Nokia, Microsoft among top searches for consumer electronics in 2012

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Both Microsoft and Nokia have been featured in this year's Google Zeitgeist. The report takes into account global searches in 2012 and shows what the world has been searching for. Taking two spots in the consumer electronics top ten, the Lumia 920 and Surface tablet were in position 10 and 8 respectively. 

As expected, the iPad was featured more than once with the iPad 3, 4 and Mini all making an appearance. The full list from the category is as follows:

  1. iPad 3
  2. Samsung Galaxy S3
  3. iPad Mini
  4. Nexus 7
  5. Galaxy Note 2
  6. Play Station
  7. iPad 4
  8. Microsoft Surface
  9. Kindle Fire
  10. Nokia Lumia 920

The top searches were split into eleven categories in total: overall searches, images, athletes, events, people, feature films, television shows, performing artists, consumer electronics, airlines, and Google+ hashtags.

While the Lumia 920 wasn't anywhere near the top, we're feeling quite proud that Windows Phone made the list (the iPhone 5 was ranked #3 in the 'images' list of searches).

Source: Google, via: Reddit


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Nokia, Microsoft among top searches for consumer electronics in 2012


A strong sign to see this for MS as this means they are heading in the right direction for mobile devices. Notice that Playbook or BB10 didn't make the cut and were edge by the innovative Lumia 920 and the Surface respectively.