like apple the battery is too small in my opinion.  i would go with the droid razr maxx hd myself but i don't want android.  i and most other people in the united states with subsidized phones want super specs and the power to use their phone all day even with heavy use. 
that being said i'll stick with my htc trophy a little longer until someone pulls their head out of their behinds and makes a beast of a windows phone that i will part with my hard earned money for.  and on my htc trophy i have a 3000 mAh battery i bought off ebay for $11.  lasts forever but i want the other specs as well.

That still doesnt make it a bugdet phone.... since you pay it with your contract... anyway the free stuff is from the providers and not nokia as far I heard and the 49,99 was a black friday deal so i dont know which deals there were for other phones. 
And here in Europe it is selling well as far as I heard  (without this offers)

This is the phone I want. I'm sure it is in the works but they are probably holding out so that they can optimise it battery and CPU wise for wp8. One thing however is that i doubt it will be available in all the colours we've seen for the x and s.
I'm hoping for 32GB or expandable, 4.8ish", wireless charging, the wide front lense from the 8X, 768px wide rather than 720 and a front and back notification light like the DNA.

I told them I already owned one when I did the survey, just to screw with them! =) Nokia 920 is a gorgeous phone, I put my hands on one finally yesterday! Can't wait to get mine!

I currently drive a Titan II, after getting the original Focus in 12/2010. I will NOT get another HTC for myself. I am waiting to get NL920 (yellow or cyan) , then letting my son have the TII. The Titan II is subpar compared to the original Focus and I am sure the new phones are the same. The hardware failures of this phone, coupled with support is why HTC sales are falling like the daredevil during the space jump. Sure, the reviews are good for the 8x, but they were for the Titan II also.

The easiest for HTC would be to simply make a WP8 version of the OneXplus and it seems to be possible to do that if they use a dual or quad core S4... Might even be possible to make WP8 work on a stock OneXPplus Tegra3 with special firmware... Who knows... No need to always make new hardware. I would be happy if I could swap my OneX from Android to WP8. Like a software upgrade OS update... Like $99.- would be cool!

Oh I understand. I understand how glad I am that I'm not a grammar troll. Beyond that, intellectual deduction should allow you to quickly detect inferred context, despite my lack of the proper "you're". Or maybe I just don't care THAT much on an app I use to read my news and offer silly comments on from time to time.

Typo or not, a Titan 3 would definitely be nice to see. Even if it's in round two for WP8. (In which case, I'm even more excited for the next Lumia 9xx anyways, coming from my 900).

That's even more of a clue to suggest HTC TITAN 3, they surely didn't say 8x and that's the newest....this whole survey was for HTC and possible T3