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Sonos Windows Phone controller, Phonos now available at half price

Sonos Controller App – Phonos is now available at half price

We have received a note from the developer of Phonos that the recently updated Sonos controller app, Phonos is now on a half price sale in the Windows Phone Store.

If you are a Windows Phone user then you’ll likely already know that Sonos have abstained from making a controller app to work with their multi-room entertainment system for the platform. Phonos has been around for a while and we have reviewed it previously, it is now on a promotion offer until the end of the year.

The developer has done a really good job with implementing as many features of the Sonos system into the app and has been very active in updating it over time. Here is a description of the apps main features:-

  • New for version 4.0: Modern UI!
  • Play/Pause/Next/Previous
  • Choose music from your collection (by Artist, Album, Playlist, Track etc.)
  • Choose music from Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, iheartradio, Rdio,, MOG, WiMP, Internet Radio, Line In, Music Shares, Sonos Playlists etc.

You can check out our review of the app and extensive interview with the developer, as well as our post of the latest 4.0 update. Even when this app was double the price it still represented the best alternative Sonos controller in the marketplace. There is a significant amount of work that has had to take place with this app as many of the controls and functions are not fully exposed by Sonos.

Sonos have recently set up a voting system to submit requests for interest in putting out Windows Phone and Windows 8 RT apps which we urge you to head along to and put in a vote in. But until Sonos wake up and make an app for our platform, Phonos will set you back US $4.99 or UK £3.99. The offer is set to last til end of the year.

You can grab the app from the Windows Phone Store here.

QR: Phonos


Reader comments

Sonos Windows Phone controller, Phonos now available at half price


Great app just needs more services and the ability to set alarms. Would love to see songza,Nokia music. But this is a great app and thanks for making it as I love my sonos!!

Phonos filled the gap and still is for my Sonos when I moved from iOS to WP. I'd like to see a better UI as the current one is not very user friendly and it looks disjointed in many cases. I'm still hoping to see an official app from Sonos at least with WP8 till such time Phonos will be one of the most used 3rd party app on my phone

I'm holding out for an official controller app, but I'm glad they've improved Phonos since the WP7 days.