PingMe no longer supporting Windows Phone, leaving app unusable for 2013 and beyond

PingMe Windows Phone

PingMe, the popular, free messaging service is departing from BlackBerry and Windows Phone. The cross-platform service has had an app available for Windows Phone since March earlier this year. It's unfortunate to see the company halt development for the platform, especially since Microsoft has only just launched Windows Phone 8.

So what does all this mean for Windows Phone owners who use the service? Apps available for both BlackBerry and Windows Phone will no longer be compatible with the service from December 31, 2012. So the team has chosen to focus all development power on Android and the iPhone, leaving users on Microsoft's mobile platform ping-less.

Here's the official statement from PingMe:

"We’re sad to announce that we will no longer support BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices. Starting December 31, 2012, service on both platforms will no longer be compatible with newer versions of PingMe. After long deliberation, our team decided that it is crucial for us to focus on making our iPhone and Android apps the best they can possibly be.

It saddens us to leave you PingMe-less, but we hope you’ll understand why we had to make this tough decision. Thank you for your tremendous support and encouragement."

The good news is there are other apps available, including both Kik and WhatsApp.

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PingMe no longer supporting Windows Phone, leaving app unusable for 2013 and beyond


just a backgrounder, Pingme is produced by RadiumOne which is an ADVERTISING company first, and a developer second, so there is -absolutely- no love lost on this outfit.

Only the strong will survive.  We don't need 1000 messaging apps, we need a small handfull of really good ones.

Kik seems to be going strong, and there will always be a decently, consistently updated, cross-platform chat app.

I still don't understand the purpose of these messaging apps... But I have to say I'm not surprised given all the other messaging services that have been mentioned here.

I don't understand messaging apps either.  Didn't texting supplant messaging at some point?  Why are they coming back?  With unlimited texting why do I need to message?

You want a messaging app if you want to "text" friends or family that are abroad. I can't text friends/family abroad without paying an international fee per text, even if I have unlimited texts in my plan. With a messaging app, you use your WiFi or cellular data (which are already paid for) and message away.
That being said, I never heard of PingMe before this blog post.

That totally makes sense for international usage.  I think I would lean towards Skype for that though.

Agreed, I understand the usefulness if used internationally... but yeah I don't see why you wouldn't use Skype, or Faceook, or any of the other messengers for that matter. Oh well, to each his/her own I suppose.

Same here on not hearing of this one.
As for the whole messaging apps, they are only useful then because of the sky high fees that cell phone operators place on their txt's (Vodafone in the US is 35p per a txt!).  But even then I'm going to prefer to go with something that runs on desktop PC + mobile phone rather then mobile phone only, ideally with one address like Skype.
Maybe Whatsapp can survive, but unless that runs on the PC too its got a major drawback compared to skype/msn etc.
And with these oddball apps like pingme only supporting a couple of platforms they're going to be painful to rely on.

It depends on your plan. I get 100 texts per month, and then I pay for each one out of my credit. But I can send oodles of messages via my data plan or unlimited on WiFi. The people I chat to don't even have to be using a phone. Also, people are much more reluctant to reply to texts unless it's important.

These messaging apps are great in order to do group chats. My brothers and I use kik, which works great to have multiple people.in one conversation without timing out like msn messenger does in my default messaging app.

* International use (so does not incur stupid SMS charges)
* Groups
* Not related to your telephone number (Which is why BBM is so succesful. See someone in bar, leave them your PIN, not your actual phone number)
Price, discretion, features - all things SMS does not have, but MMS _should_ have if the carriers spent less time on protecting their revenue and more time creating value.

I use kik because I like knowing if my msg was delivered and if it was, whether or not the receiver has read it. Also the fact I'm not paying for texting and haven't moved over to the new shared plans on att saves me about $30 or so a month.

Lol Guys Viber is located in Cyprus and has been called the most unethicall app on the appsphere. They not only sell your stays but sale your name, your contacts and their phones and seams that they could sell also the inphone of the apps u own. It was on most European newspapers a year and a half ago or so. I never heart about this app, but may be 80% of my contacts are in whatssapp and the app works very smoth now here. I have nothing to do with the app just like it, and it was analyzed by WSJ and turned to be one of the cleanest apps, sells less info than most other apps

This is a good argument to not install any of the "free" apps, going with a service that relies on adverts on the page or fees like Skype at least is honest where it is making its money.

I'm getting very turned off by the word "free" when it comes to stuff now after the way Google use it, its a long way from the days of Public domain software on the Amiga.

Never used it or heard of it so no loss to me. That said I do use Kik sometimes. Even then, the rooms feature is more useful for me. Kik can't copy and paste and is slow in refreshing content and notifications. SMS is instant and more powerful to me. Granted it's not able to go on wi-fi and save data usage but I've also never gone over my plan yet.

What do you mean Kik doesn't support WiFi? It's the only time I use Kik & Whatsapp, is on WiFi

MMS, doesn't go over WiFi on AT&T. SMS, does work over WiFi. Can't really speak on other networks.

You are right! been using LINE since two weeks ago and the stickers are so much fun than any other messaging app.! and runs great in Samsung Focus S

I nver used it (tied to WhatsApp because all my contacts use it) but it's not good that a service drops support for WP.
Having said that, I hope that Skype becomes the goto app for closs-platform messaging so we don't need to put up with poor efforts like WhatsApp has been doing the past months, at least on Android and WP. If they don't get their act together, Skype or now Facebook Messenger will eat their users away.

PingMe? What the hell is that. I have never used it even when I owned an iPhone. Get the stepping pingMe

I don't blame them. The competition in this space is getting more fierce and if they don't really push then they won't survive. So it makes sense to put all of their resources towards iPhone and Android

Damn how soon does someone have to send a tip in. I sent a tip literally as soon as I got the email telling this. Maybe next time.

Peace out. Communications apps that aren't cross platform will eventually fail. I hope Skype steps up and takes over a THE cross-platform app for non SMS text, VOIP, video chat/messaging. Its the only one on all smartphone and Windows and OSX (don't know about Linux)

from their webpage windows phone seems like in center of their attention
but they failed to make it popular sad to see them leaving the OS

We can defend all we want by saying we have other apps, but the fact is. WP8 is still not respected and acknowledged. Clearly. *sigh* Even whatsapp isn't updating its app!

Wow, people here are so against choice and considering WP is sitting nicely in last place we need all the apps we can get. That said PingMe (which was actually better than whatscrap) never picked up traction. It only has 20 reviews in the marketplace and most of them rate it 1 star as they didn't receive their activation code to be able to use it. I refuse to use Kik on the grouds that it seems to be primarily used for horny teens. Just go check the reviews and you'll see what I mean.

There is a client for it by Ashterisk. Probably the best one I think. I only use it to chat abroad. Its somewhat unstable.

Why have all these damn apps. They all use your phone contacts and Facebook contacts. Facebook chat and Skype is the way go go

If you're on tmo, these messaging apps are useful. They use both WiFi and data. Kik I think is one of the best underrated apps. Not everyone is on FB 24/7 and Skype on WP is not stable. No push notification on wp7 and instability on wp8.

DIdn't know we had this, didn't even know Android/iOS has it. Which is probably the reason why they're dropping WP support. They're a dog in the chat market and they don't have the resources to produce quality for all platforms. The thing is even if they succeed in getitng something innovative out on Android/iOS, should WP take off then their service is stil found lacking.
As for chatting itself, it is a shame we have to use thirdparty apps as the good old MSN service is build into every WIndows Phones. It even comes with Facebook support. Fewer and fewer people are on MSN but with facebook integrated into the service you would think no other app is required. Unfortunatly you can't send messages to offline facebook friends. IF they are able to fix that then the build in chat application will make Whatsapp and its ilk unnecessary.
Facebook is currently pushing its chat functionality as a competitor for Whatsapp. If Microsoft is smart then they'll make a deal with facebook to have the improved facebook chat build into the native messaging function of Windows Phone. All those seperate apps are undermining the integrated approach of Windows Phone. Perhaps if Facebook is on board services like Whatsapp can then also be tied into the messaging app. One place to chat with friends on multiple services.

$1000 bucks says that all of those app developers "leaving" Windows Phone platform will all be back in 2 years time.

I wouldn't call it popular... I think this word is thrown way too often in regards to messaging services. Nobody ever asked me if I use it - unlike Skype, iMessage, WhatsApp, and Kik.

Uninstalled after seeing this article. By the way, the location never works on ping me. I can find myself but never my friends.

I like using Skype.  Although, not as refined as the other popular messaging apps, I feel like it is the most universal one.  To each his own.

Skype should have been or atleast should be integrated into the WP7.8 and WP8.X OS the same as FB is. Would have made a huge selling point because TBH Skype currently sucks on WP7 and kinda on WP8. Also some apps should be given access to some restricted libraries on WP7.X devices so as to have fast resume or atleast some similar behavior, app load time matters a lot!

I am sure it's the fact they host the servers/services to run the messenger and it gets costly to monitor three platforms. My best guess is they are playing the platform to see if Microsoft or Nokia wants to make them an offer to keep them around... As it is Windows Phone 8 is will grow and survive with or without them!

You guys should try WeChat. Its a Chinese based app but translated well. IMHO its the best chat app available on WP. Very feature rich and responsive.

Oh, I absolutely understand why...because they suck at life, and need "bob for those apples" (hoping you understand the euphemism) #Losers =/